11: 2026

*A woman steps forward.*

[Cassidy] My name is Cassidy Cane. We need your help.

*Arsenal sighs.*

[Arsenal] Of course someone needs our fucking help.

*Cassidy giggles.*

[Cassidy] I have heard stories of Roy being like this. Who knew it was true.

[Valkyrie] You just called him Roy.

[Jonathan] Of course, Dear. We are good friends with your future selves.

[Talon] Then you know you picked us up in the time in history when we are having a huge fight.

*The guy looked at Cassidy.*

[Cassidy] I think it may have been a few days earlier then intended.

[Arsenal] Clearly.

[Starfire] Why have you summoned us to your time?

[Jonathan] There is someone only Laeila can heal.

[Arsenal] Of course there is…

[Raven] If you are friends of us in this time. Can’t you get the Laeila here to heal her.

*The guy shakes her head.*

[Jonathan] She is dead.

[Miss Martian] That’s not 100% true.

*Cassidy sighs.*

[Cassidy] She was dead; however she is being kept in a coma like state by the League of Assassins leader.

[Talon] Why would the League of Assassins want her?

[Jonathan] Her husband is the leader.

[Raven] And you can’t tell us more?

[Cassidy] It would affect the time stream.

[Arsenal] Of course it would.

[Jonathan] However there are two people who can help her with the healing.

[Miss Martian] Lucian Todd and Wren Rose.

*Everyone looks at Jason and Talon.*

[Jonathan] Shall we go pick them up?

[Talon] They are together?

*Cassidy smiled.*

[Cassidy] I believe they are at dinner together at the moment.

*Jason and Talon just look at each other and frown.*

[Jason] Maybe I do need to find religion.

*The group follows them into a future limo. Seems normal just hovers without wheels. The ride is silent. However, Raven is boosting Miss Martian who is fiddling through their brains. Eventually, the limo parks outside an Italian restaurant. Everyone gets out.*

[Cassidy] Ah Wait! Take these.

*She hands everyone a bracelet. They put it on and click the button. Futuristic clothes cover them.*

[Jonathan] Oh right. They were in their pajamas.

[Arsenal] This is gonna suck.

*Starfire punches his arm.*

[Starfire] Be positive Roy.

*They walk into the crowded restaurant. Jonathan and Cassidy make their way to the back. They see a tall black haired guy leaning forward. The girl across from him is pale, with long blonde hair.*

[Raven] Nice choice in women.

*Talon shrugs.*

[Talon] Don’t be sore. Every guy has a place in his heart for a blonde.

[Cassidy] Actually…

*The guy hits her arm, and she smiles but shuts up. The couple turn to see them and smile.*

[Lucian] I thought you were doing this tomorrow?

[Jonathan] You can never keep track of the days.

[Wren] How could he when he has to keep track of me.

*They both laugh and Arsenal makes a fake puking face. Valkyrie agrees. The guy stands up and shakes Jason’s Hand. *

[Lucian] I assume you know who I am.

[Jason] Yea…

*He then turns to Valkyrie and hugs her. Surprising everyone.*

[Jonathan] Ah Lucian. Let’s try and not break the time line.

*Wren giggles*

[Wren] It’s alright. I would of seen it.

*Jason looks at Valkyrie.*

[Valkyrie] Am I your….

*He puts finger to her lips and winks. His eye change to be purple.*

[Lucian] It makes a difference when the ring is on and off.

*Arsenal makes the fake puking face, but this time with loud throw up noises. Wren turns to Talon and offers him her hand. He takes it and kisses the back of it.*

[Talon] How did you turn out so beautiful?

*She smiles.*

[Wren] You made a deal with an old Raven.

*Raven’s face turns bright pink. Miss Martian and Starfire laugh. Talon and Jason stare at each other, neither pleased their kids were hooking up with each other.*

[Jonathan] I believe we should be on our way…

*A loud boom interrupted them, the entrance to the restaurant is blown to bits. In front of them stood an older Caitlin Carter in a female joker costume. Behind her were a bunch of dressed up freaks.*

[Valkyrie] Caitlin!?

*She smiled at the guy*

[Caitlin] So you did bring the younger ones back, darling.

*Talon turns to him.*

[Talon] Darling?

*He just shakes his head.*

[Valkyrie] What are you doing dressed like the joker?

*Caitlin laughs.*

[Caitlin] Haven’t you heard? I’m the new Joker, but for old times sake you can call me Jezebel.

*Jason and Valkyrie look at each other. Who was Jezebel? The goons rush toward, shooting laser guns. Arsenal and Talon both flip over a table. Lucian smiles and jumps over. Purple light erupting from him before he turns into a black suited hero. Wren smiles at her mother and chants Azareth metrion zinthos, before white light turns her into a white cloaked version of her mother.*

[Caitlin] Hello Crow, Dove. Do you think you two are enough to hold me back?

*Crow smiles and draws his gun. A purple lantern sign appearing as light in front of him.*

[Crow] I will always be enough.

*He shoots bullets made of compassion into each of the goons. It chains them to the floor weeping. Dove chants her spell once again a large blinding white light erupts from her making the Joker cover her eyes with sunglasses. Her goons did not get the prepared list of items.* 

[Jonathan] I believe it is time we go.

*Cassidy nods and hits a button on her large cuff. The group is sitting huddled on the floor of the room they were in before. The heroes Crow and Dove floating and looking down at them.*

[Arsenal] I told you compassion was fucked up.

*Crow smiles, scratching the back of his head with the guns in hands.*

[Crow] Sometimes.

[Dove] Now, it is your turn to do something for us.

[Miss Martian] You want us to heal Kierra Harris.

*Valkyrie drops her staff and everyone turns to look at her. The dots connect in everyones minds.*

[Jason] Are you insane? How can you even ask her that as her son.

*Crow shrugs.*

[Crow] She has too or we are all doomed.

[Arsenal] Indigo lanterns aren’t real healers. Why is she the only one who can do it?

*Dove floats forward.*

[Dove] Valkyrie is not a normal Indigo Lantern. She can heal her wounds. If she can allow herself to embrace compassion.

*Valkyrie grabs her staff and stands up.*

[Valkyrie] You have the wrong Indigo Lantern.

[Crow] Only someone with similar blood as the contaminate can heal her.

[Starfire] Your saying she was infected by compassion.

*Cassidy shakes her head.*

[Cassidy] No much worse. Only compassion can change the virus into something else though.

[Valkyrie] There are other Lanterns.

[Crow] It has to be you.

[Arsenal] You might as well say goodbye to the Earth now. Theres no way she’s gonna heal her ownRapist.

[Talon] How is Kiera Harris even involved?

[Cassidy] Kierra Harris is the Hero Known as Batwoman currently.

[Miss Martian] There is more, but if I tell it it could affect the time stream.

*Jason puts his hand up and turns to Valkyrie.*

[Jason] I think you are gonna have to do this.

[Valkyrie] Or I can just send myself home.

[Crow] But you can’t send your friends.

[Dove] And you would never abandon them here.

*Everyone looks at Valkyrie.. She starts cursing.*

[Valkyrie] Just show me to her goddamn room.

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