An Introduction Entry :

My name Alexandria but I prefer to go by Alex. Mostly because the name of my town in Alexandria. It’s similar for the rest of my siblings. My oldest brother Boone is named after one of the still water ponds of the town. My second oldest brother is Jefferson after our high school. Then there was Tyrell. Considering he was a half-brother from my uncle’s bad habits and racist tendencies the name was more of a joke than the rest of ours. After me comes my younger brother Vernon. You guessed it, he was named after the town’s library. The last of my siblings was Georgia since you know that’s where she was conceived. Considering they are what you call “Mutts” I guess they fit what you call the stereotype.

What is a mutt? It’s any wolf not belonging to the ‘pack’. Basically, every large area is ruled by a governing body that upholds the old rules. The sucky part is most of us aren’t pack. This means a life of always moving and no benefits. Maybe not paying taxes is one?

Wonder why I’m named after a town then? It’s simple. Living in a small ‘town’ right outside the ‘swamp’ helped my redneck of a family be clever enough to stay out of sight. Six generations of a rutty town with no leaving it.

I guess there was another bonus. My sister and I got to know our family and live with them. You see, werewolves born or bitten are all male. The rules say when you have a kid dip out. Even rednecks get attached and so this place stopped the whole dip out rule. Though quite a few humans, especially females, have been killed married in or not to keep this going. In fact, Tyrell’s mom was killed and so was my Uncle Jed’s first wife.

Why am I bothering writing this down and letting y’all know? Well see there has always been one exception for the pack. This woman called Elena Michaels. She’s really famous. The only female to ever survive being bitten by werewolf. Elena survived and became a werewolf. She’s the Queen…maybe an empress? Anyways, she’s this magical being to the rest of the werewolves and everyone wants her. Though from what I hear she married the local psychopath so good luck with that.

Speaking of psychopaths…I ran into another well known one, Andres Cardozo. I know sounds like a really girly name for a psychopath but trust me he is insane. He’s one of the enforcers for the South American pack. Normally, when they are visiting Florida they stay around the Miami area. Turns out he was tracking some Mutt north and ended up in our town. The Mutt had a run in with Georgia. In trying to save my sister I ended up mauled. Yet, somehow I’m alive.

You know, I have zero desire to be second. Not in the whole I want to be first thing. I just don’t want to be this magical special being so it’s not like I can go home to Alexandria. My family are smart rednecks but necessarily clever ones. I’d probably be bargained as the mystical magical number two. They get territory and possible safety and I get… Seriously, I get a huge target on my back. Maybe even experimentation?

Nah, I’m totally good. It was natural to for me to use this chance to finally leave Alexandria. The question was with all this moving in the shadows living like a vagabond where was I supposed to go? I mean seriously I have never left Alexandria and have that sort of level of education.

Guess, I just have to keep traveling with this notebook of mine and find out.


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Art by Moxy Chann

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