Ao No Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist ( Blue Exorcist) follows the story of the twin brothers : Yukio and Rin Okumura. As one of the brother’s, Rin, discovers they are the children of Satan and he specifically is 1/2 demon the powers of hell suddenly start causing even more world ending drama. His brother, a secret exorcist gun wielding doctor and a rag tag group of troublesome exorcist misfit youths are tasked on dealing with them. Kazue Kato’s story is a solid fantasy work with enough suspense from group betrayals, love-interest drama, corrupt human politics, and chaotic demonic decisions for anyone to read/see. If you want something with a decent balance of light hearted antics and serious complex plots then this is the show/manga for you.

As such, I will not give away any spoilers on plot for you !

Nien / Niet / NADA


4.5. / 5

(I am so sad not to give it a 5/5. It is only because there was a few moments were it suddenly got slow and in another show it wouldn’t of bothered me, but because it had been so top notch every where else I felt you could feel the impact more. Sorry 🙁 )


Current Chapters :

Ao 1

Ao 2


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