Sheila : 10

Ruth found herself casually walking through the aisles of the grocery store. It was a large organic based price trap, but it was the closest one to their house. Plus, they delivered. She scanned the shelves looking for go-chu-jang. Whether Marishka liked spicy or not did not matter when it came to the final decision on sauces to keep in the house. Nothing would keep Ruth away from her comfort food.

“There it is…”

As Ruth stood on her tip toes to reach the shelf it was on she noticed a woman from across the lot staring at her dog making faces. She couldn’t help, but groan.

“One of them…”

she quickly tipped the bottle off the ledge of the shelf on caught it. Stashing it in the cart, Ruth headed quickly for the cash register. She was not in the mood to have the ‘my dog is current;y working’ conversation. Thankfully, there wasn’t a line, so it was easy for her fill out the delivery address as the cashier rang up the groceries.

“That will be 230 dollars, cash or credit?”

Stocking a house from scratch sucked. Ruth handing over her credit card.


She turned around to see the woman that was making baby faces at her dog heading towards them.

“No. Not today.”

Ruth took back her card and escaped from the store as fast ash she could. Milton happily jogging along after her towards the other median area were one could wait for a bus.


She turned around in horror. Was this lady a super stalker? How had she already caught up to them!

“You must of not seen me back there. I have a present for your adorable doggy woggy.”

Doggy woggy? I am going to vomit. Ruth pulling Milton closer to her as the woman took out some weird cup cake looking thing. The woman catching a look at Ruth’s face and chuckling a bit.

“Oh silly me. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Sheila, just the usual frequent shopper sort. And here’s a nice dog treat for such a hard working doggy.”


“That’s nice…”

The woman went to hold out the treat to Milton and Ruth put her hand up.

“I appreciate the thought, ma’am, but he’s a service dog and spoiling him happens when he’s not working.”

The woman looked so taken a back. This is what Ruth wanted to avoid. The whole ‘ no your treat is fine, but right now isn’t play and distract time’ situation.

“Why can’t I give your dog a treat? I’m not some killer.”

Oh, boy. Where exactly is the bus?

“No, I’m sure your not It’s just not good for the dog.”

The woman was getting so offended. Bussssss.

“Not good for the dog. Excuse me, little girl, but I think an adult would no a little more than you.”

Oh my gosh. Why… Ruth took a deep breath.This grocery place had delivery.

“I’m sure in general you do, but when it comes to a working animal I happen to have a lot of experience with this one in particular.”

Sheila looked as if I was whipping an animal in front of her.

“A working animal! That’s it I’m calling whoever comes and deals with animal abuse.”

What? How did we get to here.

“Did you say this girl was abusing an animal?”

Ah. What.

Ruth looked around at the small forming crowd. Some guy from it had stepped out to support the lady, who was looking physically weak. Sheila pointing at Ruth dramatically.

“Her! She’s abusing that sweet and innocent dog.”

The man took a step towards Ruth and Milton got in-between. He always preferred women.

“Look, this has been blown out of proportion. My dog isn’t abused. He’s just a service dog and can’t have some random person’s treat while working. ”

She looked around.WHERE WAS THE BUS?

The man looked at her skeptically.

“Service dog? Yea, right. You look completely fine. You probably just try to pass the dog off as one.”

Ruth was starting to get annoyed. The importance of grocery delivery was slowly fading from her mind.

“Excuse me. Did you just say I was faking?”

The man walked even closer to Ruth. Completely ignoring the now growling Milton.

“You heard me.”

She scoffed.

“Idiots like you are why everyone hates Americans.”

The man got red in the face. Thinking back on it, Ruth would later admit she drastically escalated the situation, but in the moment she was just glad she that out loud. That was until the man took a swing at her and she fell. The entire small crowd that had formed getting to hear a surprising chorus of cracks and creaks. Milton turning to lean down and whimper. Sheila freaking out and trying to run towards the dog.


Thankfully, a young stranger from the crowd stepped forward. He squatted down in between Ruth and Sheila.

“Are you okay?”

Ruth shook her head.

“Call the cops. I need money to pay the medical bills about to receive.”

The young man laughed thinking it was a joke. Ruth said it once more to get the point across.

“Call the cops.”

The young boy looked at her startled, but took out his phone. The man who pushed her looked even more shocked and went to leave. Ruth telling the young boy.

“At least get a picture of the jack ass!”

The  boy nodding his head and doing his best. Milton sitting down on the ground to lick Ruth’s cheeks. She pat his head.

“I’m fine, Milton.”


Lady Harasses Me And My Service Dog At Breakfast


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