[ Day 3 ]

Whatever I was I grew up fast. It had only been two days since I was born and already I was the size of a short pre-teen. In the two days I had learned quite a bit about my scandalous father and this next life of mine. Father did not have three other mistresses… HE HAD 7 OTHER CONSORTS. AND RANDOM PROSTITUTES. HE WAS SCANDALOUS!

Besides, my father being horribly lust driven I also learned he was a powerful glutton. All the inedible stuff he ate made him the strongest and the leader of this mercenary company. It seemed it was filled with a large variety of creatures all under his command. They all seemed to worship him. Except four: the minotaur who looked at him like a rival, the muscley woman who worshipped the minotaur, the lady with horns and magical robes who seemed hobby focused and the lady with puffy pants who always seemed to be focused on robe girl. Every other creature seemed to hold some sense of reverence for my father. He seemed to be something like a Demon God. Father was also someone extremely busy.

I was happy he was barely every around me these two days, but my heart hurt when I saw mom chasing after him. Even with a newborn baby like me all she wanted to do was be around him. It seemed Mom was legal wife at least. She also seemed to be very smart, dangerous and had a temper. Mom really was the best. No wonder I was supposed to be the best as well.

“Ai. What are you looking over there for!”

I turned my head away from the scene of my father fighting the minotaur to look at the two siblings that had been right before me. The first was a ½ Lord variant species given birth by one of father’s human consorts. The other one, who had spoken up, was a pale green skinned beautiful boy that was the child of father’s plant monster consort. The two seemed more attached to me than our other siblings. However, it probably more to do with age than anything else.

“I’m watching the fight.”

The mixed-breed boy seemed frustrated.

“You are supposed to be judging mine and Adrien’s fight!”

I sighed. This was the third match between the two of them after they saw dad sparring. Adrien already one the first two.

“I saw. Adrien won again.”

The boy picked up one of the rocks and threw it at me. It surprisingly didn’t really hurt.

“You weren’t even watching!”

Adrien pat his head. It was odd considering they were around the same size.

“I still won, Edward.”

I turned away from the two, They were idiots. I felt my mom’s eyes on me.

“Ai. Play with your siblings.”

She seemed to frown.


My father turned around and walked over.

“Ai, do you want to play with me?”

I turned my head on him.

“Father is scandalous. No thank you.”

He seemed completely shocked, so did mother. I stood up. Time to act like a child.

“Ai, won’t play with father. Ai will train till she can beat father.”

Everyone seemed taken a back and worried until father cracked up laughing. I don’t know why he was rubbing my head looking pleased.

“Ai is certainly my child.”

I hit away my father’s hand.

“I’m going to the forest.”

Some of the crowd seemed shocked and confused. Father just waved his hand. He was a horrible father letting his three year old child just wonder off alone into the woods.

“Don’t stay out too late.”

I turned my head on him and started walking towards the exit of the base.

“Edward, Adrien are you coming?”

Adrien immediately ran to catch up with me.

“Sure. Sounds interesting.”

Edward took a moment to look between his mother and our father before running off towards us. Edward was much more submissive than he let on. The three of us having to pass through a wave of greetings before we got to a semi isolated area. Edward piping up.

“What do you even want to do in the forest, Ai?”

Adrien piped up next.

“We could go find mom’s old tree? I heard there’s some amazing herbs near the tree.”

I shook my head no. Those were stupid ideas. We needed to get stronger. We needed to be better, or more than our other siblings.

“Mother said Kichi, father and her started hunting horned rabbits first. We are going to hunt horned rabbits.”

The two looked at each other shocked.

“We are only three days old…”

“Why do we even need to in the first place?”

I turned around and glared at the other two.

“The three of them were able to do it as young goblins with no equipment! We have to least be able to do this.”

Adrien kicked up the dirt on the ground.

“That sounds like a lot of effort,”

Edward nodded his head.

“We don’t need too.”

I hit the two of them on the head.

“Idiots. You can’t tell me you are okay with being weaker than the rest of our siblings.”

The two shrugged.

“I don’t dislike our siblings.”

“I don’t really care.”

I hit them again.

“How stupid are you two! This is about pride. Stand up straight as men. Be proud of who you are.”

Edward seemed convinced.


He really was easy. Adrien on the other hand seemed unconvinced. I sighed.

“I’ll give you half my dinner.”

His eyes lit up and sparkled.


He was already such a glutton like our father.

“It’s settled then. We will each kill four horned rabbits.”

Edward gasped.


I nodded my head.


Adrien groaned.

“Next time I want more than half.”

I pointed deeper into the forest.

“Come on boys!”

The three of us heading deeper into the forest.


And The Snakes Start To Sing – Bring Me The Horizon

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