14 : Dinner With A Wayne

*Damian is sitting at the head of the table. Wednesday and Jasper to his right and left. Valkyrie is sitting at the other end. Raven and Jason to her right and left. Next to Raven is Talon who is by Miss Martian and Jasper. Next to Jason is Arsenal and Starfire. Alfie set soup down by all of them. Arsenal dug in first.*

[Arsenal] G-d how could I ever forget I was so hungry.

[Talon] It is indeed a miracle.

*Wednesday and Jasper laughed.*

[Wednesday] His eating never changed.

[Jasper] Still an animal.

*Starfire smiled at the kids.*

[Damian] Who brought you guys here?

[Jason] Cassidy and Jonathan

[Damian] So Leila did heal Kierra.

[Talon] It was quite the show.

*Damian nodded his head slightly. A serious expression on his face.*

[Damian] That’s good.  

[Jason] Mind telling us what’s going on?

[Damian] The end of one Joker’s biggest shows.

*Everyone looked shocked.*

[Damian] This is the result of the promise Laeila gave to the Joker years ago.

*Everyone looked at Laeila.*

[Arsenal] I thought, you promised the Joker Jason.

*Valkyrie shook his head.*

[Valkyrie] I promised him the show of a lifetime.

*Damian sighed.

[Damian] I’d say he gotten 4-6 lifetimes worth of shows before Caitlin killed him.

[Valkyrie] Caitlin killed the Joker?

[Jasper] And become the Joker herself.

[Valkyrie] But she was Robin for Bruce.

*Damian looked down at his soup.*

[Damian] Stuff happened.

[Jason] It always does.

[Talon] So is this Caitlin’s show or the old Jokers?

*Jasper looks over at Talon like he is an idiot.*

[Jasper] Both.

[Starfire] I don’t understand what would Caitlin want with Kierra Harris’ death. They were friends. Allies.

[Miss Martian] Friends don’t make other friends commit rape. Or get them beat up.

[Valkyrie] What did you say?

[Miss Martian] When I touched you. I got it from Kierra’s mind. Caitlin told her too, the first time at least.

*Valkyrie looks down.*

[Valkyrie] That’s new information to me. 

*Talon leaned over to offer a bad attempt at reassurance.*

[Talon] Not even the Court of Owls knew.

*Damian cleared his throat.*

[Damian] Yes, well. Caitlin kept many things from many people. 

[Arsenal] So let me get this straight we are in a future where a crazy girl is the new Joker. You are Batman. There are two baby Robins. Jason is the leader of the League of Assassins and this is all because of a show that involves the death of Valkyrie.

*Damian nods.*

[Alfie] I believe it is a little bigger then that sir.

*Arsenal head drops into his hands.*

[Arsenal] We never get a break.

[Damian] It’s not about her. It’s about Chaos. Caitlin wants chaos.

[Raven] What do Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor have to do with that?

[Damian] Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor have been in contact with Darkseid. The Justice League believe they will let Darkseid come to Earth.

[Jason] And future me is helping them?

[Damian] For a Chaos Crystal. Like the one that was used to revive me.

[Arsenal] So Jason is going crazy to fix crazy with a crystal of crazy.

*Damian nods.*

[Satrfire] And all of this can be stopped how?

*Damian smiles bitterly.* 

[Damian] With Compassion.

*Everyone at the table groans.*

[Valkyrie] In case you’ve forgotten I can’t use Compassion. In a few hours even my ring’s light will start to fade and it will be like I’m not even wearing one.

[Damian] So all you need to do is charge it.

[Talon] You have a way into the League of Assassins head quarters?

*Damian smiled.*

[Damian] Valkyrie just needs to ask her husband to return home. He will let her charge her ring if he thinks she wants to revive herself.

[Jason] And thats a good plan, how?

[Damian] Because Valkyrie does need to be revived.

[Arsenal] Isn’t the Justice League trying to stop her revival.

[Jasper] It isn’t that surprising the the Justice League is wrong.

[Talon] The kids right.

[Starfire] I do not understand. Why would you want to revive someone who can’t control a mass amount of power.

[Miss Martian] You miss her. I can see the memories.

[Raven] For the next Batman you aren’t very good at controlling your emotions. I can feel the sadness coming from you like a tsunami wave.

*Damian smiled.*

[Damian] I am not you witch girl. My emotions don’t ruin my control.

*Raven smiled. Talon looked at her and him. Arsenal and Jason laughed. That was indeed a thing from the past.*

[Valkyrie] So I go to see Ra’ah Ahl Ghoul, charge my ring and then what?

[Damian] You stay there. You try to resurrect yourself. You train. Future Jason understands your powers quite well. He can help you control them.

[Jason] You can’t seriously want to send her to the League alone.

[Damian] It’s not like any of you can go with her.

[Wednesday] He knows how all you feel about the League.

[Jasper] You’d ruin everything.

[Talon] What about one of you two.

[Jasper] Jason can barely stand us.

[Wednesday] Plus, it’s normal policy to not send nine year olds on covert op missions.

[Raven] I can go. I don’t have a problem with the League.

[Miss Martian] I can as well. It is simple enough to make it seem like I am still warped by Simon.

[Damian] If something goes wrong you two will be the first to die.

[Raven] Everyone dies sometime.

[Jason] I don’t like this plan. There’s too little information.

[Arsenal] What more information are we getting.

[Damian] Not much else. Everything is already in danger with you knowing all of this.

[Starfire] I believe it is the smartest choice to let her go, Jason. She needs to charge her ring. If only just to protect her own life.

*Jason slams his fist on the table. The two kids laughs.*

[Jason] If something goes wrong. I will kill you Damian.

[Damian] You can try.

Dinner scene ends. Shifts to a field outside gotham

*A helicopter lands and Future Jason comes out. He sees Valkyrie and smiles. Stiffens up again when he sees Raven and Miss Martian.*

[Rha] You called.

[Valkyrie] I will go with you.

[Rha] Why are you willing to go now?

[Valkyrie] The new information I got was very compelling.

[Rha] What did you learn?

[Miss Martian] Everything.

*Her eyes glowed.*

[Rha] And only you three want to defect.

[Raven] Miss Martian and I want to go back. Valkyrie wants to live.

[Rha] And the others?

[Valkyrie] Obsessed with doing the right thing.

[Rha] Where are they?

[Valkyrie] With Damian Wayne.

*Jason cracks up laughing.*

[Rha] Damian will kill Jason. He hates me.

[Miss Martian] He does indeed.

*Ra’ah Ahl Ghoul looks at her and smiles.*

[Rha] Didn’t your Uncle ever get you to understand its impolite to go through friend’s heads.

[Miss Martian] Are we friends?

[Rha] Maybe. Come, I need to show you my time lines Valkyrie.

*All three get on the plane.*

Scene shifts to Damian Wayne looking out the window with binoculars.

[Damian] They are on the plane.

*Talon and Arsenal are playing chess in arm chairs. Jason is polishing his gun.*

[Jason] This better work.

[Damian] It will.

[Talon] If it doesn’t I’m pretty sure he will take your head.

[Arsenal] And none of us would stop him.

*Damian sighs.*

[Damian] I never missed the old you.


All at Once – The Fray

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