Squad 11 : The Snake and The Blizzard

Suimin sat up in the infirmary bed. Ikkaku was sitting by her side, Yumichika looking bored behind him. When he saw her move, he lit up with happiness. “Suimin! You are ok.” Yumichika hit him on the head and she laughed. “What are you two doing here?” The door opened and Captain Tatsuki and Shuiro walked in. “They are here on my order.” Said the Captain. She rolled her eyes. He frowned. “Can’t you say thank you.”

Suimin, got out of the bed. She reached for her black robe. Yumichika handing her her zanpakutō silently. “Suimin, now that you are awake we need your report.” said Shuiro. She nodded. “We were escorting Ichigo’s son when we heard an explosion. At first it seemed like their was only one Hollow, we soon learned that multiple Hollows had left Hueco Mundo. I sent Yumichika back with Ichigo’s son to inform you.” Captain Tatsuki looked at Yumichika. She could see his disappointment. The peacock conveniently ignored it.

“We are more curious on how you held off all the Hollows.” said Shuiro. Suimin glared at him. Although, no one knew what her real Shekai was, they all have been trying to figure it out for awhile. Especially Shuiro, who had always tried to connect the dots of mist and shadow. “I fought like any other Squad Eleven shinigami would, Captain-Commander Shuiro.” He rolled his eyes at her. “Come now, Suimin. Everyone in this room knows your Shekai is something special. Why not just tell us.”

She sighed. “If I did that, I’d have to deal with being a Captain. That’s too much work.” Captain Tatsuki drew his Zanpakutō, his reiatsu climbing. “The Captain-Commander asked you a question, Suimin.” She looked her Captain up and down. Not being able to control it, she burst out laughing. Ikkaku and Yumichika tensing up on the side. Their hands resting on their zanpakutō’s handles. “Tatsuki Abe, no matter how much reiatsu you build, you can never intimidate me. You are not the Kenpachi of this generation. You bare an empty tittle.”

The Captain’s anger flared, the reiatsu shooting out of him in waves of red. Shuiro, putting his sheathed zanpakutō up to cover himself. “Suimin, you are my lieutenant. You will tell the Captain-Commander your Shekai or you will fight me.” Suimin walked right past him. “Shuiro, I will finish my report later. I must return to my household.” Before he could respond, a man appeared in the doorway. “There’s no need, Sui. Your father sends his regards.”

It was Hebi! Finally someone she didn’t mind seeing. “Captain Hebi.” She said bowing. The young man smiled and pulled her in for a lazy hug. Captain Tatsuki’s reiatsu calming slightly. Ikkaku stood up from the chair. “Captain Kenpachi Tatsuki, Captain Hebi is Suimin’s Brother-in-law.” Yumichika put his hand on Ikkaku, holding him back. Captain Hebi, just moved deeper into the room. “Captain-Commander, Captain Tatsuki, I have the sample analysis you asked for.” Shuiro smiled at the man, like he finally got some good news today.

Captain Tatsuki’s next move was the biggest mistake he’s ever made. He grabbed Captain Hebi’s collar demanding, “You are related to her. Tell us her Shekai.” Suimin flash stepped to Captain Tatsuki, once again resting her blade by his neck. However, this time the room’s temperature dropped to freezing, ice instantly forming around the room. Misuto’s blade emitting mist straight onto the Captain’s neck. Yumichika sighed. “Ikkaku, it is time we leave to check on Squad Eleven.” He went to leave the room, but Captain Tatsuki put his other hand up to stop him. “You stay, until he talks.”

Captain Hebi smiled his fingers hovering over Captain Tatsuki’s hand, “I am afraid that I don’t even know it. You must ask her.” Shuiro’s hand made it’s way to his zanpakutō’s sheath. Captain Tatsuki, pulling the man closer. “Do not lie to me lab rat. You will not like it when I’m angry.” Suimin’s anger rose again. The temperature dropping closer and closer to unbearable. The room itself beginning to freeze. Shuiro put his hand on Captain Tatsuki’s shoulder. “Maybe it is best for us to drop this now.” The man glared at his Captain-Commander. There was no turning back for muscle heads.

“I am her Captain. She will listen to my orders.” He declared to the room boldly. Suimin smiled and Hebi withdrew his hands from above Captain Tatsuki’s. Instead, he pointed at Ikkaku and Yumichika. “Captain Tatsuki, if you are going to fight with my sister, may I suggest you moving it into an area with more room?” Shuiro nodded his head. “Yes. If you insist on this then why not bring it to the practice field.” The Captain sheathed his zanpakutō and let go of Hebi.

Suimin lowered her her zanpakutō. “I will not fight, Captain Tatsuki.” Shuiro walked over to her and put his hand on her soulder. “Can you do me a favor once?” She looked at Hebi who just shrugged. As sure as she would that she would win, there was no guarantee she could without using her Shekai. That was something she absolutely didn’t want to do. Don’t worry. We can make it look like something else if need be. Said Kage in her head. Suimin said nothing to the people in the room and exited quickly. Leaving them running after her towards Squad Eleven’s practice field.

As Shuiro explained the rules of the duel Squad Eleven began to make a large circle surrounding them. Soon other shinigami came to watch. Squad Eleven crying loudest to see their Lieutenant’s Shekai. Something they have all been wondering about for years. Ikkaku, Yumichika and Captain Hebi being assigned crowd control, as Captain-Commander Shuiro was forced to judge. As it was beginning the other Captains appeared to watch from the buildings rooftops.

“Advance. Ronīn.” Said Captain Tatsuki. His zanpakutō turning into a large nodachi. The handles warping to curve in different directions. Suimin was not impressed. “Reflect the drunken moon, Kage and send ripples across the cold night, Misuto.” She drew, only Kage, to the annoyance of Misuto and the Captain. His black blade and handle glimmering in the noon sun. “Stop with these games. That is not your real Shekai.” The crowd erupted in comments.  As everyone had something to say on the match.

“This is enough for you Captain Tatsuki. Let us begin.” Shuiro nodded and the Captain swung his Nodachi. Suimin put Kage up to block, but to her surprise wind appeared and cut the front of her uniform. All the men laughing around them. Captain Tatsuki was smiling, his goal had been to rip her uniform and embarrass her. “My zanpakutō’s shekai can cut anything.” He said to her. Suimin’s anger rose. How dare these men see her like this. Her reiatsu begun to climb quickly. The circle of men shielding their faces. The Captains smiling on the roof top. The ground below them froze over, mist filed the circle and still her reiatsu climbed higher.

Captain Tatsuki’s Shekai causing a column of wind to surround him and protect him. Only a coward would behave this way, not a Kenpachi. “I swear on my mother’s name Kenpachi Tomoe. You will regret embarrassing me.” The crowd hollered. Everyone knew Suimin’s mother had been a Kenpachi in the past. Tomoe Gozen was famous of her blood lust, just like the other female Kenpachi. Captain Tatsuki walked towards her, the wind breaking apart the ice on the floor. “You cannot do anything to stop me. You are not your mother.” That was the finally straw. Suimin’s reiatsu rolled out of her in such a strong wave the circle of men were thrown on their backs. Captains and Lieutenants shielded themselves with their zanpakutō.

Suimin flash stepped forward, exchanging sword swing after sword with her Captain. As her normal Katana hit his Nodachi wind and shadow clashed. The wind continuously cutting that which could continuously reform. As the fight grew they noticed a side to Suimin, no one had seen before. She was smiling, the desire for blood and flesh spread all over her face. Her shadows on the floor all took the form of monsters and devils. Captain Tatsuki needing to slow her down with wind. Eventually, he himself seemed to be a little worried. The wind picking up and him returning to the nodachi’s long distance strength.

Suimin in an angry frenzy wouldn’t have that. As the Captain tried to create space, she’d tap Kage’s handle on Misuto’s sheath. Images and sounds appearing in the mist. Captain Tatsuki cutting each image. “Stop with the mind games, Suimin. Show us your real Shekai.” Suimin was at point beyond having a conversation though. She could taste iron in her mouth. All she could do is desire more. Every attack getting more and more savage. Shadows multiplying, aiming for any part of his flesh they could cut, absorbing his blood and getting stronger.

Captain Tatsuki reached the point where he had enough. He slashed the Nodachi down with such force the wind blew everything away from him. He held the Nodachi in front of him and yelled, “Ronīn ga Koushin.” Then he looked up and smiled at the blood crazed Suimin. “Count yourself lucky to be defeated by a Captain’s Bankai.” The crowd watched Skeletal shinigami come from the grave, carrying banners and weapons. A large horse appeared and he jumped on. Sheathing his zanpakutō and grabbing a large cavalry spear offered by one of the skeletons.” Suimin just laughed. Silencing any thought of comment from the crowd.

“You are not worthy of the Kenpachi tittle. Today I shall take it away from you.” She went to draw Misuto when Hebi and Shuiro stepped in. Shuiro holding his hand to stop in front of Captain Tatsuki. Hebi in front of Suimin. He was bleeding from Kage being lodged in his stomach. It was enough to wake Suimin up from her blood lust. As the shadows and mist retreated from the circle and she resumed her normal calm demeanor. All of men in the circle looked on in shock. The other Captains smiling on the rooftops.

“A Bankai is too far, Captain Tatsuki.” said the Captain-Commander. Captain Tatsuki looked around, the other shinigami seemed damaged from spectating the fight. He hopped off the horse, everything turning to ash in the wind. He bowed to the Captain-Commander. Hebi on the other hand was not so lucky. Suimin’s shadows had caused damage to his insides. She was trying to fix it with Kidō now.

“I am sorry, Hebi.”She said as she working. He nodded as he coughed up blood. “It’s ok, Sui. I can fix it in my lab.” She nodded and watched him leave quickly from the circle, just as the other Captains jumped in. Shuiro, turning around to face her. “Suimin Burīzado, this duel is being declared null and void. You will return home tonight and write an apology letter to your Captain for being so rude to him. Afterwards you shall return to your duties like nothing ever happened. Do you understand?” Suimin nodded at her childhood friend, leaving the circle the same way Hebi went.

Misuto appearing by her side as soon as she was on the road back towards her house. “It’s not your fault, Suimin. All Gozen woman have bloodlust you know.” She sighed and picked up the pace. “And all Burīzado clansmen have calm and noble features.” She thought about her older sister. How much she was like their father. Not a hint of the Gozen madness existing in her frail and sick body.

“Suimin, What are you going to do now? They embarrassed us.” She reached down and held Misuto’s hand. It was so cold. “I don’t know Misuto, maybe Kage will know once he sobers up.” Hail started to fall on them. “I want to hurt them all.” Suimin sighed. “You can’t do that.” The hail fell down harder. “I know I can’t, but I still do.” She wanted to as well. The thought of leaving their insides on display made her smile. The drunken Kage agreeing with her.

When they reached her house, she saw her father outside waiting for her. Yasushi Burīzado was not a forgiving man. When he saw her he grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly into the house. Hail dropped from the sky, straight on to him, but he ignored it. Throwing her into one of the sitting rooms. Suimin’s sister was waiting for her there. Perfect Mizuki as tranquil as the calm moonlight.

“How dare you embarrass us like that.” Her father shouted. Suimin bowed down for forgiveness. “I am sorry father. He would not listen to reason.” Mizuki watched her father pace around her sister. She was giggling to herself. Dislike for her growing in Suimin’s heart. “He was following the Captain-Commanders orders. Your future husband’s orders!” Suimin knew it was best to keep her head bowed. “I am sorry. There did seem like another option at the time.”

He bent down and lifted her head by her hair. “You are supposed to be the sly one. Can you not even figure out how to hide your accursed Shekai.” Her sister stood up from her pillow, walking over slowly. The moon graciously highlighting each of her steps. “Father relax. No one saw her Shekai. Let alone did they even think about her Bankai.” Yasushi turned to his daughter as if to hit her, but fell short of her face. Nothing was more precious to him then his perfect eldest daughter. He dropped Suimin.

“You will not disgrace this family again. Do you understand Suimin?” He said. She nodded and excused herself from the room, throwing herself onto her bed. Misuto and Kage both appearing by her side. “It will be ok, little one.” Kage whispered, patting her head. Misuto curled up under the blankets with her, grabbing her hand. She fell asleep in the darkness of Kage’s shadows and the coldness of Misuto’s presence.



Broken Home – Papa Roach

Ichigo’s Theme – Bleach


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