Squad 11 : The Snake Brings Strange Medicine

The festival was crowded as usual. Street vendors sold their wares and little children begged their parents for treats. Suimin sat on a bench, watching everyone go by. Kage was over by a sake stall. An annoying man was making his way over to the bench. “Your father was right. The fight was embarrassing.” said Aizen. She stayed looking out at the festival. “You should of been able to stop him without your Shekai.”

Suimin turned to him. Why did he care so much? “Aizen. Why do you come here?” He smiled at her. She could see him watching the people at each individual shop. “Your world is a nice a break from reality. I could not of come up with a place like this.” Aizen was here to join the festival. His answer sort of seemed like a cop out. An excuse instead of a reason. Kage, turned from the alcohol vendor and started walking towards them. Aizen waving at the sword. Kage’s ease around Aizen was strange, but it signified a sense of trust she could have for him.

He stood up slowly. “You need to go to Hueco Mundo.” Again with this. Was he just a broken track record? As Kage neared, he turned to walk away, not even waiting for a response. The dream swirled into itself. Suimin waking up.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Suimin was woken up by a pillow to the face. Her older sister standing above her mad. “You hurt, Hebi!” She sighed and pulled the blankets over her face. Mizuki bending down to pull them back off of her. “He won’t see me today, Sui.” Suimin, didn’t have the heart to tell her sister that he found her annoying. Not that Mizuki wouldn’t know. It was impossible to lie to her.

“I’m sorry, Mizu. I’ll go with you to see him.” She smiled. Her Captain could refuse to let her in, but not another Squad’s Captain. Her sister pulled her up, hugging her. “Thank you, Sui.” She just sighed and reached for her zanpakutō. Of course, both of them weren’t here to say anything to her. Mizuki’s charm even appealed to them.

Suimin, followed her sister out. It was her responsibility to make sure she didn’t fall or trip on the long Kimono coat she kept wrapped around her. This made the walk to the Research Institute longer then it needed to be. To make matters worse, all the noble boys always came out to watch her walk by. Mizuki’s grand procession an over the top fan fare. Today, Squad Eleven members stood besides the noble boys cheering for their Lieutenant. Mizuki, smiled at her sister. “Look, Sui. Your men are here.”

Suimin nodded at the Squad Eleven men and they cheered. I guess they finally liked her. Ikkaku and Yumichika stepped out from the crowd. “Suimin, how long have you been hiding that power!” shouted Ikkaku. She sighed, her sister rushing forward. Mizuki tripped on her kimono bottom, falling onto Yumichika. The audience cried out for her. Yumichika’s face turning a bright red. “Be careful, Mizuki-sama.” Ikkaku, burst out laughing. It was rare to see Yumichika flustered. “Thank you.” Mizuki said to him. He looked away. Everyone, now remembering he was indeed straight.

“Why are you guys here?” Suimin asked, Ikkaku. He snapped his fingers and Squad Eleven rushed forward, bowing on their knees. A few even held flowers out. “To show gratitude to our comrade.” Gratitude? What in the world did she do. Yumichika sighed. “You are so dense. The men are confessing. Shocking, for someone so ugly, I know.” Suimin’s face lit up with shock. Her sister hitting, Yumichika’s arm. “Don’t call Sui ugly.” He looked away as the noble children cheered for their goddess. Ikkaku, pulled flowers from behind his back. “Fight me. If I win, you have to go on a date with me.” Mizuki looked at her, smiling from ear to ear. Her sister nudging her on to answer.

She cracked up laughing. Mizuki frowning at her. Suimin went to speak when she heard a man’s voice. It was Shuiro and Captain Tatsuki walking towards them. “Lieutenant Ikkaku, are you offering flowers to my fiancee.” He said. The Squad Eleven men tensed up. Yumichika, smiling to himself. Captain Tatsuki rushed forward and hit his back, laughing. “Good job, a man takes what he wants.” Shuiro, took the flowers from Ikkaku’s hands and pressed them into Suimin’s. “And a girl should be respectful and accept them.” Mizuki hugged Shuiro, much to the disappointment of the crowd.

“What are you two doing here?” Suimin asked. Shuiro let go of Mizuki. “Your Captain and I came to walk you over, in case you felt awkward. I see it is not needed now.” Suimin, didn’t believe a single word of what he was saying. He always had an agenda. “Shuiro, Suimin is taking me to see Hebi. Can we talk another time?” Mizuki said, interrupting everyone. He nodded and stepped out of the way. “See you later, ugly.” Said Yumichika. She glared at him, but walked ahead with Mizuki. Ignoring Ikkaku yelling about a duel.

The two found Hebi in his office. He was bent over asleep on his desk. Mizuki smiled, running to him. She carefully pulled off her Kimono coat and placed it over him, turning to the little coffee machine she had set up on the side. As Hebi slept, she made him breakfast. Only after she had everything arranged did she wake him up.

Hebi woke up slowly, frustration soon appearing on his face. “Mizuki, I told you I was busy today.” She sat at her chair and started organizing his papers. “It’s ok, Hebi. I can wait quietly.” He sighed and turned around. “Sui, take your sister home.” Suimin shrugged. “Like I can do that.” He stood up, pacing around his desk. Mizuki didn’t even look up from her work. She just continued to organize his desk. In an odd way, she had to admit that her sister adapted to him very well.

Hebi turned to Suimin. “I have to go to Hueco Mundo today. The Espada are handing over samples.” Suimin’s eyes lit up with interest. Hueco Mundo! If she went, maybe she could see what the lunatic was raving about. “I can go for you.” She blurted out. Mizuki turning around in her chair smiling. Hebi, looked at her like he wanted to slice her up like one of his experiments. “No you can’t. The Espada are expecting me.” Mizuki got out of her chair, excited. “Please Hebi, I’ll ask Father about the project proposal.”

His head snapped towards Mizuki, a creepy smile appearing on his face. The only time Mizuki won, was when she held research funds over his head. Even the strongest of snakes couldn’t resist a mouse bait. “You promise, Mizu?” She nodded her head and pointed to her armband. “I am your Lieutenant, Hebi.” The smiled faded from his face. He walked over to a cabinet and opened a drawer. Inside was stacks of different pills. When he found the one he wanted, he walked back towards them. “Sui, take this pill when you get there. It will help with the nausea and adjustment.” She nodded and took the pill from him.

Mizuki latched on to Hebi’s arm. “I’ll wait here, until your back.” Hebi tried to pull away, but for a sick girl Mizuki had a strong grip. Hebi’s treatments must of been working better then everyone thought. “Hurry, Sui.” She nodded and turned to one of the machines he had in the room. Hebi, had created a machine that cut open a hole. When you entered it, you come out in Hueco Mundo. It was faster then the other ways to get there. Although, less reliable on where in Hueco Mundo you’d end up.

Hebi hit a switch and the air rolled into itself, creating a large black rift in the room. He stood in front of Mizuki, shielding her from the wind. “An Espada named Grimmjow is set to pick you up. He has a temper.” She nodded and stepped through the hole.

In a second she found herself walking on white sand. The world around her was darkness. The worst part of it all was how heavy the air around her was. Her hand went to her chest, as her breathing became difficult. Suimin fumbled with the pill box, dropping it onto the sand. A hand reaching for it, before she could even think to bend down.

“Damn idiot. Sending us a little kid.” said the Espada. He threw her the pill box. Suimin quickly opening it and swallowing the pill. It took a few minutes for her to be able breath normally again. The Espada waiting by her side not saying anything. When she felt better, Suimin let out a loud yell, causing the Espada to laugh. “You are an idiot. Aren’t you?” She glared at the Hollow. He was the idiot. Insulting a representative of the Gotei Thirteen.

“I am not an idiot.” He turns away from her, heading off across the sand. She is forced to run and catch up. The Espada was considerably faster then her. When she got to him, he looked at her and sighed. “Tell Hebi that next time he better bring his ass over here.” Suimin was appalled by his language.

She followed him to large white buildings. This was Las Noches, home of the Arrancar. As they walked deeper into the building, Suimin felt more and more disturbed by the lack of Arrancar they saw. She counted zero. It wasn’t until she followed him into a large room, did she find ten other Arrancar sitting in chairs. A a beautiful green haired woman sat at the head of the table. When they entered the room, she stood up smiling. Grimmjow seemed to get even angrier.

“You are certainly a cuter replacement for Hebi then I was expecting.” She giggled. A few Espada at the table groaned. A woman with purple tear marks entered the room, dropping off samples. She glared at Suimin the whole time. The green haired woman put her hand on her shoulder, large amounts of reiatsu pressing down on her. “Don’t worry about Cirucci. She is nicer then you think.” Grimmjow hit the table with his fist. “Just give her the damn samples already, so she can go home.”

Suimin was beginning to think she was crazy for even coming here. Aizen would never help her or soul society. “I’ll just take the samples and go.” She walked forward to grab them. Grimmjow grabbing her arm. “What are you a weak mouse? Grow a pair.” Suimin’s anger flared. Kage and Misuto began to stir. They both were sore about her spar with Captain Tatsuki. The bloodlust screaming to come out. “I am warning you, Grimmjow. Let go of my arm.” He looked at her smiling. “Is that a squeak from the mouse.”

Mist began to seep from her, filling up the room.The Espada all seemed to become on edge. Grimmjow was smiling from ear to ear. She went to draw Kage, when the blonde haired Espada grabbed her arm. “Cooperation between our groups are relatively new. Do not ruin it from temper tantrums.” The mist slowly started to recede. Her hand resting lightly on Kage’s handle. A brown haired Espada from the table spoke up, “Two zanpakutō… no wonder Grimmjow provoked her.”

Suimin leaned forward to grab the collection of samples when she felt something pierce her stomach. She looked down to see a zanpakutō through her stomach. The Espada all stood up as Ulquiorra Cifer slowly walked through the shadows. The former cuatro Espada fired a Bala at one of the Espada’s Fracción members. The Hallow fading away instantly.

Grimmjow glared at Ulquiorra. “So you are still alive.” White liquid bubbled up from the stab wound. A primal roar erupted from her and her swords shifted into their people looking form. Misuto smiled at her feet. He looked at the Espada as toys. Kage was acting even worse. He stood behind Suimin, holding her. The rom was filled with his laughing and his shadows. Suimin screamed again. The green haired Espada turned to the yellow haired one. “Harribel. What do we do?”

Ulquiorra knelt down, setting up a tiny barrier around her. “You need to help her through the Hallowfication process.” Grimmjow looked at him with disgust. “Why would we do what you say.” One of Kage’s shadows pierced through the barrier and into the wall. Out walked Aizen. The Espada shocked. “Because that’s my daughter.”

Harribel jumped at Aizen, but was blocked by Grimmjow. “Grimmjow, move.” She commanded. He shook his head. “If that is his daughter, then she will be worth something in the future.” The Espada around the room shook their head. “You must choose quickly. I cannot contain her and fight her the same time.” Ulquiorra said. Harribel looked around the room. No one knew what to do.  A dead Espada and their former leader just walked back into their lives. She saw Grimmjow nod at her. “Tell me one thing, Aizen. Is she that woman’s daughter.”

His laughed. “You surprise me Harribel, asking such a thing. Of course she is, why else would I help her get stronger?” Harribel turned away from him and jumped into the barrier. She owed her.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –    

Suimin knew what her inner world looked like. It was a festival. She knew Kage would be drinking and Misuto would be playing. However, she had never seen her festival like this. It was empty. The entire world was wiped of all color and life. It was like a black and white picture still, devoid of feeling. Misuto stood with his back turned to her. Kage, besides him, was pouring sake out from the jar and onto the ground. Neither of her swords looked the same. Misuto’s black pants were white, his light blue shirt now a red, his blue hair a rust color and his face frowning. Kage’s all black attire was now a startling white, including his hair. What was going on?

Kage began to walk towards her. Fear filling her up. His voice a cruel sound in her head. Suimin. You don’t deserve the Gozen Zanpakutō. Mizuki should of inherited me. What was he saying? He was the one who chose her. Misuto turned around to join Kage. You keep me in this still world. After, I cursed the g-ds to be born for you. Cursed what? “Guys I don’t understand.” She stuttered. They drew swords from their waist. It was her swords. We are done being kept at bay. We want blood. She saw Kage smile. We want our festival. Misuto said.

They dashed forward at her. She quickly drew both swords to block. However, her skill was not with wielding them both at the same time. Her zanpakutō were quickly over powering her. To make matters worse, her calm shadows could not keep up with the hectic mess that was Kage’s shadows. She was cut over and over again by them. “Please, stop this. You two are the most precious things to me.” Suimin said. Misuto cracked up laughing. Not true. Not true. Not only weak, but a liar too. Kage stepped forward alone. You almost killed your twin sister in the womb. You demanded me. Gozen women are cursed to have one daughter, that makes them all very strong daughters. Suimin, you disgrace our legacy. Where is your desire for blood?

Tch. Kage was getting pretty damn annoying. “You want to see blood, Kage. I will show you the price for running your mouth.” She rushed forward at Kage. Misuto laughing on the sidelines as they exchanged blades. Kage grew more and more excited. That’s it, Suimin. Show me your family’s blood lust! Feed me more and more! That was it. That was what he wanted. She got it now. Suimin stopped suddenly, Kage’s blade running through her. Color returned to him as he smiled at her. She let him pull the blade out. Kage dropping it and hugging her. You finally get it… What we stand for. He faded into her.

Misuto stopped laughing. He was backing away from her. “You are right, Misuto. I do not value you two the most. I value one thing the most… giving my death meaning. My code, my ethics and rules are all constraints to stop myself from forgetting that their needs to be a meaning to madness. You are my madness. You have meaning. It is time for you to return home.” He stopped in his place, color returning to him. She watched him cry. I don’t want to. It’s no fun in there.

Suimin bent down and hugged him. “I promise you, Misuto. I will no longer hide you away. It is time for our festival to begin.” He looked up at her and smiled. Really? She nodded. “We were born to curse the G-ds.” Misuto smiled at her, fading into her. She watched her world fill up with people and color.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –    

“It seems my daughter is waking up. It’s time for me to go.” Aizen said. The Espada looked at him like he was crazy. Harribel speaking up, “How can you go after telling us all of this?” He walked towards the shadows. “ You are all old enough now to figure it out.” He faded away. They turned to Ulquiorra. “I have been ordered to stay and guard her.” Grimmjow cracked up laughing. “You are going to work with someone.” He nodded, picking Suimin up. “We will be returning with the samples to Soul Society now. I trust you can keep who happened here away from the trash.” Nelliel nodded and he stepped into the shadows.

Ulquiorra stepped through into Hebi’s lab. He was displeased to find the girl’s sister and her husband kissing. They stopped when they saw the former Espada holding a passed out Suimin. Mizuki quickly running out the door to get Shuiro. Hebi standing up. “Don’t tell Suimin, I kissed her sister.” Ulquiorra raised his brows. “Why would anyone care about who you choose to reproduce with.” Hebei cringed, pulling a pill out of his pocket. He threw it at Ulquiorra. “Make sure she takes it. It will help her once she wakes up.” He nodded and shoved the pill down her mouth.

Suimin woke up, coughing. Her mouth filled with the taste of Hebi’s herbal pills. The damn snake and his weird medicine…


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