[ Day 1 ]

I slowly opened my eyes. The hazy vision clearing up to see a black skinned demon in front of me. I couldn’t help but blink in shock. I should be back in the States. Sea, wind and sand should be all around me. While, my friends who stayed up later than I should be making some sort of ruckus around a still lit fire.

My tiny body was placed in the arms of a beautiful blue skinned woman. I couldn’t help but feel a bit angry. Who was that beautiful! Why was I in her arms! Beach. Beach. Beach. What happened on the beach? Ah. Now I remember. I died at the beach.

I had fallen asleep first in my tent when i heard the sound of the zipper moving. At the time, I hadn’t thought anything of it. Until, the feeling of being stabbed repeatedly and blood flowing from my body overwhelmed me. An acquittance of ours, seemingly innocent and shy, was stabbing me to death. I was too far gone to say anything. All I could do was look up and see her smile.

“He’s mine. Mine. Mine!”

This was about a boy? I wonder which one? Who of my friends would drive a girl this crazy? Oh well, it was not something I could debate anymore. I was fading away. It was going to be over. Until, just now when I found myself in this beautiful woman’s arms. Apparently, I get another life. If I assume my father is the black skinned demon and my mother is the blue skinned beauty I wonder what I look like.

“Ovarou, what do you want to call her!”

Ovarou? What an odd name for a demon. Although, now I do know he is most likely my father. Seriously, I wonder what I look like.


Ai? Love? What. Why was my name so cheesy! My mother seemed to love it.

“Ai, it is!”

Why! I don’t such a cheesy name. I already died in a cliché.

“Don’t worry Ovarou. My child will be the strongest!”

Wow, mom was so confident.

“I’m not worried about that.”

What the hell! Does my father not care about my potential at all. Wait… Hers would be the strongest. How many children does he have with other women! This scandalous cheater! How dare he cheat on Mom!

“Dad, let me see!”

My father moves out of the way for two other demons to move into view. They were younger and more pleasant looking. A pair of a golden girl and a silver boy. The girl leaned into my face first.

“I’m your older sister, Ai.”

The boy leaned in next.

“I’m your older brother.”

I turned my head on them. They were children of another woman. Father was scandalous.

“Eh! She doesn’t like me.”

Father pulled her back and rubbed her head. The horrible man he is…

“She’s just a baby, Auro.”

So my sisters name was Auro.

“Oniwaka and Opushii liked me right away!”

Oniwaka? Opushii? HOW MANY SIBLINGS BY OTHER WOMAN ARE THERE! I refuse to like this father of mine.

“Ovarou, how are the other two.”


“Fine. Edward and Damien are both sleeping with their mothers,”

One, two, three… THREE OTHER WOMEN! Mother you chose poorly. Mother looked down at me smiling, Wah. She really was beautiful.

Be sure to get along with your siblings, Ai.”

Ugh. Mom was too kind hearted. To care about this scandalous man’s other children. I am now and forever mom’s ally. Eh. Why is she moving her shirt!

“You must be hungry!”

Aaaaah. I take it back. I am no one’s ally!


Like A Vampire – Catrien Maxwell

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