13 : Damian Wayne

The Batcave.

[Kierra Harris] This is one of the safest places right now.

*An elevator door opens. Damian Wayne walks in in a suit. A young girl behind him. He looks shocked to see everyone.*

[Damian] Kierra, what is going on?

[Wednesday] Mom?

*The group looks at each other.*

[Arsenal] Who is a parent now?

*The girl points to Valkyrie. *

[Arsenal] Oh, thank G-d.

*Starfire glares.*

[Jason] Now, I have a daughter.

*Damian frowns.*

[Damian] No. I do.

*Everyone looks at Valkyrie.*

[Talon] That’s a unique age difference.

[Wednesday] My name is Wednesday Wayne. I am the current Robin.

[Damian] More to the point. Why are you guys in my Batcave?

[Jason] Your bat cave! Where’s Dick.

*Damian smiled at Starfire.*

[Damian] At his daughter’s piano recital.

*Starfire lit up with joy. However, Arsenal looked pissed off.*

[Wednesday] Don’t worry Roy. He ended up with someone else.

[Talon] No kids for the junkie huh. Maybe it really did ruin you?

*Arsenal glares at him.*

[Damian] Arsenal has two kids.

*Arsenal sticks his tongue out at Talon.*

[Kierra] Damian. It’s started.

*Damian walks forward and picks up Kierra, putting her on the table.*

[Damian] Wednesday. Go get Alfie.

*The girl nods and runs back to the elevator.*

[Damian] The rest of you come here and get some treatment.

*They walk over to the table. Cassidy hooks Kierra back up on an IV. Damian sets up the IV for Valkyrie. Jason looks annoyed. Damian is clearly enjoying that. Wednesday comes back with a man in a suit. The man seems shocked to see the guests.*

[Alfie] You called, Sir.

[Damian] I need you to make a call to the Justice League. He nods and goes and sits down at computer. Wednesday comes over to wrap Arsenal who has a gash on his arm.

[Jason] Alfie, you remind me of someone. Whats your last name?

[Alfie] Pennyworth, sir.

*Jason smiles. The old dog.*

[Jason] Thanks Alfred.

[Alfie] It is Alfie sir.

*Wednesday giggles.*

[Wednesday] Alfie has Jasper called?

[Alfie] He is on his way back to the mansion.

[Talon] Who is Jasper?

[Damian] Wednesday’s brother.

*Jason looked at Valkyrie. She shrugged.*

[Wednesday] We are twins.

*Jason now looked at Damian. He had inherited certain things from his farther Bruce. A voice rang from the computer. It was Superman.*

[Superman] Damian. Whats wrong?

[Damian] Vandal Savage and Luthor have stepped out from the shadows.

[Superman] Is Kierra Harris alive?

[Kierra] I am sir.

[Superman] I will call the others.

[Damian] We will be in the watchtower soon.

[Superman] No. It is too risky. Stay where you are.

*Damian looks annoyed, but he does agree. Superman hangs up.*

[Jason] Bruce would of never keeled over like that.

*Damian glares at him.*

[Damian] You don’t know the situation

[Jason] But I know Bruce.

*Valkyrie is staring at Wednesday. She has her round face, and tiny nose and lips. But her eyes are so similar to Bruce and Damian. But they were a pale lime green color she had only ever seen on cats. Her black hair was tied in two pig tails, making her outfit of jeans and a button up shirt look childish. Valkyrie could not tell if she was mature for her age or just weird.*

[Valkyrie] How old are you?

[Wednesday] Nine.

*Valkyrie looked at Damian.*

[Damian] Time stream.

*She sighed. It was such a good excuse. The elevator door opened again and this time a boy came in carrying a violin case. He was taller then his sister but looked very similar. Same large lime green eyes, small rounded face and tiny features. His black hair left longer to sweep over his face.*

[Jasper] So it’s true. Mom’s home.

[Damian] Not for long.

[Jasper] It doesn’t matter to me.

*Damian sighs.*

[Starfire] I think you have problems with your children, Laeila.

[Arsenal] Can’t even be a good mother.

*Wednesday throws a knife straight past Arsenal into the wall behind him.*

[Wednesday] I would not talk if I were you.

[Talon] She’s a lot like you Damian.

*He sighs. Jasper walks up to Valkyrie. He takes one of the shots on the table Damian prepared and shoots her. Valkyrie winces.*

[Jasper] Try not to die again.

*Valkyrie bends down and messes up his hair.*

[Valkyrie] So you do care.

*His face turns red.*

[Jasper] I never said I didn’t.

[Arsenal] So everyone gets cute kids but me.

*Talon smiles*

[Talon] Well, not all of us went after Orange.

*Miss Martian laughed.*

[Miss Martian] I like that one.

*Talon winks at her and Raven rolls her eyes.*

[Damian] You guys need to rest. The next few days will be hard for you.

[Arsenal] Or you can send us back to our time, now that you have Kierra Harris.

[Damian] If you are here, we might as well use you.

[Jason] What the blood son needs one of us non related sons.

*Damian frowns.*

[Damian] You need to protect Laeila. She cannot recharge her ring.

*Everyone looks at Laeila.*

[Valkyrie] Indigo rings need to be recharged every 24 hours.

[Starfire] You don’t have a lantern.

*Valkyrie shakes her head.*

[Talon] Someone must have a lantern.

[Raven] Her husband would.

[Miss Martian] So all of her power is with the future Jason.

*Wednesday nodded.*

[Wednesday] Yea and he went off the wall with mom.

*Talon burst out laughing. Wednesday threw another knife and he shut up. Damian smiled and patted her head.*

[Arsenal] The real question is why is Jason the Ra’ah Ahl Ghoul. You are his blood heir?

[Damian] I took up Batman.

[Jason] That was supposed to be Dick’s job.

[Damian] Dick couldn’t deal with being in Bruce’s shadow.

*Arsenal and Talon look at each other and laugh.*

[Jason] And Tim?

[Damian] Heading towards retirement.

[Jason] Where’s Bruce?

[Damian] Upstairs.

*Jason hopped off the table.*

[Jason] I am going to see Bruce.

*Damian grabs his arm.*

[Damian] It is not what you expect.

*Jason ignores him and goes to the elevator.*

[Alfie] Would everyone like to come this way.

*Everyone goes to the elevator and back up into Wayne manor. They see a very old man in a chair.  The old man turns to look at them and sighs.*

[Bruce] Damian. What am I looking at?

[Wednesday] The past grandpa.

[Jason] Bruce.

*Bruce whacks his cane on the ground.*

[Bruce] I didn’t live this long to hear your voice again.

[Damian] This is the past Jason, Bruce.

[Bruce] All the same.

[Valkyrie] Bruce, what happened?

[Bruce] That damned voice.

*Valkyrie walked over to him. Bruce frowned.*

[Bruce] I should have never of listened to you. The second I let that girl into my life everything got even worse…

[Valkyrie] What girl, Bruce?

*Bruce started snarling, foaming at the mouth. His hands went to his throat. Damian and Alfie rushed forward. Alfie held his head back why Damian forced pills down his throat. Bruce closed his eyes.*

[Damian] Bruce is sick.

[Jason] We can see that.

[Damian] Then you can drop the formalities and follow me to the dining room. Alfie will set out dinner.

*They followed Damian from the room. Valkyrie and Jason saw Wednesday and Jasper kiss Bruce goodbye.*

Dining room.

wayne manor

Mad Love – JoJo

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