Squad 11 : Suimin Burizādo – Going to the Human World

It has been one week since Suimin started as lieutenant. Her life has almost returned to its normal pattern, now that the constant challenges and upsets between the new captain and his squadron had stopped. As predicted she spent most of her time doing the paperwork and politics, while her Captain and Co-Lieutenant sparred each other on the training grounds. Occasionally, Yumichika would stop by to drink with her, while they watched the rest of the squadron go crazy. Today Yumichika came with Ikkaku and Captain Tatsuki.

They looked down at her mountain of paperwork and frowned. A camaraderie had started to form between the two men. One that disgusted both Yumichika and her. “Put aside the paper work, Suimin.” Said Tatsuki. Suimin, quickly organized the papers into her drawer.

“Is there something you need Captain Tatsuki?” He frowned at her. She was the one person who still refused to call him Kenpachi. Something he could not fix due to her refusal to fight him. The best he got was her calling him Captain in public. Ikkaku smiled at her. “You get to go to the Human World.” Suimin looked at Ikkaku like he was dumb and turned to Yumichika. “It’s true. Someone needs to go pick up Ichigo’s brat.” Suimin stood up. “And I have to be the one to go?” Tatsuki sighed. “All other lieutenants are busy.”

Suimin looked down at her desk. They were all doing the paperwork she herself needed to finish. Not that paperwork matters to a Squad Eleven Captain.  “When do I go?” Ikkaku grabbed her shoulder. Hail began to fall on him and he jumped away. Yumichika laughed in the background. “You leave now.” She nodded and walked past them. Her hand was grabbed by Tatsuki. Hail ran down on him too. His face looked annoyed. “Take, Yumichika with you.” She looked at the peacock. His face glowing with narcissistic pride.

“I don’t need him.” She replied, coldly. Tatsuki straightened up, doing his best to appear menacing. “You have never been to the human world before. You will take him.” Suimin didn’t see the point in arguing. She just walked out the door and towards the gate. Yumichika catching up to her quite quickly.

They walked slowly towards the gate. Neither one of them enjoyed sweating. “You have to be nice to unattractive people. The world is already tormenting them enough.” He said, breaking the silence. Suimin ignored him, so he continued. “It’s true Captain Tatsuki is both ugly and an idiot, that he lacks any of the grace Zaraki had when fighting, but he is at least open to style suggestions.” Suimin tuned him out. She did not care for Yumichika’s lectures.

When they got to the gate Genshirō was waiting for them. He held two tiny boxes of pills. “Take them when you get to the human world.” He instructed them. Suimin nodded and jumped through gate before she could hear Yumichika’s reply. She landed in a park. Children were playing to her right. Yumichika arrived on her left. He pulled her to a bench to sit down and then swallowed his pill. Suimin followed him. Her eyes lit up in shock when she saw Yumichika.

He was dressed in a strange jacket, a bright orange shirt and a pair of pants. “What are you wearing?” She asked with a mixture of shock and disgust in her voice. Yumichika didn’t look to pleased either. “This was not the outfit I described to Captain Hebi.” Suimin burst out laughing. “You look so ugly.” He looked so uncomfortable. It wasn’t like he could disagree. Instead he pointed to her. “Look at your own atrocities. At least I have a beautiful face to make up for the bad clothes.” Suimin looked down. She was wearing an oversized hot pink jacket and pants. She hated hot pink.

She jumped from the bench. “I am going to murder Hebi.” Yumichika burst out laughing. “It’s not like he can fix your face, Suimin.” She punched him and he fell onto the bench. “Let’s just get this kid and go.” Yumichika sat up, checking his face with a mirror she didn’t even know he had. When he saw no marks he sighed in relief. “The kid is still in school most likely.” Suimin sighed. “Let’s wait by the gates. This needs to end as quickly as possible.” Yumichika looked down at his outfit again. “I am not waiting for anyone in these awful clothes.” Suimin grabbed him by the collar and started dragging him away from the bench.

It turned out the park was right by the school. They got there in no time. Yumichika insisting in waiting behind a stone pillar for him. She waited on the other side, watching the school. Many people passed them whispering, but none approached. After some time passed, Suimin saw a crowd of people leaving the school. Among the crowd stood a boy taller then the rest. His hair was brighter then in the photos. She pulled Yumichika out from behind the pole and pointed to the boy. He nodded and called out his name.

The boy saw them and ran over. “Yumichika, you came?” She watched Yumichika look him up and down. Clearly, he wasn’t a huge fan of the boy. “I am escorting our Lieutenant here.” The boy turned to her and smiled. His smile was too goofy for her liking. “I thought Ikkaku was Squad Eleven’s Lieutenant.” Suimin stared at the boy. From what she could tell, he did not look nearly as capable as his father. “I am his Co-Lieutenant Suimin. You will follow us to Soul Society.” She said before turning to walk away. Yumichika sighed. “The park is the other way!” Shouted the boy. Suimin’s face turned red. She was glad they could not see. Kage and Misuto were laughing at her in her head.

She quickly turned around, walking past them towards the park. They ran to catch up with her. As they walked to the park the boy and Yumichika chatted quite freely. He seemed to have patience for Yumichika’s debate on school attire. Suimin did not. She focused solely at arriving at the park. Sadly for her, things were never as easy as they were meant to be. An explosion in the distance catching her attention. “It’s a Hollow” said Yumichika. Suimin kicked her foot in frustration. This was not her day.

“Let’s get this over with.” She said, turning to run towards the explosion. Suimin was surprised to see the boy keep up with her and Yumichika. As they ran each of them took a pill, so they could return to their shinigami forms. Even she had to admit that the brat didn’t seem so out of place in the uniform. Although his zanpakutō gave off an unusual vibe. They found the hollow leaning into a crumbling building. A girl was in his hand screaming.

“I don’t see a chain on her.” The boy said behind them. Yumichika looked at Suimin. Something was wrong with the picture. She jumped towards the Hollow, Kage drawn. Yumichika, jumped in after her. “Bloom, Fuji Kujaku.” His sword split into a four sickled blade.

Suimin reached the Hollow first, slashing the arm that held the girl clean off. Yumichika caught her. When she saw him, she fainted, causing him to drop her roughly on the ground in annoyance. Suimin glared at him. “Be careful.” Yumichika ran towards the Hollow instead of answering. Suimin cursed. The boy watching her drop her sword saying, “Reflect the drunken moon, Kage.” Then she tapped the back of her sword the sheath of the other smaller one. “And send ripples across the cold night, Misuto.”

The temperature in the area started dropping rapidly. Yumichika’s complaint being drowned out by the screams of an angry Hollow. Suimin thought the Hollow looked like a cross between a goldfish and ape. It was not the prettiest sight. She slashed her larger sword at a shadow, jumping through it and emerging directly below the Hollow. Suimin spinning to cut off his legs, the Hollow falling forward towards Yumichiko. He glared at a smiling Suimin and ran Fuji Kujako up through the Hollow. They watched it disintegrate into the air.

Yumichika’s blade turned back to normal. Suimin, however, didn’t release Kage and Misuto yet. Something still felt wrong. The boy walked up to the girl on the ground, checking how she was. “She’s breathing.” He said. Suimin rolled her eyes. That much should of been obvious. “We need to get her to Urahara.” Yumichika nodded when a second explosion went off. They turned to see another Hollow. Suimin sighed. “Kill me.” Yumichika winked at her. “Then I’d have to give up third seat.”

She slashed the nearest shadow, appearing besides the second Hollow. He was taller, stockier. This one reminded her of a bull and an ape smashed together. His horns obnoxiously large. Suimin let out a burst of reiatsu. The air temperature dropped and mist filled the street. She waved her hands and the shadows on the street and building wrapped around the Hollow. He roared as they cut into him and ended him. Yumichika hit her shoulder. “Your laziness trumps everything.” She knew he was implying her desire to become a better swordsman.  Instead of relying on her Kidō.

Before she could respond a chain of explosions went off. Hollows appeared around a bunch of buildings. “You are kidding me.” Suimin cursed. A whole opened up in the sky. Menus Grande started to come from the sky. Suimin turned to Yumichika. “Bring him back now!” Yumichika looked at her like she was crazy. “You can’t take care of all these Hollows alone.” Suimin glared at him. “You need to tell Soul Society.” Yumichika went to argue, but stopped. Bringing Ichigo’s brat back was more important. He nodded and pulled the high schooler back towards the park.

Suimin’s reiatsu began spiking. The temperature in the whole prefecture started to lower, as everything began to be covered in mist. Shadows everywhere began pulling people into them and out of the way of the Hollows. You can’t slash all of these, said Kage. Suimin drew Misuto. His blade letting out endless mist. Kage realized she intended to let Misuto out. He started cursing in her head. She ignored him and dropped both her swords. “Celebrate, Nurarihyon.”  The swords disappeared into a pool of water. The world turned down on it’s head.

It was replaced by a street festival scene. All the Hollows looked around confused. This wasn’t Karakura Town. It was Suimin’s festival. Hollows continued to fall from the sky into her world. As more and more confusion grew. The crowd of people not nothing them screaming or swiping at them. They just continued to go on their way. Kage stood next to her shaking his head. “You can’t support this many people in this detailed of a world.” Suimin ignored him and snapped her fingers. Instantly, many Suimin appeared challenging the Hollows to games. As most were not capable of speech or understood what was happening the games ended very quickly. Suimin’s shadow selves smiling as they whispered Ikigimo. Kage disappeared from her side. He appeared in the sky, arms wide, as shadows pierced Hollow after Hollow, stealing away their livers.

As this happened, Suimin watched. She could not move with this large of a number to focus on. Time went on and she was starting to sweat. Her head felt like it was gonna split open. The first change in her festival she noticed was Aizen Sōsuke walking towards her. He was smiling and clapping his hands. “Nice, festival.”

Suimin looked at the man like he was nuts. Although, it was obvious he was. “How are you here?” Aizen turned to look at the festival. All the imaginary people at the shops seemed to amuse him. “I will always have a way into your festival.” He said calmly. She watched him enjoy the view. The sight of Hollows loosing their livers to Kage’s shadows. Aizen even looked up to the sky, to see Kage swelling with power. Suimin never liked to look. When Kage ate a liver was when he truly was drunk.

Aizen turned to her. “You should let Misuto, really come out and play.” Suimin’s face went pale. He laughed. “Your Bankai is more interesting.” She looked at the man in front of her, nothing but fear in her eyes. How did this man know about her Bankai. The shadows in the world started to flicker, Suimin coughed up blood. She could hear Kage yelling at her to concentrate. She closed her eyes, willing the world to become solid again.

“The rest will be here soon. You can start to relax.” He said. Suimin opened her eyes. “I do not want them to see this.” Aizen smiled at her. “Squad Eleven is not showing up. You are fine.” Suimin shook her head no. “This is not the Shekai anyone knows.” Aizen’s smile turned creepy. “So similar.” Suimin reached into the air and pulled out Misuto. Kage fell, as a blade, from the sky. The world began to splinter apart. Cracks appearing along his face.

“You can’t shut me out forever, Suimin.” He said. Suimin sheathed Misuto, ignoring him. As the world splintered apart Aizen walked over to her. She felt him hug her. He dropped his head on her shoulder and said, “The answers are in Hueco Mundo.” Then her world shattered. Suimin was standing beneath the hole full of Menos Grande.

She fired a Kidō #9 Hōrin, binding a group of Menos together. Before they could fire a group of Ceros she ran forward and slashed the sky with her blade. A large group of Shadows mimicked Kage’s path, slicing the group apart. Still the next wave of Menos Grande filed in. Suimin was about to fire another Kidō when she saw a pair of doors open in the sky. As the doors opened and she saw the rows of Captains and their Lieutenants, Suimin smiled. When they started going towards her, she fainted. Too much reiatsu was used.

Suimin would not wake up until she was back in the infirmary. To make matters worse, the first face she would see would be Ikkakus.


Before The Fight Ends You – HatebreedBefore The Fight Ends You – Hatebreed


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