Dan Machi 2

#2 : Let’s all go to the Dungeon

Alymae stood in front of the Dungeon’s entrance with Finn, Tione, Tiona, Riveria, and Bete. It was apparently her training day with a few other of the new recruits. The majority of the others were Level 1 and Level 2. They would be sticking to the easier floors and hopefully enter the middle floors. The whole thing was boring. After half a day they were still on level 9. After the first floor Finn had come up to her and asked her to let the other recruits do more of the work. She leaned against a wall bored out of her mind. The four other recruits should of been able to handle Kobolds. After the 9th floor, Finn told everyone to take a break.  The whole thing was annoyingly quaint. Alymae ate her sandwich quickly and stood up.

I’m going to look around.
Finn looked up at her.
Don’t go too far. Your brother asked us to take care of you.
Cai. He always caused her problems. She walked off towards the 10th floor. Tione turned to look at him.
Sure you should let her go alone?
Tiona yawned.
I would go if I was her too. This is boring.
Bete stood up from his spot against the wall and headed towards where she went. Finn looked at him.
Don’t do anything stupid. Just apologize.
He ignored Finn.
I’m keeping her alive. That’s enough.
Finn sighed. Riveria smiled.
He really does have a soft spot for children.
Tiona grabbed another cookie.
Bete’s just a pervert.
Tione crawled on all fours over to Finn and smiled.
What do you think, Finn?
He turned his head away and laughed awkwardly.
Soft spot.
Alymae crouched near one of the trees in the mist and drew her bow. The floor was easy enough if you were patient and quiet. You just had to learn what was a shadow and what was a monster moving. She had been in these dungeons since she was six. Lady Freya made sure all of her Familia were capable. She could find her away in this floor blind folded. Alymae casually fired shots out at passing by monsters. She didn’t expect to see an angry Bete holding one of her fired off shots. 
Firing arrows at me now are you, weakling.
Alymae raised the bow and shot the creature coming up from behind him. She stood up from her spot. 
If I was going to fire an arrow at you you wouldn’t be holding it in your hands now. 
He handed her back the arrow.
This is really boring. Being here training you weaklings.
She pulled her bow string back and hit another creature. He looked at her from the side of his eyes.
You aren’t arguing, shortie?
Alymae took a deep breath.
It is boring.
He nodded his head in agreement.
Even a weakling like you is slightly better then the other weaklings we brought.
She put the bow down and looked up at him.
Is that supposed to be a compliment?
He looked away from her.
Why would I compliment you. You should be complimenting me.
Alymae sighed.
Why would I compliment you, dog.
Bete leaned down and smiled smugly at her.
Because you joined this guild to meet me.
Alymae’s face turned completely red.
I did not!
She shouted. The cries of beasts stirring in the background. Alymae quickly shot an arrow to the right of him. She flipped over him and shot one to the left. He kept his hands in his pocket as more of them started to emerge from the mist. He smiled at her.
You shouldn’t have to make your life saver work.
Alymae ignored him and fired off six more shots. There was still another 12 monsters surrounding them. She sighed and put the bow away on her back and tightened her gloves. Alymae leaned forward and pushed off the ground. She hopped from one creatures back to the neck tearing things off of them or hitting them. After a few minutes of tireless work the majority of them were gone. Bete annoyingly kicking the last one. Alymae turned to him.
I had it handled.
He frowned at her.
Kids shouldn’t question adults.
Alymae walked back over to him annoyed.
What part of you is an adult!
He looked down at her laughed.
There’s only one part of you that is an adult.
Her face turned bright red as she went to punch him. When he blocked it, Alymae ignored his cockiness and kicked him in the side. Finn and the rest coming out from the mist. Tiona seemed happy.
So all of those cores were from you! 
She backed away from Bete and nodded.
They are for dinner. It’s on me.
Finn smiled.
We should hurry up and collect them and return then. 
Bete smiled at her.
Thanks shortie.
Alymae kicked him forward when his back turned.
Not for you. You can pay on your own, Mr. Adult Dog.
She walked passed him annoyed. Finn looking back at Bete.
Again, Bete.
Tiona smiled at them.
Told you he’s a pervert.
– Hostess of Fertility –
Loki sat next to Alymae. She was pouring drink after drink. Everything seemed normal until Bell Cranel walked in. The entire Loki Familia reacted. Somehow, in a blink of an eye, they were all at their table. The two goddesses were bickering and a smile was on Ais’ face. The red haired one leaned forward.
Who are you?
Loki leaned towards her and smiled.
This is one of our new recruits. Alymae Tjörn.
She bowed her head to the Hestia family. A part of her wanting to kill something for having to do so inside of her. She had heard about Hestia from Lady Freya. She found her entire Familia too soft and ignorant.
Lady Hestia.
Hestia smiled at her.
Lady? Do you hear that Loki.
Loki rolled her eyes at her.
She calls all the goddesses ladies.
Bell Cranel put his hand out to hers and smiled.
Nice to meet you.
She looked at his hands and then at him. Alymae just couldn’t do it. She was by no means a fan of this boy. The youthful idealism just ran off of him in waves. She kept her hand on her lap and nodded her head. He eventually pulled back his hand. The Pallum girl next to him seemed to be glaring at her in frustration. What was her problem? Alymae pulled out a bag of coins and handed it to Loki. 
Lady Loki. Use this to cover dinner. I will head out now.
When she went to stand up Loki grabbed her arm.
But, Alymae. You’ve only eaten so little.
Tiona laughed.
She’s annoyed at Bete. He was a pervert again.
He hit the table.
No one is interested in this little shortie. 
Alymae stood up and poured her glass over his head. Everyone looked at her shocked.
Children and adults looked up to you. 
She put the glass down and bowed at Loki.
I’m sorry Lady Loki. I will retire for the night. I promise to be better behaved tomorrow.
Alymae left the pub. Loki looking at Bete.
What did you do to her in the dungeon!
He looked at her annoyed.
Nothing! I’m the one who got a drink poured on me.
Finn sighed.
I’ll go apologize for you this time.
Bete stood up.
I know where she is going already. I’ll bring her back.
Tiona laughed.
You’ve already messed up so many times. Who’d send you after a child.
Bete frowned at her.
I said I’ll bring the weakling back. 
He left the pub.
Hestia looked over at Loki.
Where’d you find her?
Loki took a sip of her beer.
Her brothers are Freya’s followers. She needed a Familia.
Hestia gasped.
Eh!?!? Freya’s.
Loki nodded her head. Hestia looking at her in complete shock.
Is it alright to have her in your Familia?
Loki sighed.
Besides him, she gets along with everyone quite well.
Hestia looked at Bell.
But she isn’t like my Bell.
Loki laughed.
Alymae is cuter.
She turned to squeeze Ais.
But not as cute as you.
Ais hit Loki on the head and she leaned away. Finn looking at the door worried.
Her brother asked me to watch over her.
Tione grabbed his arm frustrated.
She needs to go through with this on her own.
He looked at her warily and tried to pull his arm free. It was a failure.
Alymae was not even half way to the wall when Bete appeared besides her. 
Children aren’t supposed to wander in the dark.
She stopped walking and turned to look at him.
And adults aren’t supposed to stalk people.
He frowned at her.
I was ordered to look after you.
Alymae rolled her eyes.
I thought adults came up with better excuses.
He grabbed her arm.
What’s your problem shortie? Why did you really join our Familia?
Alymae went to pull her arm free when he tightened his grip. He leaned forward.
Everyone at that table seems to trust you. You were in Freya’s Familia. There’s no way you aren’t here without a motive. So speak why I’m still being nice.
An evil smile grew in her head. Alymae had received one gift from Lady Freya. A love of games. She stood up on her tip toes and kissed him. Alymae enjoying the sight of his face turning red. 
That’s why I came.
She smiled and then flipped him on his back. Alymae looked down at the still red faced wolf. She squat down besides him and smiled. 
Too bad I found a new reason.
She started to walk away when she felt her hand being pulled back. It was Bete’s. He was covering his pale red face.
Was that really why you joined?
She looked at him a moment shocked before realizing how amusing this could be. Alymae shouted.
Help. Pervert. Help. I’m only a child.
People turned to look at them and started to head over. He let go of her arm and she disappeared. Bete turning back surprised to see she had vanished. His Familia had pushed their way through the crowd. Finn was looking at him extra annoyed. Bete looked at them panicked.
I swear. Nothing happened. I wouldn’t touch a weakling.
Ais turned to look at him.
Everything about him drooped. His tail sweeping the floor. He turned away from everyone and started to head off.
I’m going to the dungeon.
Loki waved at him.
We’ll see you when you get back.
She pulled Ais’ arm.
There’s still some money left. Let’s finish the drinks.
Finn nodded his head and turned away first.
That money was earned for tonight. Shouldn’t spoil her efforts.
They turned away and headed back towards the pub.
Alymae leaned against a wall of the tower. By her side was her brother Arostaer. He was frowning like usual.
When you smile like that we get worried.
She turned to her brother.
Why should you be worried, Aro.
He sighed.
You found a new game.
Alymae licked her lips. It would be a delicious one.
He sighed even louder.
Don’t go playing with Lady Freya’s plans.
She turned away from her brother.
I would never.
Arostaer turned to look at a sullen wolf entering the dungeon. Alymae was watching the scene smiling.
Sometimes, you and Lady Freya are too similar.
She waited until the figure disappeared before she turned back to her brother.
Lady Freya raised us. Being similar to her in anyway is a good thing.
Arostaer frowned.
I’m still telling, Abbe.
She smiled at her brother.
Go ahead. I’ll still play a game.
He leaned off the wall and hugged his sister.
Be good while I’m watching.
She squeezed him back.
Tell them I love them.
Her brother fading from her arms with no response. Alymae could only turn and walk back towards the Twilight House.

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