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#1 : I Love Loki-Sama
Within the Twilight House a small meeting was beginning to take place. Only a few minutes after posting their accepting new recruits poster a girl of 13 sat in front of the Loki Familia Executives. She sat their drinking the tea offered to her like nothing was going on. Loki breaking the silence.
Ah. Aren’t you cute. Come join my Familia. I promise to pay attention to you.
The girl tilted her head and smiled.
Can I, Lady Loki?
The red haired goddess shook her head enthusiastically. Her fingers curling as she reached forward. On instinct the girl covered her chest with her arms. The goddess seemed disappointed. A small blonde haired boy leaned forward.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you come to see our flyer?
The girl nodded her head.
I had already left my previous Familia. I was passing by here in hopes I could join yours when I saw the flyer. How lucky for me!
The dwarf by his side coughed into his hand.
Your name young one?
She turned to him and smiled.
Alymae Tjörn. 
The high elf by his side glancing over at her.
I’ve never heard of you before. What Familia were you with?
She sighed. No one liked the answer she was going to give.
Loki started to pout on the couch.
Ah. No good. If we take from her she will get mad.
The girl shook her head no.
No she won’t! Lady Freya only took me in because she wanted my brothers! She gave me her blessing to find a new Familia.
Everyone sighed around her. That was the truth. She did have Lady Freya’s blessing. The blonde hair boy spoke up.
It seems you may have to be more specific with your circumstances.
Alymae nodded her head.
Lady Freya took in my brothers and I seven years ago. She really wanted them, but they wouldn’t come without me. So Lady Freya let me stay with them. But I just can’t take it there anymore. Seeing my brothers follow her around. There’s just so many men. So my brothers said I can leave. Lady Freya gave me her blessing and Ah! She also gave me this note.
Alymae reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny note. Slowly, the note was handed over to the blonde haired boy. He read it over and sighed. Loki taking it from his hands.
Eh!!?!?!?! Freya is really giving us this cute girl.
Alymae nodded her head.
Lady Freya is very happy to leave me in your care. 
She bowed her head.
Please let me join your Familia.
Loki put the card down on the table and sighed.
Why do you want to join this one specifically. Freya’s note is written specifically for me.
Alymae blushed. 
Sir Bete saved my life a few years ago in the Dungeons.
Loki jumped over the desk and rubbed her face against her chest. Alymae spilling her tea in shock.
Such a cute girl. Welcome to my Familia.
Loki said into her chest. Alymae turned to look at everyone in the room in shock. She saw a collection of mixed expressions. The blonde haired boy stood up from his seat.
Loki, perhaps it is time we check her stats and make it official.
The red haired goddess leaned back a creepy smile on her face.
Alymae, be a dear and take your shirt off for me.
The 13 year old girl looked at everyone nervously, but turned around, so her back was facing everyone, and pulled her shirt up. She could hear silence. Alymae speaking slowly.
Is everything ok…
A blanket was wrapped around her from behind. Alymae looked behind her confused. Loki was frowning.
Your back. Is it from your time with Freya.
Alymae shook her head no quickly.
Oh no! No one under Lady Freya’s guidance would ever! My brothers and I were found by Lady Freya when our house was on fire. There was just so many of us it was hard for us to come out unscratched.
Loki looked at her concerned.
Your back is completely scared.
Alymae laughed softly.
I was the last one out of my house. With 6 brothers it is only natural.
Loki’s expression turned darker.
Freya let 6 boys leave the house before you!
Alymae started to panic.
Not on purpose! You can’t blame Lady Freya from being distracted by the sight of beautiful boys crawling from a burning building one by one… Besides… I was the one who chose to hold up the wood beam in the house so my younger brothers could get out in time. Please don’t blame Lady Freya.
The dwarf sighed loudly. The other Executives by his side also seemingly displeased. Alymae turned back around and pushed the corners of Loki’s mouth up.
Lady Loki, please don’t feel bad. That’s not good for anyone. My family is safe. That’s all that matters. Now we just have be happy.
She smiled as brightly as she could at the red haired goddess.
That’s what you do in a Familia don’t you? Try to make sure we all stay happy?
Loki cracked up laughing and pulled her into a hug. The girl’s face turning red as the others joined in to laugh.
So cuuuuute!
Alymae turned around and pulled the blanket it off of her.
Go on, Lady Loki. Please make it official.
Loki bit into her finger and dropped the blood on the girl’s scarred back. The status updating. A smile on her face when she read over the stats. She turned to flash a thumbs up at the Executives.
We caught a talented one.
The blonde haired boy smiled.
Special Skill?
Loki nodded her head.
Level 3. Two skills and two magic. Ah. She is so cute.
Alymae scooting to the left in time to avoid Loki’s bear hug. The high elf looked at her.
Level 3? You have a tittle?
The girl nodded her head.
You wouldn’t know it though. I’m one of the least talented of my siblings.
The blonde haired boy looked confused.
Your brother’s are that well known?
Alymae nodded her head.
Some are. Our oldest brother Ran is well known. I think Abbe and Cai are too.
The boy looked at her shocked.
Cai. Are you talking about Bigboy Cai and Little Wolf Abbe?
Alymae nodded her head.
Yes. They are my older brothers. My brother Ran is known as Divine Light Ran-sama.
Loki looked at her with wide eyes.
Your brother is that Ran! The sparkly one that could be a girl.
Alymae nodded her head slowly.
Ran is the oldest. Below him is our brother Ren, but he’s a level one shut in so no one knows him. Abbe and Cai are next. Then there’s me and my brother Arostaer. Below us is Dakota.
All of them just blinked at her a few times.
Did I leave a brother out? With 6, I forget to name them all.
They all shook their heads no. The dwarf sighing.
No one knew all of you were related that’s all.
Alymae smiled.
Ah. That makes sense. Although my brother’s are all very beautiful they don’t look the most alike. But we all have the same last name, so you can confirm it with the Guild…Ah, but my brothers never really go out for anything unless Lady Freya asks, so you might not see them. 
The blonde boy leaned forward.
Your brother Cai is a pallum?
Alymae nodded her head smiling.
Cai is a pallum and Abbe is Werewolf. Or so our parents once said. 
He leaned forward even more interested.
And your other siblings?
Alymae looked at him confused.
Ran and Ren are also Demi Humans. Dakota is a 1/2 dwarf and Arostaer and I are 1/4 elves….But we are all blood.
She flashed a V sign for them. They all seemed to look at each other before laughing. Loki stood up and stretched. 
Enough questions. Time to drink !
The dwarf laughed.
Loki is right.
Alymae stood up slowly off the couch and smiled at everyone.
I can’t wait.
– Hostess of Fertility –
Alymae sat in a chair surrounded by laughing drunks. No. Saying it like that would be rude to her new Familia. Laughing associates. If Lady Freya hadn’t asked her to do this she wouldn’t have known wether or not she would of actually joined the Loki Familia. However, how could she say no to her goddess’ request? Even if she did have to watch her new goddess Lady Loki rubbing herself on one of her female guild mates. The blonde haired boy from earlier turned out to be the Pallum Finn. Lady Freya had instructed her to observe his potential. It wasn’t hard to observe when he was sitting right next to her. He wasn’t very interesting. Across from her was the legendary Sword Princess. She also wasn’t very interesting. Was Lady Freya that concerned about her? In fact, besides them all having interesting personalities their talents themselves weren’t that interesting. All straight forward geniuses or hard working talents. Alymae sighed. An arm wrapping around her shoulders as more alcohol went into her cup.
Drink. A member of the Loki Familia can’t be weak. Drink, newbie. 
She turned to look at Bete. Alymae had told the guild she had a crush on him, so she blushed. Loki’s laughter drowning out the rest. She finished the cup in one sip. Her guild mates leaning forward in shock. She smiled at them.
I grew up with 6 brothers….
The table laughing again. Bete pouring her another glass.
Alright. little kid you aren’t as wimpy as I thought. You can go a few rounds with me.
She looked at him confused.
You are already drunk, Bete.
Everyone cracked up laughing again. Bete, however, hit his fist into the table.
Drunk! A wimpy little shrimp like you can’t call me drunk. Do you want to go.
She tilted her head in confusion.
Go where?
He stood up from the table.
She looked at him even more confused.
One of the Amazon sisters started to hit her back.
Bete wants to fight you. 
She looked at him shocked.
You want to fight?
He gulped down another drink and nodded. She felt herself being picked up by the collar. Her face red as the entire restaurant was now looking at them. Alymae held her skirt down. Lady Freya! This is why she never wanted to do undercover work. Alymae flipped upwards so she ended up kicking Bete in the face. Normally, as someone let go they wouldn’t pull her down with them. Somehow, she ended up landing on his face. She looked down at him and screamed. Alymae standing up quickly and running out of the bar. Loki leaning back in her chair to pour beer on Bete’s face. He sat up angrily. 
What was that for!
Tiona leaned over him grinning like an idiot.
Gareth shook his head in disappointment.
Pulling a woman down on top of you like that.
His face turned bright red and he stood up.
She kicked me!
Loki put her glass down and glared at him.
Bete! If you hurt another one of my cute girls again…
He looked away from his goddess’ scary glare. Tione pushed him away from the table.
Go on and apologize.
He looked at her confused?
Finn nodded his head.
You are the sinner.
Bete looked at the table of unwavering faces and sighed. He slowly left the restaurant. Loki falling on the table pouting.
Ah. That stupid dog ruined our new cutie’s day.
Tiona smiled at Loki.
Now, now Loki. We still have Ais.
Loki turned to look at Ais and smiled. 
That’s true!
After Alymae had left she had made her way from the Pub and towards the stone walls on  the hill side of the city. It wasn’t difficult to get there quickly. What slowed her down was the young hero named Bell Cranel. This was the boy Lady Freya was obsessed with! The boy that was driving her brothers mad. What was so good looking about him? She watched him head towards the Inn before she continued on her path. When she did arrive at the stone walls Alymae did what she always did to relax. She pulled out her knife and started to clean it. It was the only gift her father had ever given her, Vatn. It was a tiny blade unable to do anything, but carve wood. Her father had used to carve figurines for them when they were younger. When she had asked him why he was giving Vatn to her he simply just put his finger to her lips and smiled. None of her brothers had ever said anything about her possessing Vatn. 
Of all the places you can run too you choose a random wall?
Alymae slowly turned around with the knife up. Bete was probably still drunk. He frowned at her.
You can put away the knife shortie. I’m not into hurting the weak. 
She put the knife down on her lap and looked away from him. Alymae had not been expecting him to just sit down besides her. She had chosen him because he wasn’t the nice guy. There wouldn’t be any questions or moments.
That looks expensive. Did Freya buy it for you?
She stabbed the knife into the cracks between the stones by his hand. He withdrew his approaching hand quickly.
Bete sighed.
Jeez. This is why they shouldn’t send me to cheer up the little kids.
She turned back to look at him.
I am not a little kid!…AND I don’t need your help!
He looked at her smiling. Why was he smiling!
Seems to me you are exactly like a little kid. How old are ya anyways?
She tucked her knife away back in her boot and frowned.
Bete cracked up laughing. Alymae finding herself growing more and more annoyed.
What’s so funny! You…You.. Drunk.
He wiped the tears from his eyes.
You… I thought you would at least be 17 by the way you look. But no you’re only 15.
Bete started to crack up laughing again. Alymae slapped him.
What’s wrong with me. I am old enough to enter the Dungeon. I am level 3! What gives you the right to make fun of me.
He stopped laughing.
If a weak kid like you enters the dungeon you will die. Be a good recruit and stay home tomorrow. Blame it on the alcohol.
Alymae stood up.
I’ve already been to the Dungeon. I know what’s there. Don’t tell me what to do..You…DOG.
Bete stood up annoyed. His patience for children wasn’t that thick.
Wolf. I am a wolf!
She stuck her tongue out at him.
He took a step toward her.
She shook her head no.
My brother is a werewolf and he looks nothing like you.
Bete was starting to get even more angry.
He is probably the dog. You can’t even tell.
Alymae took a step forward so she was only a few inches away from him.
Don’t insult my brother.
He looked down smiling at her.

Why, because he’s a dog?

She pulled back her arm to punch him when she felt someone hugging her from behind. Alymae turned around to see her brother Abbe. He was smiling at her.
He pulled her away from Bete and smiled.
Lady Freya said we could come out and check on you. Glad we did. Your new Familia’s dog isn’t well trained. 
 Alymae hugged her brother. Abbe was the kindest. He squeezed her tight. Their brother Cai glaring Bete up and down.
Vanargand, right? Don’t mess with our sister.
Bete glared at them.
Weak things like you two should stay out of the Loki Familia’s business.
Abbe let go of Alymae and smiled.
Weak things?
Cai sighed.
Abbe took a step forward. The ground cracking underneath his feet. Alymae grabbing his arm.
Stop, Abbe. Tell everyone I am fine. My Familia member was just drunk that’s all.
Cai turned his head to look down the road. The rest of the Loki Familia appearing before them. He bowed his head.
Lady Loki.
Abbe turned to look at them and lightened up. He whistled.
The Sword Princess is hotter then they say.
Alymae dug her foot into her brothers. A tiny whimper escaping his lips. Loki ran forward to hug her. She felt her hair being brushed down and her clothes being checked. Loki was a toucher. Finn turned to Cai and Abbe. 
I’m sorry if you thought something bad was happening to your sister. We will punish him later.
Cai leaned forward and looked at Finn. After a few moments he leaned back and smiled.
You’re Braver, right? I’ve heard about you. 
Finn smiled at him.
Same of you. 
Cai shook hands with him.
If it’s you my sister should be fine.
He turned to Abbe. The wolf had been staring at Ais practically drooling.
Come on. We should tell everyone she is fine with her New Familia. Lady Freya was quite worried.
Abbe frowned. He turned to Bete.
Don’t touch my sister.
He turned back around to smile at the rest of the Familia.
Any time any of you lovely ladies want to have a drink and just chat come find me.
Abbe winked at Ais and turned back around to Cai. The two hugging her and walking off. When they disappeared Alymae quickly bowed to everyone.
I’m so sorry. My brothers are quite overprotective.
Finn shook his head no.
No worries. It seems Bete was in the wrong.
Tiona leaned towards Bete smiling.
Couldn’t wait to put her hands on her could you.
Alymae turned to look up at him.
She took Loki’s hand and smiled.
Lady Loki, please show me how to get back to the house.
Loki smiled and nodded her head in joy. Alymae pulled along with everyone else back towards the mansion. She stuck her tongue out at Bete on the way.
– Freya’s Room –
Cai and Abbe kneeled in front of Freya. Leaning on the wall closest to her was Ottar. Hovering near him was their brothers. Ran was the exception in that he sat besides her. Lady Freya had been brushing his long golden hair. It was a habit she acquired when she first picked them up. Even as she talked Lady Freya would run the brush through his hair.
How was Alymae?
Cai was the elected speaker.
She was accepted fine. The guild believes her to be a Level 3 recruit.
She smiled at him.
And the note?
Abbe pulled a piece of parchment from his pockets and handed it over to her. He had pulled it from one of her pockets when he hugged her from behind her earlier. Lady Freya casually glanced at the note before returning to Ran’s hair.
Abbe, you look worried.
He frowned.
The wolf was being touchy.
Freya laughed.
You brothers all say the same things.
Ran turned his head to look at his younger brothers.
There’s an expedition coming up isn’t there.
The two nodded their heads. Lady Freya looked past them at the little brother hiding in the shadows.
He stepped forward into the dim light.
Yes, Lady Freya.
She smiled at him.
At the next expedition go with the party group. Your sister will love to see her Level 3 brother.
He nodded his head. Lady Freya turned to Ottar.
How are things going?
Ottar nodded his head.
They are almost complete.
She smiled at them all.
This is going to be so fun.
Cai and Abbe stood up. Cai bowing his head. Lady Freya smiling at them as they exited. She finished tying up Ran’s golden hair. 
Ran. You know I can’t have you leaving Folkvangr.
He nodded his head. He stood out too much. Ran glanced over at Ottar. What Freya loved most was not his talent or abilities, but his beauty. Even if the two of them were the only level 7s. Ottar was the more useful one. If he could feel anything close to jealousy it would be for Ottar.
I understand, Lady Freya.
She pat his cheek.
I know you do, Rantazuki… But I do have something you might like.
He looked at her confused. Lady Freya handed him a list of names. The majority of them were in red. A few in black. It was the monthly list.
I will get it done.
She turned to look out the window. They can’t feel it coming, but I can. We must protect our Familia. Ran stood up from the couch and bowed. He turned to glance at Ottar on his way out. The two were extremely close. Lady Freya turned to Ottar.
Make sure they get a big enough push.
He nodded his head. Lady Freya picked up a glass of wine and looked out at Orario. They couldn’t keep the peace that long.
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