The Family of Roses #1

*The door opened, Raven walked into the room. Calvin was holding a tiny baby on his lap. A young girl and a boy were playing on the floor.*

[Boy] Mom!

*Raven smiled at him, bending down to pick up the boy. His arms wrapped around her neck.*

[Raven] Yes, Cal.

[Cal] Play with us.

*Calvin stood up from the couch.*

[Calvin] Cal, mom has to talk with dad. It is important.

*The boy nodded, dropping from his mother’s arms. His older sister taking the baby from his father’s hands. Raven and Calvin leaving the living room to go talk in their bedroom.*

[Raven] What is it?

[Calvin] I need to return to Gotham.

*Raven sat down on the bed.*

[Raven] Why?

[Calvin] Casey has sent me a letter.

*Raven stood up from the bed, darkness lashing out from in her.*

[Raven] So you are going back for her!

*Calvin walked towards her, but was stopped by a shadow lashing out.*

[Calvin] She needs my help.

[Raven] We dropped her on Bruce’s doorstep so she would always have help.

[Calvin] Raven…

*More darkness erupted, the light bulbs in the room exploding. Calvin looked around nervously. His wife was not in the best mindset.*

[Calvin] You need to be reasonable here.

*Raven walked forward, causing Talon to back up against the door.*

[Raven] Last time you went you cheated.

*Calvin’s hands went up.*

[Calvin] I’m not going to be so stupid again. I promise.

*She turned away from him, the darkness returning inside of her. He leaned off the door and hugged her..*

[Raven] You are going to do what you want to do, so just go.

*Calvin let go of her. At times like this he had learned it was not the best to argue with his wife. He walked out the door. Raven held out her hand and the phone zoomed into it. She quickly dialed a number.*

[Voice] Hello?

[Raven] Laelia?

[Laelia] Raven?

[Raven] I need a favor.

[Laelia] Anything.

[Raven] How soon can we come?

[Laelia] I can be back on Earth by tomorrow.

[Raven] We will see you then.

*Raven hung up the phone. She was not the one to waste time on social etiquette. Instead, she left the room and rejoined her family. Calvin was back on the couch with their youngest son.Their daughter on the floor making their middle child’s blocks float. This should of been enough for her. This is what she thought always escaped her. She went and sat down on the floor. Cal jumping into her arms.*

[Cal] I love you mom.

*She stroked his hair.*

[Raven] I love you too.

Scene shift to Kyoto.

*Raven is standing in front of a large house gate. Her three children and their bags besides them. As if sensing they arrival the gate opens for them, the kids jumping with joy. A blonde haired woman is waiting for them on the other side. A young boy her daughter’s age is standing behind her.*

[Laelia] Raven!

*The girl walked forward and pulled her into a hug. Her kids looking shocked behind her.*

[Cal] She hugged mom.

[Wren] I saw.

*The boy stepped out from behind his mom and stuck out his hand for Wren.*

[Lucien] Lucien. Lucien Todd.

*The girl’s face went red. His eyes were a startling purple.*

[Cal] Calvin Rose, Jr.

*The boy said stepping out to shake his hand. Lucien smiled politely at the boy and looked at the girl. Raven could feel his interest in her. Cal waved his hands in the boys face.*

[Cal] No need to look at my sister. She’s shy. Her names Wren by the way. The little one is Brendan.

*Purple chains appeared on the boys ankles, locking him to the side walk. Lucien Todd walking past him to Wren. He took her hand and gave it a kiss, much to the bemusement of his mother. Her daughter’s face became as red as a tomato.*

[Lucien] My lady, Wren.

[Raven] What are you teaching your son?

*Laelia smiled at her old friend.*

[Laelia] How to get girls, clearly.

*She hurried them inside. The gates closing behind the Rose family.  Laelia’s house was not as large as it looked on the outside. Most of the land had been dedicated to garden space. It was big enough however for them all to get their own room. After they threw their stuff down, the kids joined Laelia in the garden for lunch.*

[Lucien] Wren! Sit over here.

*The young boy patted at the seat besides him. She thought he was just like his father. The rest of the family sat down quickly. Wren, as stiff as a board next to Lucien. Soon a middle aged woman in a Kimono came out and served them lunch.*

[Laelia] So what happened?

[Raven] I decided to leave, Calvin.

*Laelia looked at her shocked. Thankfully the kids were too busy eating to pay attention to their conversation.*

[Laelia] What happened?

[Raven] He went over to hers again.

[Laelia] Oh. I thought he was done with that?

[Raven] So did I.

[Laelia] Well, my place is always open. I am not here a lot, but Lucien would like the company.

*Raven looked at her daughter, now talking animatedly to Lucien Todd. This could be a problem.*

[Raven] Considering Calvin’s finding out in a note. I may be hiding here for awhile.

*Laelia burst out laughing.*

[Laelia] You left him a note.

[Raven] It’s good enough for him.

*The two not saying another word, turned their attention to the lunch.*


Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake

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