The Maid : 8

Ruth eyes fluttered open with a groan. What was that horrible screeching noise. Milton could be heard whimpering in his sleep. What in the horror was this! How awful were the ghosts inhabiting this place that they would due such a horrendous act!
Ruth desperately struggling to sit up and see what was going on. Et tu, Brute! It was not the ghosts torturing her, but her very own roommate. It took almost watching an entire morning routine for her to wake up enough to flop onto the floor to stretch. Ruth barely registering that her roommate was the type to actually take time picking out an outfit.. Milton waking up just enough time for a pat on the head.
When she realized her roommate already left the room, Ruth scrambled down the stairs after her. HOW WAS SHE ALREADY GONE! Milton running into the kitchen after her.
She looked down at the whimpering dog. “What do we do now, huh my little Morder?” Milton only offered her an inquisitive glance. Ruth could only pat his head.
“May I suggest first hiring a maid. A house like this has a particular method it requires.”
She turned around to see an old red haired maid. NO. IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THIS. IS NOTHING SACRED IN THE WORLD. Ruth turning to look at the empty coffee pot. Dread and horror filling her.
“Can you cook?”
The maid clutched her hands.
“As long as the owners of the house can provide groceries.”
Ruth took a deep breath and held out her hand.
“Alright. What do you want for payment.”
“I do not work weekends, clean up after these house parties you children throw now a days or work Halloween.”
That’s it? Really? Ruth nodded her head.
The maid shook her hand.
“You may call me Moira.”
Ruth smiled at her. She had potentially found an ally.
She scratched Milton behind the ear.
“And this is Milton.”
Moira nodded her head.
“Indeed. Now shall we go over the specifics of what you expect done in the house and for meals.”

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