Squad 11 : The Komori Servant 一

Suimin eyes opened slowly. Her stomach still felt as if there was acid running in a circle within her. Her bones felt as if they had been broken down and taped back together. Nothing wanted to move so she was surprised her eyes even opened. Maybe someone else was really opening them for her.

At the very least, even without movement, her ears worked. The contradistinction that was the deep voice of her Captain could be heard.






“Now, now. Suimin will tell us what’s going on.”

“Mizuki stay out of your sister’s mistakes.”

“Yes, father.”




It seems not only was Captain Tatsuki in the room but so was Shuiro, Mizuki and my father at the very least… I tried to close my eyes again but Mizuki, of course, noticed I woke up. Her soft body landing on top of me. Instead of pleasure from those beautiful mounds everyone adored all I got was back pain.


I looked down at my sister and sighed.


She stood up and started to pummel my chest. Doesn’t she know I’m still hurt? I didn’t need to be pummeled. Did she always have to be such a sadist?

“You had us worried. What happened to you in Hueco Mundo?”

What happened, huh? What do I say to that? My father’s face coming into view. I wondered if that was what worry looked like on his face, at least worry when it was for me.

“You are awake.”

“Yes, father.”

I saw his face withdraw from view. Shuiro’s annoying face appearing next. He really was here. Enjoying the entertainment as usual no doubt.

“You seem to be getting into more danger than normal lately.”

I felt my lips smiling.

“Wouldn’t you be bored if I wasn’t?”

Shuiro smiled softly. It was one of his rare smiles. I’m surprised he release it in public.

“Welcome back, Sui.”

She saw Shuiro being pulled back. An unknown face coming into view. What beautiful black hair and delicate features for a man….no, he was an arrancar. One must returned me here.

“You’re too close shinigami.”

The sounds of swords being drawn echoed around the room. Turning my head to see what was going on was painful. It seems all the zanpakuto in the room, besides Shuiro’s, was drawn at the arrancar. Captain Abe seemed to be the most angry at the man. The door to the room she was in opened.

“Isn’t it better for the patient to keep your voices down.”

“Captain Hirako?”

A creepily large smile appeared in my field of vision. Yep, it was the 5th division’s captain. Why was I the only one who seemed confused for him to be here. There was no reason for the creep to be here. For all of these people to be here…

“It’s nice to see you Suimin.”

I couldn’t help but groan. All of these people lately.

“Is it?”

The Captain cracked up laughing. Shuiro seemed to be chuckling as well. Wait! Is Mizuki and Hebi laughing too!

“Why is he here!”

Ah? Why was Captain Abe the one who was so irritated? He wasn’t the one stuck in bed, having problems moving and hating having this many living beings around him.

“To take your Lieutenant of course.”

Eh… He was even creepier when he made funny faces.


Eh! Shuiro and Captain Hirako were making goofy faces and laughing. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH EVERYONE? The unknown arrancar seemed to ignore everyone and kneel in front of me.

“Where would you like to go?”

So far I like this guy. I don’t know who he was or why a member of the Espada was still here, but so far he was the only one making any sense. However, Captain Hirako seemed oddly serious when he looked at him. The funny faced captain actually seemed agitated. Another bonus point for Mr. Beautiful.

“Weren’t you supposed to be dead?”


I guess he didn’t feel like answering that question. Really, all of this nonsense was just making my head hurt. Slowly, I turned to look at Hebi.

“I’m just going to go lay down in my own room.”

He nodded his head. Mizuki smiling as she laced her arm with his. Tch, even now must we all be subjected to the perfect couple routine. My sister was the worst sadist in history.


A tall man in a black kimono appeared. I felt myself being picked up gently. The arrancar who was kneeling before stood up. There was no emotion there. It was unnerving but somehow appreciative as well. Whatever, I just wanted to go back to bed and have some peace. This new mess could be figured out in the morning. I started to close my eyes again as Kage carried me out the room. My consciousness fading away…

“Watch over her, Kage.”

The zanpakuto nodded at his master’s fiance. That much was obvious to him. Her Captain looked pitiful as he requested the same.

“You better take care of her.”

Kage’s eyes met her father’s. The two didn’t like each other and it was obvious why. However, at least Kage was aware of the complications of Yasushi’s heart even if Suimin was not. Yet, it was Captain Hirako who he spared no look at. The sudden tension between them filling the room with awkwardness. An issue existing between them was not something anyone in this room was aware of or expected. The door sliding open. The two men walking out with their precious princess. Shuiro looking at the grim faced captain.

“Care to explain what that was about Captain Hirako.”

“It was about her mother.”

Yasushi surprising everyone by having an emotional reaction. His zanpakuto raised before him.

“I will not tolerate anything said about my wife or done to her daughters.”

Shuiro watched the exchange with slight amusement and a large desire for mayhem. Hebi seemed quite bored of the whole thing and wondered how much Mizuki must know comparative to her sister for her to show no such reaction of surprise. Reiatsu between the two accomplished men spiked.

“I will not tolerate any of that sociopath’s experiments.”

Mizuki puffed her cheeks in frustration. There was no longer a need in her mind for any of them to be in this distasteful room.

“Don’t talk about my sister like that. Hebi!”

The younger captain sighed and pat her head.

“Let’s just stay out of this, Mizu. It’s a fight between two men.”

She went to say more but he hugged her from behind. Mizuki successfully distracted. Hebi was a miracle worker.

“Father-in-law you shouldn’t be fighting with another Captain. Allow me to fight on your behalf.”

Everyone turned to look at Captain Abe. Yasushi blinking confused.


Captain Abe’s face turning red when he realized what he had accidentally said. Shuiro breaking the awkward moment with a hysteria of laughter. Tears were streaming from his eyes. This was it. This was the entertainment he lived for.

“You heard him, father-in-law, let the Captain fight on your behalf.”

Yasushi looked at Shuiro confused. Mizuki returned from the realm of Hebi to sigh.

“Shuiro, this is why Suimin and you don’t progress. You can’t make jokes like that about your fiance.”

Shuiro kept laughing at the blank expression on Yasushi’s face and how red Abe’s was. Captain Hirako sheathing his sword and sighing.

“I guess we’ll table this for another day. Fighting now somehow feels too cruel to Captain Abe.”

Abe turned around, his face still red, angry.

“It’s Captain Kenpachi Abe! AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOO CRUEL?”

Hirako looked away and sighed. Yasushi sheathed his zapakuto as well. He turned to look at his future son-in-law who was still laughing.

“Really, Shuiro. Mizu is right.”

Yasushi could only shake his head. His eldest daughter had found a strangely suitable match in a street orphan. Yet, his youngest daughter could not find a suitable match with a son of noble birth. He had personally chosen one with a bit of a problematic side to aid with Kage’s influence. Yet, still…. Only his beloved Mizuki was ever able to get things done. A loud sigh could be heard coming from him. Why did Mizuki turn out so blessed and Suimin so problematic?

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