Dove & Crow #1

*Gotham City Police cars zoomed past the couple on the street. The man squeezed her hand.*

[Man] Don’t worry, Wren. Batman will come soon.

*The girl’s free hand clutched at her heart.*

[Wren] Lucien, why not go?

*Lucien shook his head in protest.*

[Lucien] Unless the world is ending, I refuse to miss date night.

*The girl smiled, but let go of his hand.*

[Wren] We can continue after.

*Lucien shielded his eyes as a blaring white light came out. The girl in front of him was now the Superhero Dove. He sighed and pointed to his own clothes. She snapped her fingers and his own clothes morphed into his black suit. The Indigo ring now glowing on his finger.*

[Lucien] I am only doing this for you, Babe.

*She laughed and grabbed his hand. The next thing he knew he was floating in the air towards a building. He could see the robbers breaking down the door. The girl sped up, dropping him through a window.*

[Lucien] Hands up.

*The four men looked at him in surprise. The mother and son scared in a corner. The men lifted their guns and shot at him. To their surprise a purple wall appeared in front of him, blocking the shots. Lucien sighed and pulled out his guns. Each guy got one shot to the head. Instead of killing them, purple light chained them to the floor. Dove floating in and using her magic to push the weapons to the other side of the room.*

[Mother] Thank you.

*She said as she hugged her son. Dove smiled at the boy and he blushed. Lucien walked over to them to see if they were ok. The boy eye’s got big when Lucien got close.*

[Boy] You’re Crow!

*Lucien nodded.*

[Lucien] Let me see your cut.

*The boy held out his leg. Lucien held his hand out for Dove. She grabbed it and he could feel her warm light swelling in him. He closed his eyes and ran his other hand over the cut. The boys leg glowed purple for a second and then the cut was gone. He was smiling.*

[Boy] That means she’s Dove!

*Dove leaned down and kissed the boys forehead.*

[Dove] I am indeed, little guy.

*He hugged her.*

[Boy] Can you grant my mother true love?

*Crow turned his head. He could hear the police running up the stairs. Dove smiled at the boy and covered his hand with hers. It glowed white. When the boy opened his hand there was a ring inside.*

[Dove] Have her wear the ring. When it glows pink, she has found her Love.

*The boy nodded his head and the Police ran through the apartment. When they saw Crow and Dove they started shooting. Lucien pulled her close and winked at the boy. White light swirled around the couple and an afterimage of a Dove was left in their place. They appeared in Lucien’s apartment. He sighed and sat on the couch.*

[Lucien] So much for date night.

*Wren sat down next to him. Wrapping herself in his body.*

[Wren] We can have date night here.

*Lucien smiled. He was the luckiest man on Earth.*

[Lucien] What do you want to do?

*Wren snuggled closer to him and kissed his cheek. Lucien got the idea and went in for the kill.*

[Lucien] G-d I am so lucky.

Scene fade to Wayne Manor.

*Alfie Pennyworth opened the door.*

[Alfie] Master Damian. I believe your friends are here for you.

*Damian walked out form the adjoining room. Smiling when he saw Lucien and Wren.*

[Damian] You guys are early.

*Two little kids giggled in the room over. Wren’s face lit up.*

[Wren]  Wednesday and Jasper are getting so big!

*Damian nodded and led them towards the dinning room. An older Bruce Wayne was sitting at one of the chairs. Wednesday and Jasper besides him. Dick Greyson and a pregnant Barbra Gordon across the table.*

[Lucien] Dick, Barbra, Bruce.

*They turned to see the two new guests. Everyone smiling.*

[Dick] Look it’s the love birds.

*Lucien winked at him.*

[Lucien] Can’t help it, Dickey. I got an incredible girl.

*Dick rolled his eyes and Barbra laughed. Everyone sat down at a seat.*

[Wren] Where are the children Barbra?

*Barbra smiled.*

[Barbra] With my dad tonight.

*Alfie entered the room with a cart full of food. Putting dishes down in front of everyone.*

[Damian] Heard about your guys appearance last night.

[Bruce] It was sloppy work.

*Lucien shrugged.*

[Lucien] To be fair, it was our date night.

*Barbra looked over at Dick.*

[Barbra] They still have date night.

*Dick shot Lucien a glare.*

[Dick] Barbs, they are like twenty years old. Infatuation is all they know.

*Dicks soup exploded in his face and the little twins laughed. Wren turning to wave at them.*

[Wren] Do you like that little ones?

*Damian and Lucien high fived, Bruce scoffing.*

[Dick] What was that for!

*Wren smiled at him.*

[Wren] For insulting true love.

[Dick] What do you two know about true love?

*Barbra kicked him under the table.*

[Barbra] Apparently more then you.

*Dick grumbled but returned to his soup. Alfie re-entering with a letter in his hand. He passed it on to Damian. Damian opened it. He looked concerned after he read it, passing the letter around to everyone.*

[Dick] Since when are Jason and you on speaking terms again?

[Damian] We aren’t.

*Lucien grabbed the letter from Dick. Reading it over quickly. When he was done he handed it to Wren. She frowned after she was done reading it.*

[Wren] Why would the League of Assassins care about the Joker and Vandal Savage having a meeting.

[Lucien] The bigger question is why he wants us to break it apart.

[Barbra] No one is a fan of this Joker, Lucien.

[Damian] If he is writing to us then it means it involves, Valkyrie.

[Bruce] What could Vandal Savage want with, Valkyrie.

[Lucien] As far as we know, nothing. Mom is with the Indigo Tribe.

*Damian frowned.*

[Damian] Anything with Savage isn’t so simple to deal with.

[Barbra] Especially if he brought in the lunatic.

*Lucien sighed. Wren putting her hand on top of his.*

[Lucien] I’ll go dig around tomorrow.

[Dick] Then let’s eat.


The Crow & the Butterfly – Shinedown

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