Bleach is a manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. It follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki. At the start of the manga Ichigo is a “normal” Japanese high schooler. However, an accidental run in with a beautiful shinigami named Rukia leaves Ichigo into inheriting his parents’ destiny. Now armed with the powers and responsibilities of the shinigami, Ichigo is forced to navigate not only his fate, but the fate of all those around him. If you are a die hard shounen lover then this manga is for you. It has well written characters that boast a range of backgrounds, appearances, powers and witty commentary.  If you like supernatural or mythology in your manga then you may also love bleach. As it features German Quincies, Spanish Espada and a range of Japanese folklorish undertones. Bleach is a solid manga that exhibits the reason why it was one of the first Big Hits in the Western market.



Current Chapters :

Character Profiles

Squad 11 : Suimin Burizādo

Squad 11 : Suimin Burizādo – Going to the Human World

Squad 11 : The Snake and The Blizzard

Squad 11 : The Snake Brings Strange Medicine

Squad 11 : The Komori Servant 一

Squad 11 : The Komori Servant 二

Side Stories : 

The Marriage of Snakes : Hebi Sasayakimasu

Collected Records of Gozen Tomoe : 1

The Jorogumo & The Kitsune : 1



[ All ORIGINAL Art Done By SD09 ]

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