Eagle & Falcon #1

* The young Calvin Rose Jr. is waiting at the airport. His younger brother is set to land soon. He had hopped on the earliest flight from Blüdhaven to Star City. While he was waiting he pulled out his phone. Fourteen messages from Ollie about wether his brother’s arrived yet. Since he left Booster Gold, Ollie has been needing help. That meant wearing the Speedy costume again. Thankfully for him, his brother was coming to bale him out. Then he could return as Booster Silver. *

[Brendan] Cal!

*Cal looked up from his phone. His nerdy brother rolling the black suitcase their mother had bought them. He waved.*

[Cal] Hey, little bro. How are you doing?

*His little brother hugged him tightly.*

[Brendan] Fine. Dad sends his regards.

[Cal] What’s the old guy up too?

*His brother shrugged.*

[Brendan] Training vigilantes. Same old.

*Cal laughed and put his arm around his brother. They walked towards his car. When Brendan spotted his mustang the boy smiled and ran towards it.*

[Brendan] Can I drive?

[Cal] If you were in your superhero outfit maybe.

*Brendan looked around the empty parking lot. He snapped his finger and shadows wrapped around his body. He was soon standing there in his little get up. Both his little brother and his older sister had a talent for magic. He on the other hand took after their father. Pointy objects were his skill set.*

[Cal]  Alright. You remember how to get to Ollie’s place?

*Brendan nodded. Cal got into the passenger side, and texted Ollie they were on their way. By the time Brendan had started reversing the car, Ollie had responded and asked about cake flavors.*

[Brendan] So is the situation in Star City is that bad?

*Cal looked at his little brother. When did he start talking like an adult?*

[Cal] Everyone’s abandoned Star City. The fact of the matter is Ollie is just too old to do it himself now.

*Brendan turned towards the parking garage of Ollie’s apartment.*

[Brendan] So he’s seeking more permanent help.

*Cal looked at the ten year old. What was this about?*

[Cal] Eventually…

*Brendan parked the car.*

[Brendan] Are you planning on staying here as Speedy or Booster Silver?

*Cal felt uncomfortable. His brother was beginning to act just like his mother.*

[Cal] No. I don’t plan on staying in Star City.

*Brendan got out of the car.*

[Brendan] You expect me to stay to help Ollie.

*Cal, got out of the car. Heading to the trunk to get his brother’s bag.*

[Cal] Well, Brendan, you still need a mentor. Ollie is a good guy.

[Brendan] I have Damian, Cal. A life back in Gotham.

[Cal] You are ten years old. Your life can wait a little to help a family friend.

*Brendan hit the elevator button.*

[Brendan] That’s not true. I have someone I need to protect.

*Cal sighed. This was about Wednesday. Falcon was her partner.*

[Cal] Brendan. Wednesday will be fine for a few weeks.

*The elevator doors opened and they walked in. Cal hit the button for the penthouse. He had to insert the key Ollie had given him.*

[Brendan] It isn’t all about Wednesday. Gotham is my home.

[Cal] Gotham isn’t the best city to call home. You may like Star City.

*Before Brendan could respond the elevator doors opened. Ollie and Laurel standing in front of it. They both had party hats on.*

[Ollie] Welcome to Star City.

*Brendan looked at Cal, like he was going to die.*

[Laurel] Welcome, Brendan Rose. We were told you were coming.

*Brendan walked into the room, A dark cloud was forming around them. Ollie and Laurel looked at each other in panic.*

[Cal] Brendan is similar to my mom.

*Their eyes lit up with understanding. His emotions manifested as well.*

[Laurel] Is there something we can do to make you more comfortable.

*He shook his head.*

[Brendan] You have already done too much.

*An alarm went off in the apartment.*

[Ollie] Well, duty calls.

*Laurel looked at the boys sympathetically.*

[Cal] It’s always work in Star City.

*He hit a button on his wrist watch. It unfolded into a machine that looked like Booster Gold’s Skeet. The machine and his body. His clothes turning into the white and blue version of Booster Golds.*

[Brendan] Your outfit is as showy as always.

*Cal winked at him. He moved his hands and darkness swirled around him. In many ways his outfit was a male version of his mothers. He had taken the name Falcon because his brother-in-law had already taken Crow.*

[Ollie] I’ll send you guys the coordinates.

*The two nodded and Brendan lifted his hands. Darkness consuming the two of them.*

[Brendan]  Azarath Metrion Zinthos.

*An image of a Falcon was the last thing the two older heroes saw.*

Scene shifts to outside Star City Bank.

*A man in a tight black suit with glaringly white accents was robbing the bank. His guns shooting out white light.*

[Cal] Oy, Doctor Light. Do you ever change your schtick?

*The man turned around. Cal and Brendan were shocked. This was not the Doctor Light they were accustomed too. *

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Champion – Kanye West

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