16 : Fixing Valkyrie

Scene starts in the room future Laelia is in.

* Ra’ah ahl ghoul grabbed her hand and places it directly on Valkyries hands. Everyone is brought back into the landscape. The clearing is filed with nothing but dying trees. Everything is in black and white. The doors covered in rotten roots and blown open.*

[Raven] Everything has changed.

[Miss Martian] Your telepaths were right. I can’t see anything here left to fix. She’s empty.

[Rha] The Indigo Light is a beacon to the other emotions. It can tell us where to start.

*Valkyrie hit the bottom of her staff on the ground. Light purple ripples spreading out. The ground shook for a little but otherwise nothing happened. *

[Rha] Are you even trying to save yourself?

[Valkyrie] Of course I am!

[Rha] Then don’t just wait for someone to tell you where to go, find it yourself.

*Valkyrie closed her eyes and tried again. Please. Please let me understand. When she opened her eyes a thin purple line lead into the first doorway.*

[Miss Martian] There is something there now, but I can’t tell what it is.

[Rha] It is a spark.

*He walks confidently though the door into the darkness. The three girls look at each other and follow. They walk and walk until they see Rha standing by a little girl She is curled up, crying.*.

[Miss Martian] I think that is you.

[Rha] It is the very core of who you are.

[Valkyrie] A sad child?

[Raven] That explains a lot.

*Valkyrie sticks her tongue out at Raven.  Ra’ah ahl ghoul walks up to the girl and puts his hand on her shoulder.*

[Rha] It’s time to stop crying. You have things to do now.

*Darkness lashes from the girl. Ra’ah ahl ghoul gets whipped in the cheek. Miss Martian tries next.*

[Miss Martian] Laeila it’s ok. The world isn’t so dark anymore. You just have to look up.

*Again the darkness lashes out. Raven glides forward, putting both her hands on the girl. The second she does purple chains of compassion clamp on her wrist, dragging her forward. Ra’ah ahl ghoul pulls her back. After a struggle they both turn to look at Valkyrie.*

[Valkyrie] What do you want me to say?

[Raven] Something that works…

[Rha] It’s not like you are listening to any of us.

[Valkyrie] You could try not using superficial words.

*Valkyrie walks forward and sits down next the girl. The Darkness whips at her and she sits still. It pauses for a second a cut on her face. The second time she catches it, watching it cut into her hand, all the blood.*

[Raven] What an idiot.

[Rha] Let go! You need to stay alive.

Miss Martian flies forward but Valkyrie puts her hand up. Instead she wraps the darkness around her hand more, and pulls the girl back, so she ends up laying curled up on her back, right on Valkyrie.

[Valkyrie] It’s a shame you are crying looking at your own lap. I always preferred crying at the stars.

*The darkness quivered and struck again, but still Valkyrie pressed the girl closer.*

[Valkyrie]I remember how nice it was to sit on a bench outside and just see how bright the night sky could be. Wonder if there really was something magical up there or if the light was there just to remind us of how small we are.

*The darkness fell to the floor and the girl willing reached out to squeeze Valkyrie.*

[Valkyrie] Even after finding out everything is real, all of it just seems like a wakeup call instead of a fantasy. Telling me look at you. Look at you. Such a tiny, unimportant person, wrapped up in such tiny insignificant pain. All the G-ds or aliens you meet doesn’t change it. You still look at the bright stars as something unattainable. Something not meant for you to have.

*Valkyrie looked down at the girl, who was wrapped up on her.*

[Valkyrie] So all you can do is be sadder, want more than ever and look at the sky as something even more fantastical. Of course, when there are people around it’s hard to do. It becomes about being appropriate with your feelings instead of your grief. So you go alone, again and again. Just to waste time staring at the sky and wanting to know what it’s like to be something you’re not.

*Valkyrie moved her hand and turned the girls face over, it was blank. She smiled sadly.*

[Valkyrie] I know you are lost. That everything makes you feel small and afraid. That when you look into a lake and see the night sky that all the blurry features on your reflection must be last minute rippling. But that’s not true. Even lost and afraid we are something. And somethings learn about what they are through others. That’s all we can do.

*Valkyrie and the little girl sat up. When they were standing she grabbed her hand and a single road came into existence. They could see one of the other wood doors in view at the end.*

[Rha] So we can go now?

*The girl turned around and cocked her head. Then slowly turned back around.*

[Raven] If you stop talking to her then we can.

*Miss Martian just looked at her and frowned.*

[Valkyrie] Lets go…

*They walked towards the door. Ra’ah ahl ghoul catching up to them and whispering in her ear.*

[Rha] You know that’s kind of pathetic right.

*Valkyrie pinched his side and Miss Martian thought she could hear a giggle for a second.*

[Valkyrie] The only pathetic one here is you. Becoming a servant to Savage.

*Ra’ah ahl ghoul frowned…*

[Rha] It’s not something I enjoy. But sacrifices must be made.


Waking Up Alone – The Chainsmokers

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