3: Doc Holliday

Scene starts at the entrance to an old miners tunnel.
[Calvin] I left the monastery for this?
[Roy] It looked better in the images, Jason.
*Jason sighs.*
[Jason] This is what we can afford ok.
[Raven] At least the Titans could afford to be comfortable.
[Calvin] Forget Titans. The Court of Owls maze looks better then this.
[Jason] Will you all just shut up and go in.
*As they walk in Roy grabs Kori’s hand.*
[Kori] What’s wrong?
[Roy] You glow like the explosion that would of killed the miners. It is comforting.
*Calvin cracks up laughing.*
[Laeila] Come on guys. It’s not so bad. Who needs a fancy entrance? This is more…. Incognito!
[Roy] Newbies…
*They walk through the mine until they get to a large metal door. Jason types in a passcode. The doors open up to a large living room. Everyone runs forward.*
[Jason] Welcome to our hideout, my little Outlaws.
*Roy runs straight to the couch.*
[Roy] It’s soft enough.
*Kori glides over to join him. Calvin and Raven go sit down on the kitchen chairs. Jason turns to Laeila. The sound of her laughter making his heart beat faster then he would of liked.*
[Laeila] Welcome to the hideout?
*He shrugs.*
[Jason] It’s all I got in me.
*They walk over to the couches. Jason smiles at the TV.*
[Jason] Doc, could you please wake up.
*The Tv turns on. An image of pixelated smiling face with glasses appears on the screen.* 
[Calvin] Doc?
[Roy] Doc Holliday was a notorious Outlaw in the Wild West. He was a dentist turned gunman ironically enough.
[Laeila] You are really committing to this no body likes us theme.
[Roy] Who cares. We have a computer who likes to gamble. Sounds like fun.
*Raven sighs.*
[Raven] Sounds terrible.
[Doc] I happen to like the name Red Hood has given me.
*Everyone groans.*
[Jason] Doc, can you show these ingrates where their rooms are?
[Doc] Certainly, Sir.
*The giant TV screen lights up with a layout map of the mountain.*
[Calvin] For a wild west gun slinger he sure is complacent.
*Kori points to the room circled in pink. It was right next to the room circled in green.*
[Kori] Look Roy, our rooms are right next to each others.
*Roy winks at her. Jason points to the floor that holds the rooms.*
[Jason] The pink circled room at the end is Starfires, the green circled room next to it is Arsenals, the purple one is Wild Card, the red is mine, the brown is Talons and the black is Ravens. Can you guys find you rooms?
*Kori grabs Roy’s hands and quickly pulls him from the room. Calvin and Raven glumly grab their bags and follow behind them. Both thankful they weren’t close enough to hear their upcoming love making session. Laeila stays in the living room.*
[Laeila] That doesn’t bother you?
[Jason] What? Kori and Roy? No, I knew what we had. She isn’t the type to only date one guy. It is beneath her. She takes what she wants. 
*Laeila snorts.*
[Laeila] Must be nice.
*Jason walks up to her.*
[Jason] When are you really going to forgive me?
[Laeila] When you deserve to be forgiven.
[Jaosn] But you kissed me that night, Laeila.
*She smiled.*
[Laeila] Did I? I guess Kori isn’t the only sexually liberated female around these parts.
*Jason leans closer to her.*
[Jason] And that doesn’t mean anything close to redemption?
*She shook her head no.*
[Laeila] I think I was just taking something else I wanted.
*Raven coughs. Laeila embarrassed covered her face with her hand.*
[Jason] What’s up?
[Raven] Arsenal is upset about his room.
*All three of them walk to his room. They find him dramatically kneeling in the center of it. The entire room is painted and decorated with Green Arrow posters and Cheshire photos. He turns to Jason.*
[Roy] How could you. I thought we were brothers.
[Jason] Well.. Ollie donated a rather large amount of money. All he asked for was to prank you.
[Roy] Traitor.
*Kori puts her hand on his shoulder.*
[Kori] You know, you do look very good in green.
*Roy’s eyes seem lit by flame. He is whispering Ollie’s name.*
[Roy] All of you out!
*Kori and Calvin immediately return to their own rooms. Raven lingers in the hall.*
[Raven] Wild Card, can we talk?
*She nods and they leave Jason standing there in the hallway. Raven’s room looked like it was dyed a deep purple. A massive bed with light purple sheets dominated the room. The rest of the room was taken up by large bookcases filled with books and random gothic decorations.*
[Raven] I guess he sees me as a walking Halloween billboard.
*Laeila shrugged.*
[Laeila] He’s not the brightest.
*The two of them sit on Raven’s bed.*
[Raven] I know what happened between you and Jason. When we linked arms I could feel it.
*Laeila smiled.*
[Laeila] And here I thought all your contact with Damian might have given it away.
[Raven] That too. Either way, it doesn’t seem like a good idea for you two to be working together.
*Laeila stands up to leave.*
[Laeila] Raven, it is none of your business if I choose to work with him or not.
*Raven grabs her hand.*
[Raven] You said I should join because their were people similar. If that’s true then what I assume is correct. You are like me. You are searching for a sun that can fill you up with warmth. Jason can’t be that.
*Laeila pulls her hand free. Damn Empath.*
[Laeila] I never wanted him to be.
*She walks out of the room and into her own. Jason made the room a simple brown, with a large bed, a study desk, and lots of shelves with books. She collapses onto her bed and falls asleep.*


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