Story Draft :

Clementine Montgomery :


Clementine Montgomery was born in the 17th century in the the colony of South Carolina. Her family were immigrants from Massachusetts seeking to escape the Witch Trials.  Her grandmother Elizabeth Howe had tricked the colonists that she had died by hanging and married the emigrating merchant Deacon Montgomery. Before they left Massachusetts, they gave birth to a daughter named Charlotte Montgomery. Unlike her mother who had the ability to see when those around her would die, Charlotte Montgomery inherited the ability to feel the suffering of those around her. The result left her as a somewhat unstable colonist. She was often prone to retreating from her job as a school teacher for time alone. During the first Witch examinations, Charlotte Montgomery was hiding in the woods from the pain. There the angel Zauriel appeared. Seeking to correct a mistake that will happen in the future, the Angel impregnated her with a child. When she returned home and told her parents of what happened they insisted for her to not say a word about what really happened. Deacon Montgomery went to the town pastor and claimed one of the girls on trial for being a witch cast a spell on his daughter. The pastor came to examine Charlotte Montgomery with a group of followers and pronounced the child was a demon. Elizabeth Howe told the Priest she saw a man controlled by the girl on trial climb on top of her daughter. The child was an innocent if they raised it to be. The Pastor told the town the child might be an innocent and so when it was born his own son William Hubbard would watch over it to decide. Clementine and William ended up as close friends. When William became a Reverend the Montgomery’s threw him a party. A week before Clementine’s 13th birthday, her grandmother Elizabeth for the first time in years foresaw a large massacre of the town residents. As she had previously taken advice on how to completely erase her powers she should not have been able to see death. After nights of Charlotte having fevers, Clemetine went to her grandmother telling her she was seeing the images of children. A demon by the name of Nergal was coming to town. Elizabeth told her granddaughter to dream of white light the next few days in hopes it would erase her granddaughter’s powers like hers. However, the images just got worse. She went to warn the Pastor who regarded her words first as madness then as sorcery. When the body count began the Pastor declared Elizabeth Howe a witch.  The entire Montgomery family was sentenced to death by fire. In fear for her family, Clementine ran to the town square and professed her sins. She explained that she had wished to try and meet her father and she had heard he was a demon. Her grandmother had been trying to get the Pastor to find the solution and was misunderstood.  Clementine kneeled down in front of everyone and begged the town not to kill her innocent family. She even told them of the visions she had been having and how she told her grandmother to tell the Pastor. Clementine was burned at the stake to purge to the town of demonic energy. The rest of the Montgomery family was saved, but exiled. Reverend William Hubbard on the night before her burning raped her and sang happy birthday. He vowed to cleanse the earth of all demonic entities who tempted men’s hearts.

Clementine awoke after her burning in the company of the residents of Heaven. There she was greeted by the angels Hasdiel and Laoel. The two told her about her father and her future role in killing a future tainted child. When her father refused to meet her and the angels told her she was expected to sit and wait for the future, Clementine rebelled by choosing to fall. Once on Earth, she decided to travel and seek a new purpose. For years she worked as a Soul Broker and in her good moods a protector of Innocents and Children. Thus, usurping the name of Diniel from the deceased Angel. After whispers from the spirits that lingered warned her about the prophecy to come she headed to Louisiana. There she watched the interaction between The Swamp Thing and John Constantine. The Angel Baruchiel appeared behind her. He had been sent by the other Angels to guide her. Her job was to watch over the child as his counter part. Clementine and Baruchiel ended up in a two year war before she accepted his presence. The two eventually becoming inconsistent lovers. Baruchiel never able to approve of Clementine’s ability to comfortably exist in both the bad realms and the good. The two stayed together like this until the birth of the Evil and Good dragons. Where Baruchiel met for the first time his mother Chantinelle. The seal on his memories broken, Baruchiel kidnapped the child they were watching over, murdering the human Abby in the process. Clementine blamed John Constantine for bringing Reverend William Hubbard in as an aid in containing of the childhood of the two baby dragons. As he was the one who undid the seal on Baruchiel’s memory and was representative of the extremity the Angels could take.

Clementine hunted Baruchiel down for three years before she found him with the young boy in California. There she managed to convince Baruchiel he could not do this without her when the boy shot up the school. The three fled to Clementine’s native South Carolina. Where she and Baruchiel took on the names Carol Ann and Mason Dixon, small town apothecaries from Alabama. The family had peace for awhile before John Constantine showed up and asked Clementine to broker a deal for him. Clementine refused until the child heard it was for his mother Abby’s soul. John found a way to save her even though Baruchiel had condemned her soul. The child pointed out that Baruchiel could not lie to anymore about being of both worlds. Baruchiel agreed, but Clementine did not. She took the boy into the room and sat down with him. She said they would come to corrupt him completely. He begged Clementine and she eventually gave in. She summoned Beelzebub, as he had the least hatred of Constantine, and asked him about Abby. Beelzebub said Baruchiel traded her soul in order to guarantee the child’s safety for fifty years. The trade was done with the First. Clementine asked Beelzebub if the child could be similar to her and he did not answer. She told John she would trade places with Abby. Beelzebub refused the deal. Baruchiel begged her not too, but she said it was only way for the child. She asked Beelzebub to take her as she was more valuable. Beelzebub had to agree and Clementine was dragged down. As she was dragged down she mouthed the words I love you to the boy. His mother Abby appearing on the bed. Baruchiel holding on to the weeping child as John Constantine picked up the unconscious Abby and left.

In Hell, Clementine remained chained in Beelzebub’s mansion. Although, the two had become friends of sorts since long ago many of his followers hated her. Including one of his own children, Zebel, who had dated her in the past. Clementine had managed to escape the worst of torture when The First and Azazel appeared with Beelzebub. They had come to strike a deal. They wanted John Constantine’s soul. However, Clementine did not have the power to do anything about that. What she could possibly do with Baruchial’s help is cause John Constantine to become a Fallen. The Angel Eial had died a long time of go and was ripe for a successor. When Clementine asked why they would give her such a nice deal they all simply replied she amused them and was competent and fair in her trades with both sides. Further, they also needed to ensure some balance was kept. She agreed to the task and hugged the three of them before disappearing. Azazel looked at the other two and said it may be time soon to admit she is family.

Clementine appeared inside of their plantation house to find Abby and Baruchial in bed together. Upon seeing her the two of them freaked out and the boy ran in. Upon seeing the child she raised Clementine stopped her rage and pulled him close. She had felt how much the balance inside of him had shifted. Baruchial could not handle him alone. Abby had also brought around a tainted presence as she had come out as a Witch. The three adults began to fight when Reverend William Hubbard appeared in the doorway. He had stuck around on Abby’s request to watch the boy grow up and help. In rage, Clementine struck Baruchiel and disappeared with the boy. Reverend William in his outrage threw Abby across the room and demanded to know where they went. Baruchiel had no idea. Clementine took the boy to Louisiana where she knew an old coven. There they set up boundary spells and Clementine absorbed the extra taint that had entered the boy’s soul. In it she saw the memories of the atrocious acts he had done under the influence of Abby and Reverend William. She decided to call down the Angels Hasdiel and Laoel. She asked them for the right to rise if she dealt with growing evil. The two assuming she was talking about herself agreed. Afterwards, she called John Constantine to Louisiana. She told him she knew of a way to save his soul from his damnation if he helped her with Abby and Reverend William. When the boy exposed Reverend William as a rapist, murder and practitioner of blasphemy John Constantine begrudgingly accepted. Guilty about the corruption of Abby’s soul.  The three of them managed to trap Abby, Reverend William and Baruchiel in a circle in the swamps. There, Clementine offered Reverend William’s soul to Azazel and Abby’s to the First. The prize was leaving the boy alone. The two agreed and dragged their souls back down to hell. Beelzebub in his jealous rage attacked the boy. Clementine pushed John in the way and he died. Before he could be taken to hell Clementine invoked her right to rise in John’s name as he had self sacrificed and he went to heaven. Clementine winked at the returning Beelzebub. When Baruchiel woke up he found himself burned with a slave mark. His master was now Clementine. The trio setting up a home in New Orleans, so the boy could finish school.

During this time, the duo began a toxic relationship. The boy seeking comfort in the arms of fellow female student. At the arrival of a newly fallen John Constantine, the boy soon learned that girl was his daughter, the female dragon. He came to tell them he did not approve of the relationship, as he was tainted by his father The Swamp Thing. This lead to Clementine revealing he should be more careful now that he is a Fallen. John realizing who exactly was after him. When he went to go see who his daughter was living with he found her alone in the house. She had been abandoned in New Orleans four years ago. Clementine decided to raise the girl and banished John from their living quarters. He said he’d be back when he knew what was going on. The new family of four decided on leaving New Orleans to live in Japan. Clementine’s hope was to remove the two of them from both sides seats of power.

There the family of four met a woman named Tatsu Yamashiro. She had been tipped off by John Constantine to watch out for the children under her care. Unable to do anything about it, Clementine allowed Tatsu to live with them and train the two children in martial arts. As the philosophy helped keep the two of them calm. The situation lasted for a little over a year until Clementine found Tatsu and Baruchiel in bed together. Clementine gave Tatsu two options: to leave Japan and never return or to be dragged down to the underworld for all the souls she held in her sword. The two began to fight when John appeared. He forcibly separated the two females and severed the master slave contract between Baruchiel and Clementine. When he went to take the children, Clementine disappeared with them. Baruchiel telling John he made the wrong choice. John left Japan and returned to England. Tatsu and Baruchiel kept their relationship up for a few months before she disappeared. Broken, Baruchiel found his way to Taiwan where he took up residence in a Buddhist Temple. Half a year later he met a woman by the name of Mistress Huang. He left the temple to live a fake life as someone looking for a teacher. He often helped her with her acts of vengeance between using his abilities to slightly aid or worsen her acts of violence. The two began a toxic relationship that eventually led them to Korea. There Clementine was raising the children with a Gumiho. Enraged to find out He and Clementine were lovers Baruchiel lost control of the powers he hadn’t used in so long. Mistress Huang and the Gumiho disappearing in the process. Tired of their foster parents fights, the two children disappeared. As the fight between Baruchiel and Clementine had lead to a continuation of their toxic relationship the two were surprised to see the children were missing.

The two would not find them again until years later when a returned Reverend William had them trapped in a burning church back in South Carolina. The two running into John Constantine there. The three of them managing to stop the hell flames by Baruchiel finally completely unsealing the demonic half of himself. Clementine and John rushed into the building to save the kids when she was trapped inside with Reverend Williams. Inside the church, Reverend Williams attempted to rape the injured Clementine again as they were both falling to Hell soon. Out of the flames appeared the demon Etrigan who wanted a favor from her. He ripped Reverend William to shreds and threw him down to hell. After which he asked Clementine to give him his own human form and alias. She agreed, granting Etrigan the name Edward Baker and the instructions to find John Constantine after this for the rest. Etrigan disappeared and Clementine came out of the church. There she saw John Constantine disappearing with his daughter. Baruchiel was holding back a crying boy. Clementine calmed the boy down by telling him they would make sure she would live the coming threat and return to his side. Seeing the uncontrollable forces within Baruchiel, Clementine decided the three of them should go to Hell. Baruchiel and the boy not understanding what she meant until they arrived inside the mansion of Beelzebub. Clementine explaining she found him the most tolerant and longest of patience. Once there Clementine brokered their safe residency here in exchange for her son to father a child with one of his daughters. Baruchiel out right denied, but Clementine agreed. She told her son to trust her and he did. He and the demoness Tala conceived a daughter. After it was done, Clementine cleansed her son’s soul so Tala’s abilities to control him vanished. However, as she stuck around for awhile to watch over her daughter Tala and the boy did become close friends. Although, neither ever acting upon their sexual desires. Beelzebub asked to name the girl in which all agreed. The baby girl was named Lahash. Her parent’s choosing to call her Haley. Tala is the first to leave Hell as she grows bored of being a mother and wishes to return to antagonize the man she truly desired the Phantom Stranger. Baruchiel and Clementine at that point in time become pregnant with twins. They are later named as Rulers of Hell, the male Zepar and the female Solas. The twins are blessed by their parents as a means of protection from the atmosphere of Hell and left in the care of Beelzebub for awhile as they return to Earth with their foster son.

Appearance :

Clementine has long blonde hair that is often kept loose and wavy. Her other physical characteristics include pale skin and metachromatic eyes (green and black). For the majority of the time, she wears a black dress with black shoes. Clementine also carries a parasol with her.

Powers :

Angel Related:

Flight – Super Human Speed

Super Human Strength, Durability, Stamina, Agility

Energy Projection

Sonic Flash

Immortality – Self Sustenance

Enhanced Intellect

Enhanced Senses

Hand-to-hand combat


Demon related:



Size Alteration


*Although she posses the basic skills of an Angel & Demon to agree each skill is considerably weaker or more draining then for a regular Angel as she burdens herself with the boy’s corruption. *


Channel Energy – Can channel energy of both sides

See Spirits – Majority of the time can only see the spirits of children or innocents


Divine Artifact :

Parasol – Boundary line

Baruchiel :


Baruchial was the child of Chantienlle and an Angel. His father was killed and he was raised by the Angels to watch over Clementine and the boy. His demonic side was sealed off until he met Clementine. Baruchial also is known as Eae by demons for his unique abilities.


Baruchial looks similar to his mother Chantinelle with dark hair and almost identical features. However, he has yellow green eyes like his deceased Angel father. He is often wearing dark slacks, a button up shirt and a long black trench coat.

Unique Powers & Abilities:

Reversal – Baruchiel commands over strife and so can further increase it or completely erase it

Demonic Control – Baruchial is able to complete control any lower ranked Demon. He is also able to influence and affect High ranked Demons.

Succubus abilities

Divine Artifact:

Sword of Severance – Cuts through Bonds and Ties


John Constantine On Arrow

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