5 : Recruiting Miss Martian

Scene starts as a college of images: Kori is brushing her hair and gets up to leave room/ Arsenal is making breakfast/ Talon and Raven are at the table is sitting at the table/ Jason is sitting on the couch.

*The door opens. Laeila walks into the living room. Kori turns around and smiles at her. They went to the breakfast table.*

[Laeila] What’s on the menu?

*Arsenal smiles.*

[Arsenal] Just the best damn breakfast of your life.

*Laeila and Kori laugh.*

[Talon] It’s ok.

*Arsenal leans forward to slap his hand with a spatula, but Talon twirls in his chair out of the way. Raven shakes her head in disappointment. Doc’s screen lights up.*

[Doc] Justice League Member, Martian Manhunter is entering the Mountain.

*The happiness in the room disappeared. Everyone turned to the entrance door. When it opened and he glided through, everyone was relieved to see he was alone.*

[Martian Manhunter] Relax young heroes. I did not come to “pull the rug out from underneath you”.

*Jason stood up from the couch.*

[Jason] Why are you here, J’on?

[Martian Manhunter] My niece has been missing a few weeks; we have finally located her.

[Arsenal] What do you want us to do about it?

[Martian Manhunter] The Justice League cannot go in and collect her. I was hoping you all of you could help me.

[Raven] Why not send the Titans? They work with you.

*Talon got up from his chair.*

[Talon] Because they can’t get involved either can they?

[Martian Manhunter] No, they cannot. It would implicate the League.

[Laeila] Where is she that you cannot go get her yourself?

[Martian Manhunter] Belle Reve.

[Jason] Why on Earth would she be there?

*Talon walked over to Jason.*

[Talon] I had heard whispers of an issue with an infiltration mission by the Titans.

[Arsenal] You mean the Queen Bee incident?

*Martian Manhunter looked upset.*

[Martian Manhunter] The Telepath Simon took control of Miss Martian for a short duration.

*Raven sighed.*

[Raven] It resulted in her attacking the government officials in the surrounding area. Afterwards, the Justice League took her to a safe house.

*Starfire looked at Raven.*

[Starfire] Since when did Belle Reve become the safe house?

[Raven] It’s not.

[Martian Manhunter] Simon came back and broke Miss Martian out.

[Jason] Which resulted in the goody two shoes being locked up in Belle Reve…

*He nodded.*

[Talon] You want us to break into the most secure prison in the world.

[Martian Manhunter] My niece is being kept asleep in a containment room. Amanda Waller plans to make her part of the Suicide Squad later this week.

[Laeila] The Suicide Squad?

[Talon] It’s a group of chained up villains for the US Government to use as blow up toys on missions.

[Laeila] Why would they need Miss Martian then? She isn’t a villain.

[Raven] She is now.

*Arsenal walked out from behind the kitchen counter. He went straight to Jason.*

[Arsenal] Belle Reve is a nightmare. If she is being held there the chance of getting her out is slim.

[Talon] Not to mention we’d have to go tonight. There’s no way her actual time schedule was leaked to the Justice League.

*Starfire walked over to Arsenal.*

[Starfire] Roy, Miss Martian would tip the scales in Amanda Waller’s favor.

[Raven] Her boosting the rest of the Suicide Squad would be a nightmare.

*Talon walked over to the group, following behind Raven.*

[Talon] That woman may be worse then the Court of Owls. Leaving a powerful alien in her hands would be the stupidest thing to do. Of course the Justice League and Titans won’t compromise principles for the greater good.

*Jason looked over at Laeila. She was the only one still sitting by the kitchen counter. *

[Jason] Laeila?

*Laeila just crossed her hands and looked down at the counter. She was lost in a world of thought.*

[Martian Manhunter] Laeila does not believe the odds are in your favor.

[Laeila] Repeating my thoughts is rude.

[Martian Manhunter] I apologize. I was merely trying to allude to your teammates why you were lost in thought.

[Arsenal] She’s right. The second we step foot in Belle Reve it’s a game of life or death.

[Raven] We could make the matters worse. She could end up with more then Miss Martian.

*Laeila stood up.*

[Laeila] Doc, do you have plans for Belle Reve on file?

*The computer screen lit up.*

[Doc] I do not have any plans for the prison downloaded on my system. I can scan through other systems.

[Jason] Go through Batman’s.

*Martian Manhunter’s face lit up with surprise. Surely, Batman had to know about this.*

[Doc] Batman has an old copy of the layout.

*The screen lit up with the layout. Talon pointed at spots on the plan.*

[Talon] I can tell you right now these three spots have changed.

[Jason] J’on, what do you know?

*He explained all the differences he knew. Doc’s screen adjusting and making changes. Leila grabbed a pen and paper and started to doodle. Starfire and Raven came over to see what she was doodling. They cracked up laughing when she was done.*

[Starfire] That is an insane idea.

[Raven] It could work.

*The boys turned their attention to the girls.*

[Talon] The one person who has never seen Belle Reve has a plan. Excellent.

*Laeila stood up.*

[Laeila] Doc, does the water drain connect to Croc’s cell?

[Doc] It runs below the whole E block, but it is gated with cameras.

[Laeila] That’s not a problem. Wayne Technology Labs can solve that.

[Talon] Based on size only three people could go.

*Laeila nodded.*

[Laeila] Only one should go.

[Jason] Don’t tell me you are suggesting you?

[Laeila] It has to be. I would be a liability everywhere else. I am also the shortest.

[Arsenal] She has a point.

[Jason] Where will the rest of us be.

*Laeila walked over to Doc’s largest screen.*

[Laeila] Raven is still known to be with the Titans. Jason has a reputation. Her and Starfire should walk Jason into the place as a prisoner.

[Talon] That leaves me with the drug addict.

[Laeila] You two need to be the cause of their distrust.

[Starfire] So while they suspect Raven, Jason and I they will plan for Roy and Talon.

[Laeila] Exactly. Leaving me to get to Croc’s cell.

[Martian Manhunter] I do not believe you have the capabilities to deal with him.

[Laeila] I don’t, but Raven can move anywhere in shadows. That means as long as she doesn’t have an inhibitor collar on her by the time I get there, I will be fine.

[Jason] They will collar both her and Starfire the second they enter the building.

[Talon] That’s our only goal isn’t it. To distract them by deactivating the collars.

[Martian Manhunter] You want a prison riot.

*Laeila smiled.*

[Laeila] Exactly! They’d have to call in the Justice League to help re-contain the criminals. Plus focus on the four of you.

*Talon sighed.*

[Talon] I hate to admit it, but as far as dumb plans go this seems like a decent option.

[Arsenal] What about when the Justice League shows up?

[Laeila] Easy. Martian Manhunter will be in the watchtower to answer the distress call.

[Starfire] But if he shows up, surely they will know something else is going on.

[Laeila] He won’t. Martian Manhunter will send Superman and Aquaman.

[Jason] You want us to fight Superman?

[Laeila] Not exactly… Superman will show Amanda Waller there was no intervention by the Justice League. While, Aquaman is the most likely to let us slip away once the cause is known.

[Talon] You are playing on his loyalty to J’on.

[Arsenal] That still leaves time with Superman.

[Laeila] Jason has a sliver Kryptonite. Threaten Superman.

[Arsenal] Because threatening him makes him happy to let us go.

[Laeila] No, but if he’s forced to choose between fighting his close friend’s ward and waiting till after the prison is re-contained he will fight side by side.

[Jason] So I’m going to threaten him and then help him cleanup?

*She nods.*

[Laeila] You are good at talking.

*Everyone looked at each other warily. This was a very crazy and stupid plan.*

[Starfire] I believe this may be our best bet.

[Raven] It doesn’t seem like we have any other plans.

[Talon] I’m going to die someday. I guess I can die in prison.

*Arsenal looked at Jason.*

[Arsenal] Jason. You are the one who wanted more for us.

*Martian Manhunter smiled.*

[Jason] Alright. We go pick up Miss Martian. On one condition.

*He turns to Miss Martian.*

[Jason] If we do this, there is no way she can return to the Titans she might as well stay with us.

*Arsenal groaned.*

[Arsenal] Not more psychopaths, please.

*Martian Manhunter nodded.*

[Martian Manhunter] I shall return to the Watch Tower now.

*They watched him leave. Not speaking until they knew for a fact he left the area.*

[Arsenal] I don’t trust him.

[Talon] So you can make smart decisions.

[Starfire] Agreed. However, he knows our entire plan.

*Raven smiled.*

[Raven] He doesn’t.

*Laeila turned her page over. Different ideas all over the sheet.*

[Laeila] Did I ever tell you guys the benefits of mastering obsessive thinking? Statistics can really help you with your life.

*Talon smiled.*

[Talon] Well played, Wild Card.

*Jason winked at her. This was beginning to turn into something he always wanted.*


Mama Tried – Merle Haggard


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