Ao No Exorcist #1

#1 : An & Kai

In the middle of a tunnel, right before the light of the exit, stood a young girl with dark purple hair. By her side was a young man with dark red hair and a young girl squeezing his leg. The three were listening to the sounds of heavy breathing on the other side of the tunnel.

Eh. They are so unwelcoming.

The man sighed. The little girl squeezing his leg shook her head in agreement.

Unacceptable to greet master in such a manner.

The man ruffled the little girl’s pink hair.  Her tiny face turning scarlet as she moved to hide behind him and out of view. The girl only sighing at the sight of the two of them.


She walked past her companions and out of the tunnel. In front of her stood a crowd of spectators behind barricades and an absurd amount of weapons pointed towards them. A young boy with glasses seemed to be glaring at them with a ridiculous amount of distaste. A part of her surprised it was not hatred he looked at her with.

Why are you here, Demons?

The man and his servant walking out of the tunnel to her side. He seemed to slouch into her with a fake sense of exhaustion.

Eh. An, just hurry this up.

An looked out at the crowd of spectators all whispering about absurd things. Her eyes lingering on the boy with glasses. He didn’t say a word. She sighed loudly and looked up at the sky.

Isn’t it about time you appear, Otou-san.

The crowd looked around at each other confused. Some seemed almost ready to launch their spells at the three intruders. The boy in glasses now had his guns raised at her. As he hand slowly started to pull the trigger the guns in his hands were blown up to float above him. A jester in a gaudy chair now floating above them. He was laughing in delight.

An-chan, since when do you come to visit your papa?

An watching the crowd of spectators fall over in shock. The boy in glasses looking up at the man with annoyance. No wonder he maintained his composure.


Mephisto ignored him and leaned forward in his chair. He put his hand over his eyes to cover them from the sun as he squinted down. When he saw what he wanted to see he leaned back laughing louder.

Is that you, Kai? Last time I saw you you were running around your father’s room asking for An-chan’s hand in marriage.

Kai’s face turned bright red as he shouted at Mephisto. The little girl by his side joining in to shout at the man. Master Kai was hers.

Shut up, Geezer.

An covered up a smile. Kai was truly an innocent person. The boy in the glasses seemed to be even more irritated.

Mephisto, who exactly are these two?

Mephisto floated lower. He pointed the boy’s guns at them and smiled.

My daughter, An-chan, and the son of the King of Fire, Kai.

The entire crowd losing the composure they had managed to gain back as a collective groan went through the crowd.


Mephisto hopped off the chair and flashed them a thumbs up.

Just pack it all up. My daughter wants to talk to her papa.

An walked forward and snapped her fingers. The barrier around the island broke right in front of her. Th exorcists looked at each other in shock. Kai shuddering as he walked to catch up  with An.  The trio walking past the boy with glasses and through the crowd. An catching his eye briefly before the three had disappeared from view. All the exorcists looked up for a better explanation, but Mephisto was gone. The boy walking quickly away from the crowd to head to the Headmaster’s office. He wasn’t needed for clean up.

-Headmaster’s Office-

Mephisto was busy arranging objects on his desk. The biggest struggle seemed to be figuring out where to put his candy. The boy in glasses seemed to have lost patience. He ignored Mephisto and turned around to face them.

Why are you here?

An looked at him unimpressed. What a stupid question.

Little boys should stay quiet.

Mephisto looked up from his desk. He picked up a lollipop and handed it to his daughter. A big smile on his face.

An-chan, stop being such a sourpuss. Just talk to Papa.

Kai reached over and took the lollipop from An’s hands. He handed it to his young servant. Kai turning back to smile at the pouting Mephisto. An looking between the two of time trying to figure out who is the bigger child.

We’re staying at the academy for awhile.

Mr. Glasses went to speak when Mephisto shushed him with a finger to his lips.

Bravo An-chan. You are finally starting to take interest in Papa’s work.

An rolled her eyes. No. She was not. Her father was too strange.

We’re heading to class.

An is almost at the door when Mr. Glasses appears in front of her.


Kai leaned forward so his arms were around her. She could feel his irritation in the heat that pressed against her. Don’t do anything stupid, Kai.

This is one of the brother’s right?

The little girl behind him nodded her head.

Smells like it.

Kai sighed.

Let’s just go to class.

An said. She couldn’t help, but think this idiot would start something unnecessary. Still, as she looked Mr. Glasses up and down, even she felt unimpressed.

If you have questions, just ask my Papa.

An leaving the room with a smirk on her face. Kai laughing as he followed her out. When Mr. Glasses turned back to Mephisto he was smiling. Objects in the room floating around him.

She called me Papa.

Mephisto himself started to spin.

You heard that, Yukio! She called me Papa.

Yukio sighed. The Headmaster really was crazy.

Since when do you have a daughter?

Mephisto stopped spinning. He picked up a tiny stitched doll on his desk.

14 years.

Yukio looked at Mephisto. This is why no one trusted him.

And we are just hearing about her now?

Mephisto looked down at his fingers. Yukio could see him pouting.

An-chan doesn’t hang around much. She’s such a somber girl.

Yukio sighed. Mephisto was annoying no matter how he felt.

And the demons with them.

Mephisto stood back up smiling.

They’re fine. They’re fine. An-chan brought an old friend for you.

Yukio looked at him skeptical.

Old friend?

Mephisto could only smile. He couldn’t ruin his daughter surprise. It was one of the few things they had in common!

Be a good teacher to my daughter.

It didn’t matter about Kai. Iblis deserved a stress or two. Yukio sighed as he left the room. Mephisto turning around to look out the window. He cracked up laughing.

An-chan, what new game have you brought, Papa?


The door to the classroom slid open. All of the students turned to look at who entered behind Yukio. An and Kai ignoring the reactions on their demon traits. After all, the other Okumura brother was sitting in front of them. It was nothing special. He had probably caused his own incidents on the bridge.

Sit down.

Yukio sighed. Everyone returning to their seats. However, by no means were they quiet.

These are the new students.

From around An’s shoulders a tiny bunny hops out into the classroom. It makes its way over to Rin’s desk.


Rin stands up shocked.


The bunny poofs into the form of a young little boy and hugs Rin.


Yukio covering a smile as he watched the classroom get excited. When he turned back towards the new student’s his smile was gone. Rin’s, however, was only getting bigger,

How are you here?

Usumaro looked back at An and Kai smiling. He turned back into a bunny and hopped back over to her.

An unsealed me.

Yukio looking at An with rage.

You did what!

Kai sighed.

Getting so worked up over nothing.

Usumaro nuzzled into An’s cheek. He was laughing.

It’s ok. I won’t eat anymore memories.

An patted his head.

We know you won’t.

Suguro stood up, slamming his hands onto the desk.

Who are you people!

Yukio sighed. Nothing was ever normal.

That’s Mephisto’s daughter.

Suguro fell back into his seat. A collective HUUUUUUUUUH echoing in the room. An took a step forward.

Relax. My mother was human.

She turned to point at Kai.

So was his.

Suguro looked at her in confusion.

Whose his parent?

Kai smiled at him. He was just too easy.

King of Fire.

He looked down and pat the girl hiding behind him.


An walks past everyone to choose an empty desk to sit at. Kai silently followed after her. He sat down next to her and put his head down on the desk. An turned to look at everyone. They were still staring.

We’ll be your classmates for awhile.

Yukio turned around to write on the chalkboard. It was time for class to begin.


Blue Exorcist Season 1 OP


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