1 : It’s no longer just the three of us.

Scene starts off in rural Spring Hope, North Carolina.
*Laeila and Jason are sitting on an outdoors bench on a large southern porch. She is reading a book and he is polishing a gun. A female voice from the window besides them calls out.*
[Starfire] Breakfast is ready. Are you guys hungry?
*Arsenal pops his head out.*
[Arsenal] Jason these pancakes look so good. You got to eat them.
*Jason laughs. Starfire comes outside holding a tray of pancakes. In the time he was gone she had finally taken the cooking class she had been talking about. No more Tamaranan food for them.*
[Jason] Those look amazing Kori.
*She smiles and sits down next to Jason. Arsenal sulks and sits in one of the seats. She puts the tray down on the table. Jason putting aside his newly polished gun.*
[Arsenal] So new girl, how do you have this house again?
*Laeila smiled.*
[Laeila] I had some money saved and bought it from my grandparents during the recession.
[Arsenal] That’s not sketchy at all.
[Laeila] I promise you I had the money from legal means.
*Arsenal snorts.*
[Kori] Be nice, Roy.
[Roy] I am being nice, Kori.
[Laeila] It’s fine. I bought the house in case I needed to get away sometimes. I never expected I’d use it for something like this.
*Roy looks at her skeptical. This house had horses, bow and arrow range and a gun rage. It wasn’t something a twenty year old could afford.*
[Roy] There’s a lot on this property. You grandparents must of had many hobbies?
[Laeila] The only thing from my grandparents is the grape vines and the basketball hoop. The rest I added. I was planning on using this place as a home for homeless veterans.
*Kori smiled.*
[Kori] That sounds like a wonderful idea! Horses are magnificent animals.
*Jason smiled.*
[Jason] Speaking of magnificent animals, this one right here is bored.
[Arsenal] So you admit you’re a dog don’t you.
*Arsenal hits his arm. The two laugh together.*
[Kori] How are your injuries?
[Laeila] Mine are all good. It’s time to start getting back into training.
[Arsenal] Training right…
*Jason pulls out a tablet and places it on the table.*
[Jason] Training or not, I have been saving a surprise for you guys.
*Arsenal grabs the tablet and pulls up an image. Kori frowns but cheers up once she sees him cracking up laughing.*
[Arsenal] Is this a home base!
*Jason grabbed the tablet back, placing it on the table and hitting a button that caused a holographic 3D image to appear.*
[Jason] Bought the land last month.
*Arsenal cracked a large grin.*
[Arsenal] Been playing with the CoCo sellers again?
*He shook his head.*
[Jason] Don’t be stupid. I got it funded.
[Kori] Who would pay for us to have our own place?
[Jason] Our old mentors.
*Arsenal fell deeper into his chair.*
[Arsenal] Strings. So many strings.
*Jason shook his head.*
[Jason] Relax, Roy. I made sure to call in favors for the money. No commitment needed.
*Kori bent down to look at the plans.*
[Kori] It is awfully large for the four of us.
*Roy stood up.*
[Roy] That’s because he knows you like things big.
*Kori looked at him confused. Laeila pointed to his crotch. Starfire jumped up at him angry, shooting a laser at him. He sat down glum. *
[Jason] No, Roy. I was hoping others may join us.
*Roy and Kori both looked at Jason.*
[Roy] Why on earth would anyone join us when the goody two shoes Titans exist.
*Jason hits a button. A holographic image of a girl appears.*
[Jason] Trust me. Their are those who definitely don’t fit in with the Titans.
Scene fades to Titan watch tower. 
*Beastboy hears the doorbell ring and runs to the door. *
[Beastboy] Who is it?
[Pizza Guy] Pizza Delivery.
*Beastboy opens the door excitedly.*
[Pizza Guy] That will be twenty dollars.
*Beastboy turns around and calls out.*
[Beastboy] Who ordered the pizza?
*One by one the Titans start filing out into the entrance hall. Damian looks at Beastboy like he is an idiot.*
[Damian] That’s Arsenal, Idiot.
*Beastboy pulls twenty dollars from his pocket and hands it to Roy. *
[Beastboy] No, it is the pizza guy.
*Roy stashes the cash and Kori, Jason and Laeila jump out. Damian looks shocked to see them.*
[Damian] What are you guys doing here?
[Jason] We came to pick someone up. 
*They all walked into the tower. Roy flopping on their couch. Kori sitting calmly besides him. Jason leaning against the back of the sofa with Laeila standing besides him.*
[Roy] We want the witch girl.
*Kori punches him.*
[Roy] What I meant to say was… we would like to recruit Raven.
*Raven looked at them in shock.*
[Raven] Me?
*Damian walked up to them.*
[Damian] You and Wild Card have been off the grid for four months. Now you show up here trying to take a Titan. 
*Jason nodded.*
[Jason] We decided it was time to get our act together. 
[Blue Beetle] So you want to be a Titan?
*Roy cracked up laughing.*
[Roy] Oh G-d no. We’ve done that road a long time ago. It’s over for us.
[Kori] We have a nice little thing going on between us.
[Raven] Then why do you want me?
*Laeila stepped forward.*
[Laeila] Because I don’t think the Titans are a good fit for you Raven.
[Damian] And Redhood and his gang are a good fit for her? For you?
*Blue Beetle and Beastboy look at each other. This is awkward.*
[Jason] Give it a rest, Robin. You are here to become like Batman. That’s not everyones dream. Raven belongs with a group that will understand some of her other issues.
*Damian turns towards Raven.*
[Damian] Look at what they turned Wild Card into. If you go with them you will be testing the line even more.
*Laeila stepped forward.*
[Laeila] Made me into. Excuse me, Robin, but I happen to choose my own path.
*He looked her up and down.*
[Damian] Right. That’s why you are dressed like a prostitute.
*Beastboy and Blue Beetle began to slowly back away. Roy shot an arrow at them. They stopped walking. Kori stood up from the couch. Jason’s hand was on the handle of his gun.*
[Jason] Don’t talk to her like that, Brat.
[Laeila] There is nothing wrong with what I am wearing.
*Raven took in Laeila’s attire. She was wearing a shortened Kimono top with long sleeves that covered her long fingerless gloves. Underneath the printed top was a pair of leggings and boots. A large knife was strapped to her leg.*
[Raven] I don’t see how her dress attire has to do with why I shouldn’t go with them.
*Laeila nods her head yes.*
[Laeila] It doesn’t! I am wearing nice, comfy clothing and Robin can shove his misogynistic idealism down his throat.
*Damian looked at her shocked. Kori smiled. It needed to be said.*
[Raven] Look. I am happy here. There is no reason for me to leave.
[Jason] We need you Raven.
[Damian] We need her more!
*Roy shook his head.*
[Roy] Young love. It’s so tragic.
[Kori] Raven, the Titans will be fine without you. They have more members then ever. We could really use you.
*Laeila reached out her hand for her.*
[Laeila] And I think we could help you. Not force you into something that is clearly painful for you to keep up.
[Beastboy] Hey! We don’t hurt Raven.
*Laeila turned to Beastboy.*
[Laeila] Yes, you do. Indirectly at least. 
*Beastboy turns to Raven.*
[Beastboy] Raven is this true?
*She looks away from him and doesn’t answer.*
[Jason] Raven. We could really use you. Besides, you can always come back to the Titans.
*Raven’s bags appear besides her. Damian looks at her in shock.*
[Damian] You are going with them!
*She nods, staring at Laeila. The feeling that something bad was going to happen to her kept hitting Raven in waves.*
[Raven] They have something I can help them with. 
[Beastboy] Raven…
*She smiles at him.*
*Jason walks past the Titans and to the door, opening it for them. Kori and Roy head towards the door. Laeila locks arms with Raven, much to her discomfort, and they walk out the door. Beastboy looks at the door stunned.*
[Beastboy] She left.
[Blue Beetle] Her and your twenty dollars.
*Beastboy looks at Blue Beetle and Robin. He realizes he never got the money back from Roy. *
[Beastboy] Noooooooooo!
*Robin turns away from the door. He couldn’t understand why all of this was happening.*
[Robin] I’ll be in my room. Don’t bother me.
*Blue Beetle and Beastboy watch him walk away.*
[Blue Beetle] Which one of us tells the others?
*Beastboy sulked away from Blue Beetle towards his own room.*
[Beastboy] It’ll have to be you. I have lost too much today.
*Blue Beetle goes to the couch and sighs. This day just got longer…*

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