Technicolor Shades : 1

Marishka gazed up at the weathered structure, technicolor shades turning away as she handed off a small wad of cash to a waiting driver. “Remind me again why you decided to spend your inheritance on this place?” When she’d agreed to come she hadn’t known what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t this considering she didn’t exactly peg her companion as a HGTV house flipper. With their luggage piled at their feet, the cab had barely pulled away when an open tour bus took its place.

“And now I present…MURDER HOUSE!” A nasally voice called over a megaphone earning the young woman’s attention. “And it seems we have a new pair of tenants to possibly add to this tale!” A flurry of cameras began clicking away at the scene as the tour guide started his dramatic retelling of the house’s history.

“Talk about on the nose…but I guess that answers my question.” With a smirk she plucked her bags off the ground and made her through the gate to the front door. Once unlocked she left her bags in the hall, peeling off her shades to get a better look at the place. Strangely enough it was perfectly furnished- appearing as if someone had only left a few days prior.

“Hmmm.” The thin heel of her boots tapped against the wooden panels with each step she took from the kitchen to the living room to the study and back into the hall. Nothing seemed out of sorts on the surface. “Well, you certainly succeeded in picking a hell of a house. How many rooms and is it just going to be us staying here or are you stocking up for something?”


Murder House Tour Bus Scene


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