Squad 11 : The Komori Servant 二

Kage stood in front of the entrance to the Burizadō estate. Two guardsman and the head female servant stood blocking his entrance. The guardsman had their zanpakuto raised at the hollow besides him.


They shook their heads no.

“We cannot allow a Hollow to enter the main house.”

“Not even for the Gozen-sama.”

Kage turned to the head maid. The old woman was barely leaning on the gnarled wood cane she kept with her. An annoying hag to the end.

“My apologies Kage-sama but these are the rules set by the main house.”

The Hollow took one step forward and raised his hand. Green light began to gather around it with no change in his expression or sound. The head maid the only one who didn’t flinch.

“You Bastard!”

“We won’t let you through!”

Kage sighed. Having him destroy the Burizadō clan’s gates, while fun, was not helpful. He raised one of his hands to cover the green light and in an instant it was gone. The guards looking at him terrified. This is why he hated soul reapers. They were scared little things. Shadows shot out from beneath him and strike at the guards. The two falling down helplessly. Kage’s attention returning to the head maid.

“You didn’t save them.”

She barely moved as she replied.

“They served their clan.”

He couldn’t help but snort. This was an awful house to have her confined in. A tiny boy appearing on his other side.

“Obaa, move.”

She shook her head.

“I will not Misuto-sama.”

The young boy raised his hand. Kage looking down on him and sighing. There was clearly no intention to stop him. As Misuto was the tool of the Burizadō Clan. Dark blue mist found itself concentrating until it formed a large lance shape. Misuto gently throwing it forward. The force of it blowing open the doors and through the main entrance. Unprepared the majority of the servants between the door and Suimin’s room fell down unconscious, writhing in agony from their own fear and chills. However, the old woman stood, pushed back with cane raised, tired looking but fine. Misuto glaring at her. Another lance beginning to form when Kage intervened.


The little zanpakuto’s mist disappeared and the three headed towards Suimin’s room at the back of the estate. The old woman raising her cane when a small snow bird fell from the sky. As it landed in her hand it unfolded into a note. The head maid lowering her cane and stepping aside.

“It is best for you to not dally on your way to the Clan Head’s room.”

The three ignoring her remarks as they entered Suimin’s isolated area within the main house. She was gently laid down into her futon and covered with many blankets. Kage sitting besides her brushing the hair from her face. Misuto immediately diving under the covers to cling on to her. The Hollow awkwardly standing there.

“The girl is very different from what I imagined.”

Kage’s smile was gentle like a father looking at his young daughter.

“Mass murder isn’t her thing. It was Chisako’s…”

He walked closer to the futon.

“Is respect not her thing either?”

Kage pulled the futon higher up on her.

“No, it’s not. She cares too much about the complications of life to demand the respect she has earned.”

“Earned? My assumption of her strength was vastly different than expected.”

Kage laughed to himself. The sliding doors opening on their allowing a view of the garden’s sunset and the wind breeze enter the room. His hair lifting slightly. Soon it would be his time.

“Suimin may be young, but her power is something you cannot comprehend Hollow.”

The Hollow looked down at the sleeping girl. There seemed to be annoyance appearing on his face.

“You think you are able to beat every zanpakuto.”

While Kage loved a challenge and was apt to exhibit is dominance over everyone around him the zanpakuto shook his head. His eyes drifting over to Misuto who had started to doze off himself.

“Not alone, but that zanpakuto is one of the most dangerous I’ve ever seen.”

The Hollow stood silent for a moment. Kage putting one of his hand’s into his sleeve and pulling out a letter for him. The Hollow read it over silently and tucked it away.

“I’ll go for now.”

He walked towards Suimin and bent down. His hand on her chest as his presence slowly faded away. The room existing as if he was never there.


Suimin sat by the ponds. Behind her the stalls were open and the crowds were moving along with their lives. The dusk was reflecting beautiful colors off the water. A familiar voice speaking out.

“How did you like it, My Hueco Mundo?”

She didn’t turn around. The familiar figure appeared besides her.

“Is it your Hueco Mundo?”

She turned to see him chuckling. This man she could not figure out. In every situation he seemed to morph himself into whatever he needed to be, but who was he?

“Instead of being sarcastic you should get to work on fixing the problem.”

Suimin couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“You mean the problem that supposedly exists but you won’t tell me about.”

Aizen laughed and nodded his head.

“I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could figure it out.”

Suimin turned to look at him.

“If you so damn powerful and all knowing why don’t you just solve the problem yourself.”

A devilish smile broke out on his face.

“What would be the fun in that?”

She turned away from him. Ripples were spreading out in the water from unseen disturbance. Misuto’s light footsteps could be heard approaching them from behind.


Suimin turned around. A large childish smile was on his face. She turned quickly to look at Aizen.

“How do you know Misuto!”

The criminal just laughed as he began to fade away as petals in the wind.

“Isn’t the better question still how do I know you?”


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