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Suimin  (Burizadō) Gozen

Suimin is the youngest twin daughter of Yasushi Burizado and Tomoe Gozen. She is the inheritor of her mother’s Zanpakuto Kage and a Co-Litenant of Squad #11. Suimin inherited her mother’s hair and eyes, but her features are softer. Close, but not identical like her sister to the Burizado Clan. She is known as the “Ice Queen” for her cold demeanor. Similar to many noble clans, she has a fiance named Shuiro.




The sword’s appearance is that of a wakizashi with a pale blue handle and black blade. Hanging off the end of its handle is a black snowflake. His humanoid form is a young boy dressed in black shorts,  white formal shirt, suspenders and a scarf.

“And send ripples across the cold night ” (Shekai) – The temperature in the surrounding area drops creating an ice cold mist. Hallucinogenic sounds and images are created, and a target’s sense of perception is altered.

” Celebrate Nurarihyon ” ( Real Shekai ) – Child’s game (Hatsu – the activation of fear) + Adult’s Game (Sakazuki -pledging loyalty through sake cup exchange) + Senior Game (Ikigimo – the eating of the opponents liver ). Suimin faces consequences as well if the game lost.

” Hyakki Yako Nurarihyon No Matsuri ” ( Bankai ) – Currently Unknown



The sword’s appearance is that of a standard Katanna with a black handle and blade. A black feather hangs at the end of it. Kage’s humanoid appearance is that of a twenty something disheveled man. Facial hair, bed hair. Black yukata with silver crane embroidery.

“Reflect the drunken moon ” (Shekai) – Shadows within the surrounding area can stretch, contract and expand to a certain degree. The shadows can be cut with the blade itself to create a “hole” the user can jump into and then immerge from another near by shadow. Secondly the shadows can manifest a corporeal form that can inflict physical damage upon a target. The shadows themselves are controlled by the users mental concentration and so are not guaranteed to always do what is expected of them. The shadows third ability is the absorption of blood (etc.) from the target’s body upon physical contact.

” Drink, Doji ” (Shekai) – Currently Unkown

” Shuten Doji ” (Bankai) – Currently Unkown

Hollow Mask

Appearance – Suimin’s mask appears to be similar to a fox’s theatre mask.

** “Misuto” and “Kage” are not one zanpakuto that in a released state appear as two different weapons. Their are many limitations on their joint uses. Suimin can use both of their abilities at the same time when using the “Quote” Shekai. She can also use “Kage’s” full abilities within “Misuto’s” Bankai; however, in choosing to do so a physical toll is taken out on Suimin herself. When using Misuto’s normal Shekai it is important to take note that “Kage” takes the rewards from the simulated games due to his natural ability to prosper from it versus Suimin’s inability to do so. As “Kage” is an inherited Zanpakuto he has a certain degree of free will regular Zanpakuto do not have and does choose to act alone. On the flip side of that scenario “Misuto” has considerable less freedom then the average zanpakuto. If Suimin was to use “Kage’s” she can only use a degraded version of “Misuto’s” “Reflect Blah Blah” Shekai abilities. Her ability to use “Misuto” increasingly becomes more difficult as “Kage’s” frenzy like nature awakens. It is currently unknown to what extent Suimin can use “Misuto” during the use of “Kage’s” bankai.


Shuiro Fujimoto

The newly appointed Captain of Squad #1. He belongs to the main branch of the Fujimoto Clan and is the Patriarch’s second son. Due to the historical relationship between the Fujimoto Clan and the Burīzado Clan he is Suimin’s Fiance and Mizuki’s childhood friend.  Shuiro looks pale blonde hair and dark red tinted eyes. Often seems childish in conversational tones and likes to play pranks. However, is a cold hearted sadistic strategist. Wears a large white overcoat with a red stitched embroidery of chrysantenum and foxes.


” Mae ” – The zanpakuto’s appearance is that of a slightly long katanna.

” Dream, Mae ” (Shekai) – Currently Unknown

”  Tamamo no Mae ” (Bankai) – Currently Unknown


Tatsuki Abe

The newly appointed Captain of Squad #11.


“Ronin” – It is a Tachi with a green and yellow handle.

“Advance Ronin ” (Shekai) – The zanpakuto turns into a large nodachi with the ability to directly manipulate the surrounding wind.

“Neriaruku Ga Ronin ” (Bankai) – Army of the fallen, all weapons and use of foot shoulders and simulated downgraded forms of certain types of army weaponry. Yay for cavalry.


Hebi Sasayakimasu

The Captain of Squad #12. Hebi is an orphan from the province of Junrinan in the 1st District of West Rukongai. His parents were murdered by thugs in their apothecary shop when he was 7. When one of the men tried to kill Hebi they ended up poisoned and dead. He ended up raised by his grandmother who was a florist. It was after her death his abilities were discovered and he was immediately carted away. He graduated quickly with top marks and went straight into Squad 12. At the start he did medical research and aided in creating medicine for the other squads. After his drugs healed Mizuki, he was married off to her. Unable to say no, due to the draw of research funds he spends most of his time avoiding leaving his lab.


“Doku ” – a slightly short katanna with a pale green and black faded handle. On Doku’s handle are hundreds of tiny spikes that pierce the skin of the wielder. As Doku almost constantly leaks paralytic toxins anyone who attempts to hold Doku would have their skin pierced with the toxins.

” Breath, Doku” (Shekai) : Appears as a Tanto. The rest is currently unknown.

” Yamata no Orochi ” (Bankai) : Release (1) Doku Buro, Realese (2) Doku Kagayaki, Release (3) Eisei-hei no Doku Naosu

Shekai: Different gases are released from the blade, they range from nerve gases to toxins, the blade itself turns dark greens and is highly toxic itself. One cut causes complete paralysis.
Bankai: Doku has three bankai forms/ phases. The first is Doku Buro: the blade shortens into a mid sized green blade. A deadly poison is relased, if you breath it in it shuts down your nervous system and your heart and if it touches your skin it eats away at surfaces like acid. The second form is Doku Kagayaki. The blade turns white, with a green tip. It reflects and intensifies light that turns objects it touches into stone. The third form of the bankai is Eisei-hei no Doku Naosu. This is the bankai’s real form. In this form Hebi can see in not just infra-red but can switch between light spectrums. The blade shifts into a smaller dagger, poison does not just come from his blade, but everything in close surroundings ends up melting away and becoming toxic. If you are touched by the blade a home made toxin takes control of the persons nervous system, and brain. The enemy is kept in a suspended state of animation whose life is dependent on continuing doses of Hebi’s toxins.


Mizuki Burīzado

Suimin’s older twin sister and the young mistress of the Burīzado Clan. Frail & sick body due to Suimin and her sharing a womb. All the bodies nutrients went to Suimin.


” Kagami ” – a wakuzashi with a pale bluish-green handle.

” Reflect, Kagami ” (Shekai) – mirror – reflect/absorn attacks… safe pockets within light refraction and premptive warning (brief future sight almost) – emotional state of opponent

“Yato no Kagami ” (Bankai) – can completely predict the future / information about someone – turns into a large flat mirror on floor within a water fountain almost.


Yasushi Burīzado

The Patriarch of the Burīzado Clan and the father of Mizuki and Suimin. Yasushi’s looks were stereotypical of the Burizado Clan. As he had blue hair, blue eyes and a colder non-expressional face similar to his ancestors.


“Nakuyuki ” : A slightly short katana with a white and silver handle. A bluish white feather hangs at the end of it.

“Bow, Nakuyuki” – Currently Unknown

“Jikko Suru Nakuyuki ” – Currently Unknown


Tomoe Gozen

The former figurehead of the Gozen Clan and the wife of Yasushi Burīzado. She is also the mother of Mizuki and Suimin. Tomoe’s looks were stereotypical for Gozen women. As she had the same dark reddish brown eyes and purple hair of her ancestors. Former Kenpachi, one of 2 females.

Zanpakuto 00102.jpg

Previous wielder of “Kage”.

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