2: Witches to Killers

Scene is a mountain temple in Taiwan.
*The group arrive outside the doors to a Buddhist temples prayer room. Laeila bows towards the Buddha and enters the room. She kneels quietly down by the young man praying.*
[Laeila] Calvin Rose….
*He doesn’t look up from his prayers.*
[Laeila] I know Damian Wayne.
*That caught his attention. He turned around to face her. Annoyance of his face.*
[Calvin] You can tell the kid that interrupting my meditation doesn’t make me want to reform my ways.
*Laeila shook her head no.*
[Laeila] Actually, you can tell him yourself. I am not here on his behalf.
*He looked at her confused. Why was she here then?*
[Laeila] My name is Wild Card.
*His face lights up with understanding. He stands up and walks towards one of the benches on the back wall. She gets up and joins him. He must not of wanted to have the conversation in front of the Buddha.*
[Calvin] So you are the infamous Laeila. The Court was in quite a buzz about you a few years ago.
[Laeila] Really? That would of been an interesting road to go down.
*He shook his head no.*
[Calvin] Trust me. It is not. Why are you here?
[Laeila] I need your services.
*Calvin frowned.*
[Calvin] I don’t work for the Court anymore. Nor, do I freelance.
*Laeila looked across the room at the Buddha Statue.*
[Laeila] Tell me. How do Casey and Sarah like being nuns?
*His voice raises in anger.*
[Calvin] How do you know those names.
*Laeila points to a man entering the room.*
[Laeila] I didn’t, but he did.
*Calvin looked tired all of a sudden.*
[Calvin] Oh great. Another Robin.
[Jason] It’s Redhood now.
[Calvin] Same thing. All of you are the same product of Bruce Wayne Inc.
*Jason laughs.*
[Jason] You are probably right.
[Calvin] What do you want from me, ex-Robin?
[Jason] I want you to join a team I’m putting together?
*Calvin sighed.*
[Calvin] You mean your renegade trio. No thanks. I work alone, remember.
[Jason] You don’t have too work alone. I did for years. Even for us loners it’s nice having company that understands us.
[Calvin] You think a former Alien Princess and a Drug Addict Archer understand me?
*Laeila took his hand. Calvin shuddered under her cold touch. Their was something about her that wormed her way into him. It was like her presence was forcing him to open himself up.*
[Laeila] The Court of Owls promised you you could help people. It turned out to be a lie. Not every ideal is so badly twisted like that. You could have a life where you help people with your own particular skill sets. And…and you can give a life back to Casey and Sarah.
*Calvin thought she sounded just like the Court of Owls. Particular skill set, indeed. However, the notion of helping Casey and Sarah piqued his interest.*
[Calvin] How can you help them?
*Jason sighs.*
[Jason] Bruce Wayne.
*Calvin stands up.*
[Calvin] This meeting is done.
*Laeila grabs his arm.*
[Laeila] Wait! I know what this sounds-
[Calvin] Enough. He would never put in his all for them.
*Laeila lets go of his arm.*
[Laeila] You are wrong. He would fight Gods for a good person.
*Casey, holding Sarah, come out of the adjoining room with the rest of the team.*
[Casey] Listen to them, Talon. They are telling the truth.
*Calvin looks at her and then back at Jason.*
[Calvin] Why?
[Jason] I am tired of being alone.
*Casey walks forward and grabs his hands.*
[Casey] You saved our lives. You did your job. Now it’s time for both of us to return to the world. My world is Gotham. It’s my home. Talon, you need to go find yours.
*Calvin looks up at her.*
[Talon] Is that what you really want?
*She shakes her head.*
[Calvin] Alright, I’ll go with these people.
*Laeila puts her arm around him, smiling.*
[Laeila] And with that, Talon has officially joined the team.
*They all turn around to descend the mountain.*
Scene shift to Wayne Manor doorstep.
*The doorbell rings and Alfred opens the door. He sees a young woman and her child standing there with a note.
[Alfred] Master Bruce!
*Bruce steps out from the doorway. Shocked to see a young girl at his doorstep.*
[Bruce] Let her in Alfred.
*Casey walks into the room and hands the note to Bruce. He reads it and smiles.*
Scene end shot is Damian Wayne is watching from the window…

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