Dan Machi 3

#3 : Open Market Disaster 

— Inside Twilight House —
Bete had managed his way back into his room and out of shower comfortably until things started to get even worse for him. His dream had taken a road he wasn’t ready for. Bete was sitting casually in bed with a snuggled up Alymae. Her purple hair was sprawled over him and his bed. Her night gown was one of the shirts he never wore and she was resting on his lap. He watched his hand raise to rest on her. Then how he found himself leaning down to wake her up. When he leaned back up her eyes were now open. Her face red. She sat up and moved onto his lap. He noticed her eyes were a mix of violet and silver. She was trying to say a word, but all he could see was her lips moving. Bete found himself leaning down and kissing her. Alymae was pulled tighter against him and no complaint was made. Again she was mouthing words he could not hear. He leaned down to kiss her again when he woke up. Bete sitting straight up to look around his room. Everything was normal. He got out of bed. Today he had plans.
— Open Market — 
Alymae walked the streets with a few of her Familia. This week was an outdoor market festival and there was sure to be some interesting products. Almost immediately she found a set of pins she would want to give to her two older brothers. Afterwards, she just chose to follow along. Imagine her surprise to have her group run into the only other group. The females had run into the males. Alymae smiled at everyone…almost everyone. She had turned away from an unusually quiet Bete. To her relief, Alymae heard her name being called in the distance. She turned around to see Cai and Abbe walking towards her. What were they doing out? Alymae turned away and quickly rushed over to them. Abbe pulling her into a hug. Cai waving at Finn behind her. Tch. Those who she was with walked over to them. Alymae turning to smile at Hestia, whose group managed to find their way to them somehow.
Lady Hestia, these are my brothers Cai and Abbe.
Welf leaned forward.
Do I know you two? You look familiar…
Cai shook his head no.
You don’t know us.  Must be because we look so much like our sister.
Welf cracked up laughing.
You guys look nothing alike. Stop joking.
Everyone looking away as the three Tjöorn siblings glared daggers at Welf. He looked at them nervously.
Ah. You guys really are siblings.
Abbe leaned down to look at Welf. Everyone realizing just how tall Abbe really was. 
Do you have a problem with that?
He shook his head no.
No. No. Of course not. You guys just don’t look anything alike. With the whole-
Welf found himself silenced. By who? He would never know. Cai glared at him.
Because Abbe is a werewolf, Alymae is a 1/4 elf and I’m a pallum.
He nodded his head slowly. Someone’s hands was over his mouth. Abbe sighed and pulled his sister into a hug.
This is why you should of just stayed with us. 
Alymae pulled herself free.
He’s from Hestia’s Familia.
Abbe turned to look at Hestia. He smiled.
The rumors were true.
Alymae pinched him. Abbe’s hair going up and down in shock. She bowed to Hestia.
I apologize for my brother Lady Hestia. Abbe cannot control himself.
Cai also bowed.
I’m sorry we bothered you. We were only here to pick something up for Lady Freya.
He turned to Abbe.
Come on. 
Abbe latched on to Alymae.
But you need your brother here right. 
She shook her head. Cai pulling him away. She turned to Welf.
I do not mind if you talk about me, but please do not talk about my brother’s. They are my precious family.
He nodded his head and apologized. Bell stepping forward.
I’m sorry.
She looked at him confused.
What did you do?
Bell looked at her shocked. The Loki Familia laughed. Tiona smiling.
She really is an airhead.
Tione nodded her head with her sister. Finn smiling.
Let’s just go enjoy the market.
Alymae felt herself being ushered forward. Amongst all the shopping she managed to find something for her other brothers. She even found something for herself. Alymae was about to call it quits when a black choker caught her eye. Stitched in tiny silver string was a crescent moon. She smiled to herself and purchased the choker. Loki smiling as she caught it from the corner of her eye. She glanced over at Finn who caught it as well. A look of relief on his face. The group heading off to eat when a member of the Ganesh Familia ran up to them. Was there another incident? Lady Freya must be bored.
Shakti sent me here to find you. Can you please help!
Loki sighed. The other members of the Loki Familia seemed equally as annoyed. Bete leaning down at him.
What did you weaklings mess up with this time.
The man in the elephant mask started to panic. A large boom was heard.
Someone snuck in and opened all our cages.
Alymae looked at him in shock.
All of them !?!
How bored was Lady Freya. Another boom went off and the sight of two Minotaurs swinging giant axes came into view. Axes!!! Lady Freya !!! Alymae immediately pulled out her bow and shot off a shot. The axe being hit off course of a woman holding child. She watched Bell Cranel and Ais charge off towards it. She turned too Bete and frowned.
Hurry up, Doggie. You are starting to look like the weak one. 
He glared at her, but ran off. She turned to Loki and smiled.
I think we won’t have any problems anymore.
Loki smiled and hugged her. Another boom going off. A Silverback appearing in view. Alymae turned to the Ganesh Familia member.
A Silverback. Really?
She tightened her gloves and ran forward.  Loki pulling Hestia along to watch. The other members moving into action. Hestia panicking as they ran closer.
Are you sure she can handle that?
Loki nodded and smiled.
She’s strong.
Hestia turning away to make a Tch sound. As more booms went off and more monsters entered the streets the other Adventurers kicked into action. Alymae forced to deal with the Silverback on her own. Not that she was worried. Even with being Level 3 a normal Silver back shouldn’t be that much of an issue. The problem was the second she rushed in and the ape went to punch she found herself being carried to the side by Bete. When he landed she looked up and glared at him.
Put me down.
He shook his head no.
Shortie, stay out of this.
Alymae kicked up so she kicked him in the face. Bete letting go this time as she landed on her feet. She immediately dashed forward and blocked one of the Silverback’s punches. The young adventurer behind her running off. Tch. 
Alymea pushed off the ground and kicked him in the upper arm. The ape roaring as he moved his other arm to grab her. She used the momentum to push off the arm she kicked into the air. She landed on his shoulders with her bow around his neck. Alymae turned to smile at Bete. She pulled her bow back and the string cut into his neck. When the ape reached back to grab her she kicked off of his back. The momentum pulling her bow string cleanly through his neck. The ape dropping to the ground. Alymae looked down at her bow string annoyed. It was all bent.
I’m going to need a new bow string.
Bete appeared behind her. A minotaur with two axes had swung at her back. He turned around to glare at her.
Alymae flipped backwards pushing off his shoulder. Her kick landing in his arm. It came clean off of him and one of his axes fell to the ground. She immediately ducked so his other axe was swinging towards Bete. The werewolf blocked the axe. Alymae pointing her bow upwards from a crouching position. She let loose an arrow straight into the Minotaur’s skull. It fell backwards. Loki clapping on the side lines.
Those two make a good pairing.
Hestia turned to Loki.
What level is she?
Loki smiled at her smugly.
Level 3.
Hestia looked back at Alymae who was taking a break on the side. She was firing off an arrow here or there to cover others.
How old is she?
Loki’s smile got even wider.
Hestia crossed her arms.
How long was she with Freya?
Loki shrugged.
Must of been awhile by the looks of it.
Hestia nodded her head.
She’s brutal.
They watched the other Adventurers finish up the last few remaining monsters. When the Loki Familia regrouped they noticed Alymae was breathing heavily. Finn looked over at her.
Alymae, are you ok?
She nodded her head.
I’m fine.
Bete looked down at her.
Shortie, a weakling you needs to speak up.
Alymae went to push him when she found herself falling forward. Bete caught her. Riviera went to use healing magic when they heard a voice telling her to stop. Abbe and Cai walking over towards them. There was blood on both their weapons. Abbe rushed over quickly and took Alymae from Bete’s arms. Cai turned to Loki.
When we heard their was monsters we came to find you. We doubted our sister would tell you about the side effects of one of her skills.
Finn looked at him concerned.
Side effects?
Abbe felt his sister’s forehead.
Yea. She has a high fever.
Cai sighed.
One of my sister’s skills acts as stat enhancer. If overused her body is affected afterwards. Similar to a physical backlash.
Abbe sighed.
The idiot wanted to help too much.
He turned to Cai.
She should return with us to Lady Freya. 
Cai shook his head no.
Our sister wishes to be with the Loki Familia. As her brother you need to support her. 
Abbe turned to glare at Bete.
But they have a pervert.
Cai elbowed his brother in the leg. Abbe panicking for a moment.
I almost dropped our sister.
Bete took her back from Abbe’s arms.
Then leave the shortie with us. She’s part of our Familia, not yours.
Tione leaned towards him with a creepy smile.
How sweet of you Bete. To care about a fellow member.
Loki began to hit his arm.
Bete. I told you you can’t have the cuties of our Familia.
Abbe stepped forward when Cai put his hand in front of him to stop him.
We should return. There is enough proof for you that she will be fine. There’s no need for us to come out anymore.
Abbe looked down at his brother.
But the pervert.
Cai’s eyes had a red tint when he looked at Bete.
Would surely not dare to touch her.
Cai bowing to everyone.
I promise we shall leave you alone now.
He started to head off to the tower of Babel with his brother. Alymae’s voice quivering.
Bete’s face turned bright red. Tione cracking up laughing.
Bete coughed. His face returning to normal.
I should. We should get her back to the mansion.
Tiona smiled up at him.
Why don’t you take her back since we still have shopping to do and she’s already finished.
Bete’s face turned red again. Everyone’s complaints fading in the background. Loki’s protests being distracted by throwing of Ais at her. Bete stiffly walking back to the Twilight House with Alymae alone.
— Inside Twilight House —
Bete carried Alymae back to her room. He quickly tucked her into her bed. When he turned around to get a glass of water he found his sleeve caught by Alymae. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were watering.
Onii-chan…don’t go…she can wait….
Bete squared down facing away from her. HIs hand covering his face. What is with this girl. Alymae was tugging on his sleeve.
Please. Lady Freya can wait…..
Bete turned around shocked.  Freya? Did those damn followers of hers not even know how to be a good brother. She started to squirm.
It’s hot. 
Bete sighed and took off some of the extra layers she had on. He noticed how badly she was sweating. He stood up and disappeared into her bathroom for a moment. He came back with a bowl of water and a towel. He had a little sister. He took care of her all the time. It shouldn’t be a problem. Bete slowly lifted her up and faced her away from him so he could wipe off some of the sweat. His hand freezing when he saw how scarred her back was. Pete found himself shaking. There was not even a speck of unscarred skin on her back. Tch. Alymae fell back into him. She turned her head to look at him. She slowly lifted her hand to his face.
Onii-chan …
Alymae passing out. The door behind him opened and Loki ran forward and pushed him away from Alymae. The young girl falling back onto the bed. She began to hit his arm. 
Bete. You can’t take advance of a cutie when she’s sick like that.
He could hear Finn’s sigh in the doorway.
He turned around and frowned. 
I wasn’t doing anything! I’m not that weak to need to take advantage of a shortie.
Loki gave him a sly smile.
Are you sure, Onii-chan?
Bete stood up quietly and quickly walked out of the room. Loki turned around to smile at Finn.
Knock out.
Finn nodded his head.
Loki. Her brothers seem to be around quite often.
Loki’s happy mood disappeared.
Finn looked over at the passed out Alymae.
Not all of those scars were from burns. 
Loki’s eyes narrowed.
Sending a child into the Dungeons and then using her. Freya…
Finn sighed.
Maybe we should keep her out of the Dungeons for awhile.
Loki shook her head no.
That would make our Alymae sad.
Finn sighed again.
Loki smiled at him.
It’s fine. It’s fine. Bete can look after her.
Finn’s shoulders sagged as he imagined all the extra work he’s have to do. Loki had turned back around to wipe off the sweat. Finn left the room.
I’ll go get medicine from Miach.
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