15: Nanda Perbat is always Nanda Perbat

Scene Shifts to Nanda Perbat. They are walking down a hall.

[Valkyrie] I don’t know if I can heal Valkyrie.

[Rha] You are carrying the corroded light. It originally was taken from this times Valkyrie.

[Raven] You want her to shock her system?

[Rha] Precisely.

[Miss Martian] That could cause further damage to her mental landscape.

[Jason] I have had telepaths look at her. All of them say it cannot get any worse.

[Miss Martian] And you believe them?

[Rha] One of them was a gift from Queen Bee.

[Valkyrie] I don’t know how to repair someone’s brain, much less their soul.

[Jason] You aren’t repairing it. You are returning its lights.

[Miss Martian] You are aware of the fact that this Valkyrie hasn’t learned how to control her powers?

[Rha] I can help her.

[Valkyrie] How can you help me.

* Ra’ah ahl ghoul stops outside a door and turns around.*

[RHA] You are not just an Indigo Lantern. You are a conductor for the emotional spectrum.

[Raven] Wouldn’t that mean she should have a White Lantern ring?

[RHA] You current White Lantern Kyle Rayner is someone who has come to terms with each emotion. Valkyrie hasn’t come to terms with anything.

[Raven] That is something that takes time.

*Ra’ah ahl ghoul turns to Valkyrie.*

[Rha] Do you know why the Indigo Ring chose you?

[Valkyrie] No.

[Miss Martian] Doesn’t it go to people with an abundance of compassion?

[Rha] Normally, like the case with Ray Palmer, yes. But not you. You are someone with an abundance of compassion; however, denying all of it- trying not to feel and care. The ring saw this and aimed to correct it. It is forcing you to choose one end of an extreme.

[Raven] How does knowing this help her?

[Rha] Because she can never become who she is meant to be without coming to terms with everything. And to do that the first thing she must learn is how to understand.

[Miss Martian] So she was given the Indigo Ring.

[Raven] Just at the right moment, when she needed to understand someone.

[Rha] More or less. Now come.

*He opened the door. They saw an adult Valkyrie, floating above her bed. A grey light coming from her. Each hand had a ring (one black, one white). They walked closer and Ra’ah ahl ghoul closed the door.*

[Valkyrie] Those rings.

[Rha] The ring of Life, the ring of Death.

[Miss Martian] Why haven’t you removed the Black Lantern ring?

[Rha] If I did that her body would be thrown out of balance and die.

[Valkyrie] So death is keeping me alive? The ironies.

[Raven] It seems its taking the place of your missing soul.

[RHA] precisely.

*He walked up to her. His body being bathed in a creepy light.*

[Rha] Come.

*Everyone walked towards her and he opened one of the nightstand drawers. He pulled out a purple lantern.*

[RHA] Charge your ring.

*Valkyrie grabbed the lantern and pressed her ring up to it.*

[Valkyrie] Tor lorek san, Bor nakka mur, Natromo faan tornek wot ur, Ter lantern ker lo Abinsur, Taan lek lek nok, Formorrow sur

*Valkyries staff once again lit up with purple light. Her hair and eyes becoming a shiny white.*

[Rha] Now we can begin.


Heal Me – Lady Gaga

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