Ao no Exorcist #2

 #2 : Bonding ?
The morning classes were almost finished. The tense environment still lingering in the air. A few them of ignoring the lecture to watch An float objects above her in boredom. Yukio growing impatient when little sparks started popping around Kai’s area of the table. 
Pay attention in class!
Kai lifted his head off the desk lazily. He yawned.
You don’t tell us what to do.
Yukio hit his hand down on the desk.
Don’t forget I am the teacher of this classroom. You are the student.
He cracked up laughing and stood up.
You still haven’t proven you have the right to be our teacher.
Rin stood up from his desk freaking out. Usumaro fell onto the floor startled. He had been sitting on his lap eating pudding.
What qualifies you to talk to my brother like that!
Rin’s hand resting on the handle of his sword. An stood up and hit Kai on the head.
Leave it. It’s better for everyone.
Kai shook his head. 
He should have to prove he is capable of teaching us.
An put her hand on Kai’s shoulder.
I’m asking you to leave it, Kai.
He shook his head no. 
I’m not listening to him unless he is worth it.
An sighed and walked past Kai. She paused at the door.
Fine. Fine. Let’s just get this over with.
-Outside Lawn-
Mephisto sat in his chair above the students. He was pouring himself another cup of tea. Kai stood across from Yukio. The others crowding around the area to spectate. Yukio was the first to raise his guns. Meanwhile, the little Fina moved over to stand by Kai. He simply pat her head and then snapped his fingers. Little grey flames circled around the two. To the surprise of the two half-demons Yukio successfully managed to summon water spirits. Although, putting out Kai’s flames was not a feat possible for the water he could summon. He started to crack up laughing.
Maybe this will be fun!
He turns to Fina who pulls out a large pouch. Kai reaches into it and pulls out a large broad sword. His hand went to grip the hilt properly when An appeared behind him and hit him in the back of the neck. Kai falling forward. She turned to Fina.
Put the sword away.
The little girl nodded and picked up the large sword and pushed it back into the pouch. She picks up a dizzy Kai.
The flames completely fading out around the two of them. She snaps her fingers so he is floating before she turns to look at Yukio.
Mr. Teacher, we will be leaving class early.
She takes a step back into the air and rises above the ground. Ron walks forward and draws his sword. Kuro appearing by his side.
Bring him back here.
She looked down at Rin smiling.
Why should I?
Rin jumps forward with his sword drawn to slash her when Mephisto jerked forward spilling his tea. Rin is pulled back like a puppet on a string so he hanging by his shirt in the air.
Now, now children. You are all too young to get so aggressive. Let’s call it a day.
An looked up at the sky at her father.
If you have any complaints to file you should file it with him.
Kai groaned and stood up from his slumping in the air. Fina excited squeezed her master’s hand. Instead of appreciating the young girl’s encouragement he turned to glare at An.
Why’d you do that?
An frowned.
Mephisto leaned forward in his chair.
An, stay here and chat with Papa.
She rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers. His chair turned upside down. Mephisto falling for a moment. Kai cracking up laughing.
Look at you, Geezer.
Mephisto turning to look Kai up and down. He was about to respond when a talking letter started shouting about an emergency. He tipped his hat at them and poofed away. An and Kai smiled at each other and flew off towards the town. Flowing out from the bridge’s tunnel was a horde of tiny demons. As their feet touched the ground their fellow classmates managed to catch up with them. They all got ready to rumble. Rin went to rush forward ahead of the barricade when An rushed out smiling. In her hands was a long staff. Kai stepped out with the large sword in his hands.
Really, An.
An swings the staff down and a large gust of wind picks up a large amount of the tiny demons into a group. Kai not even lifting his sword, but his hand, and flame swirled around the wind. Those behind the barrier blinking in confusion. Suguro started to complain when a tiny pastel lavender wardrobe clock appeared. The clock face seemingly appearing angry. The clock door opens and the hanging bell wraps around Suguro and licks him up and down. The clock eventually letting go and disappearing. Mephisto cracking up laughing breaking the silence. The two half-demons weapons disappearing as they turned around to leave. Kai stretching up towards the sky.
I’m hungry.
An nods her head.
Let’s go grab a bite.
The two start to walk away when Shiemi called out for them to stop.
You two are new…We should…We should have a welcome dinner.
Kai and An look at each other for a second and then smile. An walking over to Shiemi and dropping her arm around her neck casually. Their other classmates starting to get annoyed. Kai smiled at her.
As long as you take us to good food. 
An dragging Shiemi away with them as the others started to run to catch up. All they could do was complain as they all walked towards dinner.
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