Batman : The Wild Card

*A chubby girl is seen to be hiking in the woods. You see her from behind, staring out at the grass opening. Across from it is a large Manor. She rustles in her backpack and pulls out some raw meat. Placing it on the ground she waits.*
Scene Shift to Bat Cave
*Bruce Wayne is sitting at the computer area, when the screens light up red flashing warning signs.*
[Computers] Intruder Alert. Intruder Alert. Intruder Al-
*Batman hits a button and the sirens stop. He pulls up a screen. He sees a blur of movement passing by the cameras of the forest grounds. He starts switching between cameras to try and get a clearer image. The elevator door behind him opens and someone taps him on the shoulder.*
[Bruce] Not now, Alfred.
[Alfred] I am afraid sir that wasn’t me.
*Bruce swivels around to see a young girl staring at him. She is covered in sweat and dirt.*
[Laelia] Hi-uh Brucey.
[Bruce] Who are you you and how did you get in here?
*The girl drops her hiking backpack and starts to rub her shoulders.*
[Laelia] Laelia. I am a student at Gotham University.
[Alfred] A college student? If Madam Wayne saw this…
*Laelia starts to laugh.*
[Laelia] Relax Pennyworth, I’m not here for that.
[Bruce] What are you here for?
[Laelia] I need the Batman’s help.
[Alfred] That’s what they all say. 
[Bruce] And you decided to crash my cave instead of just approaching Bruce Wayne?
*Laelia shrugs. She pulls herself a seat.*
[Laelia] This way is more fun. 
[Bruce] Anything involving The Batman isn’t about fun.
[Laeila] In some sick and twisted sense this does involve fun.
[Damian] That means it involves the Joker.
*They all turn their heads to see Damian Wayne coming out of the elevator.*
[Damian] Father, who is this grotesque woman?
[Laelia] Ouch, that was sharp. You must get that from your grandfather.
[Damian] Watch your tongue woman. You don’t know my grand father.
  • Laelia smiled.*
[Laelia] I wouldn’t be standing in front of you if I couldn’t figure out your grandfather, kiddo.
*Damian rushed forward but Bruce put his hand up to stop him.*
[Bruce] Laelia, what do you want?
[Laelia] I told you. I need Batman.
[Damian] Father, who is this woman?
*Bruce turns to his computer and types in a few buttons. A portfolio on Laelia is pulled up.*
[Bruce] Laelia Spitznogle. A returnee to Gotham after a mental breakdown in College. Shows promise at Gotham University. She has recommendations from Professors across fields. The only thing longer then her academic accomplishment lists is her mental health folder, it seems.
*He turns back to Damian and Laelia.*
[Bruce] What does someone like you want with The Batman.
[Laelia] I need someone to help me get back on track. 
[Damian] You want to hire Batman as your personal trainer. Are you insane?
*Laelia pointed to her file.*
[Laelia] Quite actually. I am also very stubborn. The only one in Gotham who could help me is Bruce Wayne or the Joker. I see Bruce as the better option.
[Damian] Absolutely not. You need to be locked up, fatty. 
*Laelia turns to Bruce.*


[Laelia] I didn’t want to pull this card, but I will tell you I’ve already struck a deal with the Joker.
*Alfred drops his tray.*
[Alfred] Oh my.
[Bruce] What could you have that would allow the Joker to let you leave a meeting with him alive?
[Laelia] Plenty. The identity of the Batman, his Robins, other players in the Gotham War…
[Damian] You liar! There is no way you would know something like that.
[Bruce] Quiet Damian.
[Laelia] Bruce, It is simple. Help me, or I give the Joker what he wants.
[Bruce] What did the Joker want?
[Laelia] That I can’t tell you. 
[Damian] Father, you can’t be listening to this woman. 
[Laelia] I will assure you it has nothing to do with you or your son. 
[Bruce] You are that desperate.
*Laelia shakes her head.*
[Laelia] No. I am that determined Mr. Wayne. 
*Bruce swivels and looks back at his computer. Damian approaches the girl.*
[Damian] How did you get in here? 
[Laelia] Your very badly secured old well. 
[Damian] Liar. There’s no way you could get through that and not get caught.
*Laelia walked towards the computer and pointed to the screen following the movement.*
[Laelia] Listen here little Robin. That thing your cameras are chasing is just a wild animal. Animals are very attracted to the smell of raw meat. Your cameras to heat signatures. All it takes is borrowing two little watches from the Gotham University Wayne Development Lab to confuse them. Then a wild beast becomes the same as a human in the eyes of a camera and a human becomes nothing.
[Damian] The camera’s react to heat signature.
[Laelia] You can change a heat signature.
*She pointed down at her watch. Damian zeroed in on the large W engraved on it.*
[Damian] How could you get the watches?
[Bruce] Laelia is the chief of staff at the university lab.
*Damian walked back to his father, who was still staring at the screen trying to come to a decision.*
[Damian] Even if she can pull off a trick and get in here. There is no way she knows what she claims to know.
[Laelia] Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Katherine Cane, Barbra Gordon, Selena Kyle…. Should I go on?
*Bruce turns around.*
[Bruce] Tell me how you know.
[Laelia] Gotham is a smaller town then you think Bruce. All one needs to do is pay attention.
[Bruce] And Damian’s grandfather
[Laelia] A larger guess at a larger game.
*Bruce sighs.*
[Bruce] Fine. I will train you.
[Laelia] Thanks.
[Bruce] On the condition you land a hit on Damian.
*Damian smiles and walks over to the matted areas of the Bat Cave.*
[Laelia] Fine.
*She pushes up her sleeves and heads over to Damian.*
[Damian] Come on, Fatty. Let’s see if you can even throw a punch.
*Laelia doesn’t move. She just takes a deep breath and then puts her hands up to guard. Damian rushes forward. Laelia does her best to block, but is soon kicked off her feet.*
[Damian] That’s it.
*Laelia gets back up.*
[Laelia] Again.
*Damian rushes forward. She quickly falls, curling up as Damian kicks her in the stomach. She coughs up blood.*
[Bruce] Enough!
*Laelia grabs Damian’s leg.*
[Laelia] Continue.
*Damian looks at Bruce. He nods. Damian turns back to Laelia who has struggled to her feet. For a third time she is knocked down. As she struggles to her feet, Damian backs up a few steps.*
[Damian] Stay down.
*Laelia shakes her head. This time running forward. Damian, unconsciously steps back, blocking her punch. As she manages to counter his return strike, a large smile appears on her bloody face. Damian goes to remark but is stopped by her laughing. She takes her sleeve and wipes the blood off her face.*
[Laelia] Damian. What happened? Why would you step back?
*Damian teeth ground together. He rushed forward kicking her in the head. Before she could fall he grabs her by the arm breaking it. When she goes to stand up again he breaks her leg. She looks up at Damian and she is smiling. Damian rushes forward to go again but Alfred grabs his arm. Laelia jumps up onto her one leg head butting Damian’s stomach. He falls, bringing Laelia down with him. She holds onto his arm with her teeth. He hits her head.*
[Bruce] Enough. You got a hit in. I will train you.
  • Laelia looks up and smiles. She rolls over to her back.*
[Laelia] Sorry about the bite.
*The words trail off as she faints. Bruce comes over and picks her up, carrying her to the elevator.*
[Bruce] Alfred, Damian I think it’s time for dinner.
*Bruce Wayne is sitting at the head of the table reading off a tablet. Damian is to his right and Laelia, now in a wheel chair, is sitting to his left. She is enjoying the soup Alfred just served.*
[Laelia] You know you don’t need to pull up a background check. I will tell you anything you want to know.
[Damian] I’d trust a background check before I’d trust you.
*Bruce puts down the tablet.*
[Bruce] You grew up in Gotham. Your grandparents company is the liquor distributor for Wayne Enterprises company events.
[Laelia] They used to be. Wayne enterprises switched companies in 2011. 
[Bruce] We did. Your family’s business has suffered ever since.
[Laelia] It’s called a bad economy. It affects those not part of the top 1%.
[Bruce] What about your high school days at Gotham Highschool? You have quite a long file there.
[Laelia] I have quite a long file in a lot of places.
[Damian] I’m sure.
[Laelia] You know my file isn’t as long as yours is Damian.
[Damian] How do you know my file?
[Bruce] She substituted at Gotham High school last year. It is on record that she taught your English Class.
[Laelia] Your anti-social behavior and temper make you a nightmare as a student.
*Bruce smiles.*
[Laelia] Tim was so much better at blending in. Even Jason stood out less then you. Still no one was better then Dick Grayson at being part of the crowd. He could play the fool’s game so well.
[Damian] That is because he is one.
[Laelia] Maybe.
[Bruce] You were in school with them.
[Laelia] Dick was above me. He was always with Barbra. Jason was in my year and Tim entered right when I was leaving.
[Bruce] You and Jason both were called in at one point.
[Laelia] I was being bullied in school. He was called in as a witness.
[Damian] Pathetic.
[Bruce] And your family? Your mom?
[Laelia] You’ve read my file. It’s all there.
[Bruce] It also says you should be on meds.
[Laelia] I am.
[Bruce] There are no records of you purchasing them.
[Laelia] I buy them on the street it’s cheaper and I am a poor college student.
[Damian] You aren’t seriously listening to this. 
[Bruce] So far, it all matches up Damian.
[Damian] No one is this forthcoming.
[Laelia] I do not see the point in hiding my pain or insanity. It is what connects people together.
[Damian] Insane and morbid. 
[Bruce] There are better people then me to help you with your mental health.
[Laelia] I don’t need you for my mental health. I want you for my physical health.
[Damian] Do you honestly think you are someone who deserved to be helped?
[Laelia] No.
[Bruce] Then I won’t help you.
  • Laelia turns the wheel chair around and starts to roll away. Damian stops her. Bruce smiles.*
[Bruce] Until after your injuries are healed.
[Damian] Even your old injuries that didn’t heal right.
*Laelia looks at her foot. She broke it when she was 13. It has never been the same since.*
[Laelia] Break it.
*Damian bends down and breaks her foot. He makes sure to break all the small bones. Laelia hands form tight fists, but she doesn’t scream.*


Scene Shift to Training Montage


*Panels of Oracle teaching Laelia to defend herself in a chair, Damian and her being tutored by Bruce in foreign language and tech, Alfred teaching her how to cook, her coming out of Bruce Wayne’s car at an event, her taking notes at a Wayne Enterprise Board meeting as an intern, playing ping pong with Tim Drake, playing with kittens with Selena Kyle, Sparring with Bruce and finally standing in front of Damian in a Gi.* 
*There is a knock on the door. Alfred goes to open it. He sees Dick Greyson.*
[Alfred] Master Dick.
[Dick] Good to see you, Alfred.
*Alfred turns to the dinner table.*
[Alfred] Master Dick is here.
*Bruce stand up as Dick walks in. Dicks face lights up in surprise when he sees Laelia.*
[Dick] Laelia!?
[Laelia] Hey Dick.
[Dick] What are you doing here.
[Laelia] Getting some help.
[Dick] From Bruce?
*Laelia shook her head.*
[Laelia] From Batman.
*Dick’s face lights up with surprise. He examines Laelia and sees her bruises. He sits down angry.*
[Dick] Couldn’t resist taking in a new kid, huh Bruce.
[Laelia] Actually I came to him.
[Dick] You did? You figured out who Batman was.
[Laelia] Wasn’t that hard Dick. I went to school with you and Jason. You aren’t exactly that unnoticeable.
[Dick] Laelia, whatever help you need Bruce isn’t the one to go to. He’s dangerous. 
[Damian] He isn’t more dangerous then the Joker. 
*Dick’s mouth drops open.*
[Dick] Laelia, you went to the joker!
[Laelia] It was my fail-safe.
[Dick] What an idiot. Are you trying –
[Bruce] Why did you come, Dick?
*Dick pulls a letter from his pant pocket.*
[Dick] I got a letter from, Jason.
[Damian] Todd?
*Dick nodded.*
[Dick] One day he found a Joker sticker on his car and a note that said see you soon.
[Bruce] Does Jason know who sent it?
[Dick] No, but he obviously thinks it’s real for him to come to me.
[Bruce] Did Jason say where he was?
[Damian] Hell no doubt.
*Dick winked.*
[Dick] Close, he’s in Helsinki.
[Laelia] What is Jason doing there?
*Dick looks at her cringing.*
[Dick] From what I could gather he was looking for info on her.
[Laelia] On me? In Helsinki ?
[Bruce] Have you ever been there before?
[Laelia] No. I’ve never been to Europe.
[Damian] Figures he’d search on the wrong continent. 
[Dick] He was meeting with Kierra Harris. She’s interning for a bank there.
*Laelia’s face goes white. She wraps her arms around herself.*
[Bruce] What’s wrong?
[Dick] From what I know, Kierra Harris was the ring leader behind the group that bullied Laelia in school.
[Damian] Why would he go to her? She wouldn’t have information on Laelia.
*Laelia’s hands tightened on her arms.*
[Laelia] She would… I mean she could.
[Bruce] Why would she care enough to keep tabs on where you are?
[Laelia] Kierra Harris wasn’t just a bully. She was a rapist.
*Everyone around the table looked at each other.*
[Dick] I didn’t know…
[Damian] Of course you didn’t Grayson. 
[Bruce] Was this the time Jason and you ended up in the principle office.
*Laelia’s face contorted in pain.*
[Laelia] One of the times. It had been going on for a year before it got called into the spotlight. Jason- – – Jason walked in on it. 
[Dick] So that’s why you guys always talked. I always thought you two were close.
[Laelia] No! We weren’t close and we were certainly not friends.
[Damian] Good. Todd may be the one person more insane then you.
[Bruce] What happened?
[Laelia] Jason denied the Rape. Kierra Harris got off and I got sent to the psych ward for two weeks.
[Damian] Next time I see that Fucker!
[Bruce] Damian, calm down. You know how hard this must be for Laelia.
[Laelia] It’s fine. It was a long time ago.
[Dick] Bruce. Jason’s on his way. He’s called in everyone.
[Bruce] Laelia, will you be ok?
*Before she could answer they here the door bell. Dick gets up to answer the door. They see Tim Drake standing in the doorway.*
[Tim] What up guys? I hear we are getting ready for a Joker hunt.
*Tim sees Laeila and smiles.*
[Tim] Hey, Spitznogle. Did Damian need help with Chinese?
[Damian] My Chinese is fine, Drake.
[Tim] Then did Dick go back to college?
[Bruce] Laeila is here as a member of the Joker hunt.
*Tim’s face lit up with understanding.*
[Tim] So you finally entered the ring, huh Spitz. Nice to have you.
*He sat down in a chair at the table. Damian turned to Bruce.*
[Damian] She can’t work on this. 
[Dick] Why not? If Jason was looking for her when the Joker was setting him up she’s already involved.
[Damian] She can’t even defend her self, Greyson. 
*Laeila frowned.*
[Laeila] That’s not true at all. I have defended myself and others before.
*Dick smiled at her sympathetically.*
[Dick] Who have you defended.
[Tim] Don’t you remember Dick? There was that time Kierra Harris was being beat up by some cheerleaders and their boy friends. Didn’t Laeila get dragged into the office instead of her, after she took her place?
*Damian looked at her shock.*
[Damian] You stood up for your rapist?
  • Tim looked at everyone confused.*
[Tim] What now?
*The doorbell rang and Alfred opened the door. It is Jason Todd. He sees Laeila and immediately walks towards her. Damian is out of his seat with a Katana to his throat in an instant.*
[Damian] Back off, Todd.
*Jason looks at Bruce.*
[Bruce] Damian put the sword down.
*Damian withdrew the sword.*
[Jason] Laeila… I have been looking for you. You can’t be here.
[Laeila] Here is exactly where I need to be, Jason.
*He pushed through Damian and walked over to her.*
[Jason] I don’t know what Bruce told you, but this isn’t a safe world.
[Damian] My father didn’t say anything to her. She came on her own accord to us.
*Dick sighed.*
[Tim] If Bruce didn’t take her, she would of ended up with the Joker.
*Jason pulled Laeila up from her wheel chair.*
[Jason] You are kidding me! You did not go to the Joker?
*Laeila smiled, pulling her hand free.*
[Laeila] Of course I did.
*He goes to grab her but she shoves his hand away. Instead she grabs his hair and pushes him onto his knees. Jason willingly allowing her to do so. Bruce raised an eyebrow at her.*
[Bruce] We won’t have an issue with you two working together?
*Laeila looked down at Jason. He was kneeling in front of her. She raised his head. All the remorse in his eyes staring right at her.*
[Laeila] No problem at all. I can handle a dog.
*Dick started to laugh.*
[Dick] Who knew Jason was into S & M.
[Tim] You mean to say who knew Jason was the M?
*They both started laughing. Laeila, let go of him and he stood up. She sat back down in the wheelchair.*
[Jason] That’s not what this is.
*Dick winked.*
[Dick] Clearly.
*Laeila turns her wheel chair around. She starts to head for the door. Damian stops the chair.*
[Damian] Where are you going?
[Laeila] To rest. Call me when I am needed?
[Damian] You are needed now. 
[Bruce] Laeila, when you met with the joker what did you promise him?
*She turned back around in her chair.*
[Laeila] Nothing anyone here needs to know.
[Tim] Now why on Earth would you be hiding a promise to the Joker.
[Laeila] Because it’s not relevant to Jason’s dilemma.
[Bruce] How can you be so sure?
[Laeila] I just am.
[Dick] That is not much to go by, Laeila. How can we trust you?
*She sighs.*
[Laeila] What I offered is only of great importance to me and Jason. It is not however something that would relate to his interest in hunting him down.
[Tim] So it could be music related?
[Damian] Are you sane, Drake?
*Tim smiled.*
[Tim] I believe so. But the only positive interaction you’ve ever had with Jason is when he saved you from those bullies in the music room. That and the rape by Kierra Harris is the only connection.
*Laeila laughed, much to everyones dismay.*
[Laeila] Sure. It can be music related. May I go?
*Bruce nodded. She rolled out the room. Damian turned to his father.*
[Damian] I don’t like this it all father.
[Bruce] What ever it is she promised the Joker, she will not tell us. 
[Dick] She believes too much that it doesn’t relate to what’s going on.
[Tim] Maybe Jason can fill in the gaps now?
*Jason shook his head.*
[Jason] We weren’t close. We were not even friends. I can’t imagine what she promised him. Let alone why now he suddenly wants to come after me again.
*Bruce looks at Alfred.*
[Bruce] Alfred can you bring some tea. It looks like we will be here for awhile.
*Alfred nods and walks out of the room.*
Scene Shift to Wayne Manor’s Garden.
*Damian Wayne has just spotted Laeila in the garden. She is looking at the flowers.*
[Damian] Laeila.
*She turns to him and smiles sadly.*
[Laeila] Yes, Damian?
[Damian] Tell me what happened.
[Laeila] I told you. I was raped.
[Damian] By Todd.
*She shook her head no.*
[Laeila] No, just the girl.
  • He sat down on a bench by her wheel chair.*
[Damian] I am the grandson of Rha’aa ash GhulI can handle the truth.
*She sighed.*
[Laeila] There is nothing to add, Damian. I was raped. He walked in on it and covered it up. That’s all there is to it.
*Damian frowned.*
[Damian] You aren’t telling the full truth.
[Laeila] If you must know, it happened more then once. It was a continuous thing for over a year. When Jason walked in on it and looked horrified something in me finally felt ready to tell someone what was happening. When he lied to the principle I lost all the courage I found.
[Damian] Why didn’t you fight back?
*She shrugged.*
[Laeila] I don’t know why to this day. Why didn’t I move? Why didn’t I fight for myself? The answers never come.
[Damian] You should of never defended her.
*Laeila smiled sadly.*
[Laeila] She is someone’s sister. I couldn’t watch it happen knowing that.
*Bruce walks out from the path.*
[Bruce] Damian go inside.
*Damian looks at his father as if he was going to argue but hops off the bench and heads back to the Manor.*
[Bruce] I caught the tale end of your conversation.
[Laeila] Was it enlightening?
*Bruce shook his head.*
[Bruce] I am sorry for Jason’s behavior.
*Laeila shrugged.*
[Laeila] It means nothing. The responsibility of man is on himself. Not on his father.
*Bruce smiled sadly.*
[Bruce] You put too much on one single person.
[Laeila] And you do not, Batman?
*Bruce sat down next to her.*
[Bruce] I see your point, but tell me this. How is it not too much to put on the burden of your abusers pain?
*Laeila looked out at the flowers.*
[Laeila] I did not burden myself with her pain. G-d knows I would revel in her suffering.
[Bruce] But you never hesitated to defend her. Never even fought back.
[Laeila] Wanting to be better then the person who abused you does not make you an understanding person.
[Bruce] So that’s your reason.
*She smiled at Bruce.*
[Laeila] No, but is a good excuse to tell myself.
*He got up and walked behind her wheel chair. Slowly wheeling it back towards the Wayne Manor.*
[Bruce] Did you come to me to be able to help Jason?
[Laeila] Why would you think that?
[Bruce] I can see the way you look at him. It is not just hatred.
*Laeila laughs.*
[Laeila] I admit I am a pretty pathetic person, Bruce, but no. I grew up Middle Class in this town and was severely disappointed with my fall. I knew you could help.
[Bruce] Who knew you were the type to care about parties.
*She chuckled.*
[Laeila] Parties indeed.
*They walked into the house.*
Scene shifts to inside her room in Wayne Manor.
*Her door opens and Jason Todd comes sliding into the room. She stands up from her bed and hugs him. He leans down and kisses her. *
[Jason] Soon this will be over.
*She looks out the window.*
[Laeila] I am going to have to leave soon, Jason.
*He nods, being surprised by a punch to the stomach. She whispers in his ear.*
[Laeila] Damian.
*The door opens to a very frustrated Damian Wayne.*
[Damian] Jason, why are you in her room?
*He puts his hands up.*
[Jason] I was just trying to make peace?
*He leaves the room. Damian comes and sits down on her bed. Leila sits next to him.*
[Damian] What was that really about?
*She sighs.*
[Laeila] Forgiveness.
*Damian pulls out a tablet. He clicks some of the buttons.*
[Damian] Bruce told me not to show you this. I thought you should see it?
*Laeila read the case file. Caitlyn Carter was missing for two months. Since the end of her University year. An old photo of Caitlyn, Kierra and her from their high school’s charity ball was there.*
[Laeila] Bruce thinks I am involved.
*Damian nodded.*
[Laeila] What a shame. Here I thought I could enjoy staying here for a little longer.
*She plunges a needle into Damian’s leg. He cries out in shock. Jason Todd runs back into the room.*
[Jason] What’s going on!
*Laeila darts for the window.*
[Laeila] It was nice seeing you again, Jason.
*She jumps out the window. He runs to it to see her disappearing into the night.*
[Damian] Don’t bother.
*Jason shouts for Bruce. He calmly walks into the room.*
[Bruce] Did you do it?
*Damian nods.*
[Damian] The tracer is on her.
[Bruce] Good. Let’s check out what she injected you with.
*Jason turned away from the window frowning.*
[Jason] I bet you it’s a nerve toxin. She always loved dangerous flowers.
*Bruce nodded and picked Damian up. He exited the room. Jason turned away from the window.*
[Jason] Game on.
Scene shifts to a warehouse.
*Laeila is kneeling beneath a stack of large jack in the boxes. On top of them is a throne that holds a gleeful Joker.*
[Joker] Look at all of those bruises!
[Laeila They are nothing.
*Joker leans forward from his chair.*
[Joker] Now don’t say that my young apprentice. They look absolutely awful. Did Batman give them to you? Boy wonder?
[Laeila] No.
*Joker smiled as wide as he could.*
[Joker] Don’t tell me it was young Todd.
*Laeila ignores him.*
[Laeila] The game is starting.
*The Joker stands up clapping.*
[Joker] Excellent work, girl.
*Laeila smiles at him.*
[Joker] I think it’s time you got a name. Tell me something you like from your childhood?
*Laeila pulled out a card she had of the cheshire cat. Joker scoffed.*
[Joker] My dear that name is already taken. Try again.
*Laeila bounced the card on the ground and caught it again. It now said Wild Card on it. The Joker smiled.*
[Joker] I like it. It’s got moxy. 
[Laeila] And no one has it.
*He nodded.*
[Joker] It’s time to get going my Wild Card.
Scene shifts back to Wayne Manor.
[Damian] This is unacceptable.
[Dick] I hate to agree with the bloodthirsty kid, but we are two for two.
*Bruce nods.*
[Bruce] We have a problem. She knows too much.
[Jason] Bruce, Caitlyn Carter was her childhood friend. Her only friend.
 [Tim] I can see someone as idealistic as her getting caught up in something like the Joker’s schemes.
[Jason] Caitlyn knew about the rape. She stopped Kierra from slandering her family. The deal she made with the Joker is definitely about her.
*Bruce sighs.*
[Bruce] That doesn’t change the fact that she stabbed Damian in the leg.
[Tim] And lied to us for months.
[Dick] The situation doesn’t look good for her.
*Jason gets up from the table.*
[Jason] You guys don’t understand what type of person she is. 
[Alfred] A criminal is she not, young master Jason.
[Jason] No. Not in her mind.
*Bruce gets up.*
[Bruce] That is a very dangerous mindset to have.
[Jason] Bruce. Her morals and ethics are similar to a different time. Her loyalty got her into this situation. Don’t trust her words on it. Trust mine.
*Damian got up from the table as well.*
[Damian] And why should we trust anything you have to say, Todd.
*Tim smiled.*
[Tim] He has a point.
*Jason turned to Bruce.*
[Jason] I owe her, but I owe you more. I won’t put you in danger of the Joker.
*Bruce nods.*
[Bruce] Call everyone. We are moving in.
Scene shifts to warehouse rooftop.
[Bruce] Is everyone in position?
[Batwing] I am looping around the ware houses now.
[Oracle] The computers are ready on my end.
[Batwoman] Batgirl, Red Robin and I are ready on the other side.
[Nightwing] I am ready on my side.
[Robin] I am as well, father.
*Bruce turns to Jason.*
[Bruce] You are sure about this.
*Jason nods. Batman and Redhood kick through the front door. The first thing they see is Laeila standing there in new clothes. She is wearing black and white diamond leggings, a large pillowy sweater, with a spade emblem, boots with a knife pocket, fighting gloves that say wild card on them and a gun her hand. Sitting on a throne above her is the Joker. *
[Joker] Bats! Todd! You two have finally made it.
[Bruce] Enough Joker. Release Caitlyn Carter.
[Joker] Now why on Earth would I do that, when there’s a show to be watched first. Wild Card, be a dear and take care of our visitors.
*Laeila nodded and walked towards them. Bruce puts his hand up.*
[Bruce] You don’t have to do this.
*Joker stands up from his chair.*
[Joker] Oh but she does. My little cherub is so full of potential.
[Jason] You are sick, Joker.
*He cracked up laughing.*
[Joker] But so is the girl who loves you. So sick she came to me for help destroying you. Isn’t it wonderful.
*Jason turns to Laeila.*
[Jason] This is about me.
*She nods.*
[Laeila] Two birds with one stone.
*The Joker frowns.*
[Joker] Too much talking. Not enough fighting. Oh boys~
*The doors open all around the warehouse. Men in strange masks file into the room. Shooting all over the place. Nightwing, Red Robin, Batwoman and Batgirl crash through the windows on all sides. Joker happily shouting their names.*
[Joker] The gang is all here! What a show.
*Joker watches all of them fight. He spies Jason waiting in front of Wild Card.*
[Joker] Oh Wild Card, be a dear a finish him off.


*Wild Card nodded and walked towards Jason.*


[Jason] I’m not going to fight you.
*Joker claps his hands. Two men push forward a girl tied up in rope through a door. There is a bomb strapped to her.*
[Joker] There are six more of these all around the city. They will go off when this one does. 
*Batman turned to Jason.*
[Batman] Redhood. 
*Jason looks over at Wild Card.*
[Jason] Is this really what you want?
[Wild Card] You and Bruce are the only ones who need to be here.
*The rest of the Batfamily look at Bruce. He nods at them to leave to disable the other bombs. They knock out most of the goons on the way out. *
[Joker] Wild Card, get rid of him.
*Jason looks at her.*
[Jason] You can’t want this.
*Joker jumps down from the jack and the boxes.*
[Joker] Oh but she does, old boy wonder. The only way she can cure her broken heart is making everyone die with a laugh.
*Batman rushes the Joker. The two begin to fight it out. Wild Card runs at Redhood. He defends against her hits. She manages to flip Redhood on his back, a gun pointed at him. Batman turns to look and the Joker sprays him with a flower. He kneels on the floor.*
[Robin] Father!
*The Joker smiles at the boy.*
[Joker] Couldn’t leave Daddy alone with me for ten minutes.
*He turns away from Robin.*
[Joker] Shoot.
*Wild Card looks down at Redhood.*
[Laeila] Now we are even.
*She turns and shoots the Joker in the head. He falls to the ground. The two goons holding Caitlyn look at each other and run. Wild Card offers a hand to Jason. He grabs it and stands up.*
[Jason] Did you have to hit me so hard?
[Laeila] I did.
*Damian walks away from Bruce towards Caitlyn. He disarms the bomb, the vest coming off of her. She runs towards Wild Card.*
[Caitlyn] Laeila!
*Wild Card pulls her into a hug.*
[Laeila] You are safe now.
*Bruce stands up. Damian rushing back over to help him stand.*
[Bruce] What did you do?
*Jason smiles.*
[Jason] She played the Joker.
*A shot goes off from the rafters, it goes through Caitlyn and into Wild Card. She falls to the ground.*
[Jason]  Laeila!
  • They hear the maniacal laugh of the real Joker up in the rafters. Jason grabs Wild Card.*
[Jason] We are leaving.
*Batman nods. Jason carries her out of the warehouse to his motorbike. He presses her close and turns on the bike. The bat mobile pulls out in front of the warehouse. Batman, Damian and Caitlyn Carter are heading towards it. Jason zooms away quickly.*
Scene shifts to the Batcave.
*Laeila is on the table of the Batcave. She is bleeding pretty bad. Jason is hooking up an IV to her arm. Damian is checking Caitlyn’s wound. Bruce is sitting on his chair waiting for answers.*
[Bruce] It’s time you guys tell me the whole story.
[Caitlyn] I returned to Gotham after the Joker killed my father, mother and younger brother. I survived and called Kierra Harris the next day. She told me Laeila knew someone who could help. It turned out to be Jason.
*Bruce got up from his chair.*
[Bruce] You should of went to the police.
[Caitlyn] I did! They didn’t want to touch it after they knew it was one of the Joker’s crimes.
[Tim] That doesn’t sound like the Commissioner.
[Barbra] Not at all.
[Caitlyn] Well it’s the truth. 
*Dick looks over at Bruce.*
[Dick] What now Bruce?
*Before Bruce could answer, Laeila was sitting up.*
[Laeila] Now, you take care of her.
[Damian] Why would we take care of this incapable girl.
[Laeila] Because she knows your identity. All of your identities.
[Bruce] This was the play wasn’t it. Help for her instead of you.
*She nodded. Damian growls.*
[Damian] Going so far to make up a story to get our sympathy.
*Jason frowned.*’
[Jason] She didn’t make anything up. All of that really happened.
[Damian] How could she work with you then!
*Laeila slid off the table. She took the coat Jason offered her.*
[Laeila] Because he will spend a lifetime making it up to me.
[Bruce] You killed a man tonight. You do realize that right?
*She turned towards Bruce.*
[Laeila] There was no man left.
[Dick] I see now why you got a long with Damian.
*Tim laughs, but shut ups at a glare from Bruce.*
[Katheryn] This isn’t funny, kid. 
[Bruce] No it’s not. You are supposed to be better then the criminals, Laeila.
*Laeila goes to walk forward but loses her balance. Jason catches her. Caitlyn, who went to catch her, is caught by Katheryn.*
[Laeila] I think it is time for me to go.
*Bruce looks over at the wall of old suits.*
[Bruce] I think you should stay here. It is the safest place for you.
*She shakes her head.*
[Laeila] This isn’t for me. You have all said so yourself.
[Dick] Where will you go?
[Laeila] Who knows. I think I’m going to take it one day at a time.
[Tim] What are you going to do? Run from the Joker everyday?
*She shook her head no.*
[Laeila] Maybe I’ll train a dog.
*Tim and Dick crack up laughing. Jason looks annoyed.*
[Laeila] But Caitlyn. Caitlyn should stay.
[Damian] I don’t want the clown girl.
*Laeila smiles and pats his head.*
[Laeila] But she wants to be here. She can help.
*Jason helps her walk to his motorbike.*
[Dick] Be careful you two.
*Laeila laughs but Jason quickly helps her on the bike and drives off. Bruce turns to Caitlyn.*
[Bruce] So, what can you do?
-The End

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