The Marriage of Snakes : Hebi Sasayakimasu

Hebi Sasayakimasu was not someone who stood out from the crowd. Even after being sent to the Academy, achieving perfect marks, he still managed to blend in with his surroundings. It wasn’t until that one day that people noticed him.

“Captain Hebi, Come in.” said the voice of the current Captain-Commander of the Gotei Thirteen. He laid open the door to Captain Shuiro’s private office. The young Captain was sitting at his desk. The even younger Lieutenant standing besides him. Both of them had graduated the academy after him, but their incredible reiatsu and noble heritage had lead them straight into these roles. Not that they were ill-suited for them.

He kneeled in front of them. The Captain-Commander rushing out from behind his desk. “Stand up Hebi Sasayakimasu. This is just a get to know you call.” Hebi stood up as instructed. It was always the easiest path with the nobles. “Yes, sir.” The young boy sighed. His Lieutenant showing no sympathy for him. “Your previous Captain Mayuri has informed me of your talents.”

Captain Mayuri? The girl walked over and handed him a sealed envelope. Hebi opened it and started shifting through the papers. His eyes getting wider, with each new page. These were some pretty questionable research requests. “You will start on these today. I assume you can figure the appropriate assistance for each.” Said the Captain-Commander. He nodded his head slowly. Unaware if this was a test. “Lieutenant Burīzado will be my proxy. She will escort you back to your lab now.”

Hebi watched her walk out the room, the Captain-Commander urging him to follow. He turned around quickly, catching up to the Squad One Lieutenant. They walked in silence all the way back to his office. One of the largest private research labs, was were he called home. He noticed her making a face at his improvised bed.

“Captain Shuiro has requested me to stay with you today. As you have no Lieutenant as of yet.” Hebi sighed. That was for an obvious reason. He sat down at his desk, organizing the papers. The Squad One Lieutenant sitting at one of the spare chairs, silently scrolling through his files. Hebi wanted to stop her. This was his private research. However, if he acted rashly all of his funding could go away.

A knock on his door woke him from his thoughts. The Lieutenant opened it and was surprised to find what looked like a little girl. “Mizuki-sama.” She said. The little girl hugged her, handing over a large bento box. “Father asked me to bring this to you and Shuiro. The fox told me you’d be here.” The girl looked over the Lieutenant’s shoulder and caught Hebi’s eye. She smiled and started gliding towards him. The Lieutenant flash stepping in front of her. “I am sorry, Sister. This is not something you can see.” The girl frowned.

An explosion in the next room over catching their attention. Hebi stood up, walking through the door that connected the two rooms. The room was filled with shattering containment pods. Green liquid flowing out and spreading around the room. A few unlucky researchers screaming as the acid, ate away at them. Others finding refuge on top of melting away furniture. “Captain Hebi, Thank you for coming so quickly.” Shouted a research assistant on top of his desk. The Captain sighed and drew his zanpakutō. As it touched the green acid it began to drink it up.

“That’s so cool! said a girl’s voice behind him. He could tell by the blushes of the researchers it was the Lieutenant and her sister. He turned to see them, standing there. The little girl’s eyes were all huge and impressed. He could already tell she was annoying. Another explosion went off, causing a huge wave of green acid to come from the right. The Lieutenant moved to block her sister, however, Captain Hebi had already reached her. If he saved her they wouldn’t possible withdraw his research funds. The green liquid all absorbing into him as it went to splash over them.

When he stood up he realized he made a mistake. The girl’s arms were around his neck and she was smiling. “I think I am going to marry you.” The whole room burst out in shock. Except the Lieutenant besides her. She just sighed. “If that is what you wish, Mizuki.” They turned to see the Captain-Commander and an old man by his side walking towards them. The Lieutenant bowed. “Father.” Hebi looked around the room in panic.

“We heard an explosion and your father asked me to come and check on you.” Said the Captain-Commander. Mizuki smiled and latched onto Hebi even farther. “I’m ok. Squad Twelve’s Captain saved me.” The old man rushed forward grabbing his hands, shaking them wildly. “Thank you for saving my precious daughter.” He looked over at the Lieutenant for help. She looked away at the ground.

“Father, I want to marry him. He seems interesting.” She said. The audience all turning to look at the old noble man. Shuiro smiled. “Mizuki, you always had a good eye. Captain Hebi is one of the most talented Captains in the Gotei Thirteen.” The old man looked at him and smiled. “Well, if he is a talented man who can make my daughter happy.” The young girl screamed in excitement, jumping up into Hebi’s arms. He caught her in shock.

Shuiro walked over to him. “Congratulations, You are marrying into a noble a family.” The girl looked at Shuiro from his arms. “Brother Shu, Can I be his Lieutenant?” Hebi looked at the Captain-Commander pleading for him to say no. The young man just smiled like a fox and nodded his head. Cheers erupting behind him. The beautiful noble girl was now their Lieutenant.

She let herself drop from his hold, walking over to her father. “Come father. We have a wedding to plan.” He took her hand and turned to Hebi. “I will see you later tonight at the house, son.” They turned and walked out of the room. Squad One’s Captain bursting into tears.

“You set him up.” Said the Squad One Lieutenant. He nodded, laughing so hard. “Even I didn’t think she’d want to marry him.” She looked over sympathetically at him. Hebi reading her mouth the word sorry. The Commander clapped him on the back. “Well there is no need to be so formal now. We are going to be brothers.” He looked up at the Captain-Commander, misery all over his face. “Don’t look so upset. The Burīzado house is a wealthy noble house. You just secured unlimited funds for life.” He said as he walked out of the room. His laughter disappearing well after the rest of him already had.

Hebi turned to the Lieutenant. “Is it really that much money?” She nodded her head. “More then you’ll know what to do with.” He pulled a chair that was half rotted away with acid and sat down. His squad all rushing up to him. “Congratulations, Captain Hebi. Research funds and a wife!” He groaned loudly. There was no way he would be able to reject a noble house. Let alone all that research money. He should of just let the girl get burned. As a noble she could still get married with half of a beautiful face.

The Squad One Lieutenant held out her hand. He looked at her in confusion. She reached out and made his hand shake it. “Suimin Burīzado. Your new sister.”  He groaned again, swiveling the chair around. “Great.” She leaned onto the desk besides him, smiling a little. “I hate it too. We will get along, more then you and your wife will.” He turned around to face her. Something about her did not seem like a noble at all. There was rough edges to her, unlike her sister. He almost wished he was forced into marrying her, but she was the Captain-Commander’s fiancee.

“How will we get along?” He asked her. She looked at him an laughed. “By avoiding my sister.” The Squad Twelve members howling in the background. “Don’t avoid Mizuki-sama. She is gorgeous.” The Lieutenant looked at him with pity in her eyes. There was no way anyone else wouldn’t fall under her spell. She was too beautiful. Hebi stood up and headed back towards his private lab. Ignoring the comments about children behind him.

This was such a horrible day.


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