12 : Healing Kierra Harris

*They all walk in silence out of the lab room down the hall into what looks like a hospital room. An older mixed woman is in a coma, hooked up to many machines. There are weird patches swirling around her body.*

[Dove] It’s parasitic nature is taken from the Indigo Light. The Joker had it made a few years back.

[Arseanl] I am right once again.

*Starfire glares at him. Valkeryie sits down in the chair besides her and takes her hand. A few minutes go by and nothing happens. Crow and Dove walk behind her.*

[Crow] You have to allow her in.

[Valkyrie] Remind me to ground you before I die.

*He laughs.*

[Crow] Oh trust me you do.

*She closes her eyes again. This time the chains of compassion around her starts tightening on her neck. She is choking. Jason rushes forward but is held back by Jonathan. The chains on her ankles and wrists start to glow, wrapping around her squeezing. They watch her nose scrunch and her jaw clench. Finally she starts screaming. Raven and Miss Martian come forward and grab her hand.*

[Cassidy] Don’t!

[Crow] They are helping.

*Valkyrie continues to scream. Arsenal covers his ears. They start to notice the pattern on Kiera’s body move towards Valkyrie. It inches up her arm all the way to her face. Seeping into her eyes. Blood drops from them as they shine with rainbow light. Dove touches her shoulder and shines with a white light. *

[Dove] You must accept her pain.

*Valkyrie’s head shakes no and the chains tighten even more. Jason pushes past Jonathan over to Valkyrie. He grabs her and shakes her, trying to separate her from Kierra but he can’t.*

[Jason] Dammit Laeila. Come back.

*She screams again and Raven and Miss Martian are thrown back. Crow pulls Dove and shields her with his back as purple light starts shooting out as harsh waves from her.

[Crow] She needs to accept Kierra. If she won’t the chains will kill her.

*Jason leans down and kisses the screaming Valkyrie. He hugs her tight.* .

[Jaosn] It’s ok. It’s all ok now. She won’t hurt you. You are someone who can’t be hurt.

*Blood drips form Valkyries eyes.*

[Valkyrie] She is lying. She is lying.

*Jason squeezes her tight.*

[Jason] No, Laeila. She is hurt too. She didn’t like things either. You know that. You have defended her on that. Time to move on and come back to us. To me.

*Valkyrie screams even louder, wings of purple light erupt from her back and the Outlaws look on in horror.*

[Valkyrie] She deserves to die. Death is better for her.

*Jason looks at Crow.*

[Crow] She is going in the wrong direction. If she helps Kierra’s soul find Valhalla it will only temporarily stop the chains. Once Kierra’s body dies Valkyrie will die herself.

[Talon] I told you she called the wrong things compassion!

*Jason begins to panic.*

[Jason] Laeila, you need to tell me what to do. How can I make this better?

*Valkyrie turns her head to Jason. Images of him in bed with her fill the room. Him seeing her and standing up, calmly getting his pants. Her smiling and waving in bed.*

[Valkyrie] You both should die. It is better then living.

*Jason shook her.*

[Jason] No, its not. Living is better. Understanding each other is better. Thats what you taught me. You told me that.

*The images shifted to her Uncle in a straight jacket screaming at the wall, like a glitch it shifted to her. *

[Valkyrie] They cannot understand. She cannot understand.

*Kierra Harris lips moved slightly, a soft whisper came out.*

[Kierra] Sorry…

*Valkyrie froze. The light around her faded. One image left in the air. A group of girls were surrounding Kierra.. She was on the floor, Valkyrie standing in front of her arms spread.

*Then it shifted to her getting beat up in her place. Kiera watching. Running away while Laeila was on the floor. Then that light died too.*

[Valkyrie] Compassion means taking a stand even when you don’t want to. Even if the other person doesn’t want to be understood.

*The light from her eyes final died down and she blinked a few times before returning to normal. She looked around the room.*

[Valkyrie] What happened?

*Arsenal sighed.*

[Arsenal] You did.

*Kierra Harris eyes open and Cassidy helped her sit up.*

[Kierra] Thank you.

*Valkyrie stands up with Jason’s help.*

[Valkyrie] I need to go.

Jason helps her towards the door when they hear a large boom.They turn to see the hospital wall blown. Caitlin is standing on a helicopter, with Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor behind her.*

[Caitlin] Guess whose back?

*Dove shoots white light sending all the heroes back. Crow pulls his guns out.*

[Crow] You guys need to take Kierra.

[Cassidy] You guys can’t handle this.

*Crow smiled.*

[Crow] That’s why we have back up. A hole bursts open and two boy heroes are standing there. One in a Eagle costume the other in a Falcon.  They wave at Raven before jumping straight into the helicopter.

[Jonathan] It is time we go.

*He removes the cables from Kierra and picks her up. Cassidy runs out the room with the other heroes.*

[Talon] Where are we going?

[Cassidy] To the teleporter.

*They make it to the room only to find it full of League of Assassin ninjas.*

[Talon] You’re kidding me right.

*Arsenal draws his bow.*

[League ninja] Give us the girl and you guys can go back.

[Valkyrie] Theres no fucking way you are getting the girl after all of this.

*Jason smiled. The ninjas looked at each other and rushed forward. Jason dropped Valkyrie so he could shoot. She was drained on the floor.*

[Valkyrie] You don’t happen to have a power battery do you ?

*She asked the cowering Cassidy. Who shook her head no. Valkyrie realized she couldn’t use her powers. She twirled her staff around. This is why she attached a spear tip to the bottom. Standing up she surprised two assassins. Talon smiled.* (hit switch on staff. blade comes out to become spear)

[Talon] You are not so bad.

[Jason] Wait three minutes. She’ll fuck it up.

[Arsenal] Can we not discuss this right now.

*More assassins swarmed in and Raven covered the group with her shield.*

[Miss Martian] I would prefer not to do what you want me too Jason.

[Jason] It’s the only way out of this crowd.

[Miss Martina] Most of them are lost and confused souls.

*The ninjas stopped and a man walked forward. It was an old, scarred Jason Todd. Everyone froze.*

[Arsenal] I thought we were done with this.

[Older Todd] How I have missed the old Roy Harper.

[Arsenal] I don’t know If I miss this you.

*The man laughed.*

[Older Todd] Give me the girl and go home.

[Valkyrie] Jason…

*The old man smiled warmly.*

[Ra’as Ah ghul] It’s Ra’ah Ahl Ghoul now.

[Jason] What. How could I?

*The old man laughed…*

[Rha] It is quite a long story and a dangerous one. Be a good me and hand over the woman. You don’t even like her.

[Raven] Why do you need her?

[Miss Martian] He can kill her to heal Valkyrie.

[Rha] Indeed that virus of lights can heal the future Valkyrie.

*Kierra Harris started to cough blood.*

[Kierra] You can’t heal Valkyrie.

*Jason turned to glare at her.*

[Jason] Why the hell not?

[Kierra] Because she’s not controllable at this point in the time line. Her power runs rampant.

*Rha snarls.*

[Rha] Shut up. You don’t know what you are talking about.

*Kierra struggled to stand.*

[Kierra] You forced her into becoming that thing. It was too much for her body to bare and she went insane. Now look at you. Holding on to her body.

[Rha] The Lazarus Pit brought her back. She’s alive.

*Jason and Valkyrie looked at each other. Arsenal looked at Starfire.*

[Miss Martian] You do not believe her mind is there anymore.

[Rha] It is there! It is just buried under the corroded light.

[Valkyrie] What did you do to me, Jason?

*Rha looked at her*.

[Rha] Nothing. You did it. You wanted to fulfill his request. I couldn’t stop you.

[Raven] No. That’s not true.

[Miss Martian] You took the easy path. You didn’t fight her.

*Rha stepped forward.*

[Rha] Give me the woman and go back to the past. Final warning.

*Crow burst into the room with Dove behind him.*

[Crow] Ra’ah ahl ghoul get away from my parents.

[Rha] I am your parent! Now be a good boy and grab Kierra Harris.

[Dove] You know that won’t be enough.  It’s not worth working with Vandal and Luthor.

*Ra’ah Ahl Ghoul threw a knife at Dove. Crow shot it away.*

[Rha] Shut up. You don’t know anything about what’s in play.

[Crow] Working with them is madness.

[Rha] I am Ra’ah ahl ghoul. The demon. There is no madness strong enough to consume me. Now listen to your father or suffer the consequences.

*Crow fires a shot at his father. An assassin jumps in the way instead. *

[Arsenal] We need to get out of here.

[Valkyrie] I may be able to do one short jump. But I need a location.

[Miss Martian] I got one.

*Valkyrie smiled.*

[Valkyrie] The ironies.

*She hit her staff down and the whole shadow bubble disappeared. Rha screaming in anger and Crow laughing.*

Scene fades. They are in the bat cave.

[Jason] Are you fucking kidding me.


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