6: Belle Reve or Better Yet, Hell Reve

Scene is outside Belle Reve Prison.

*Laeila crouched by the outside of the drain. The one part that was completely one hundred percent true to what she said was her role in the beginning. She looked down a the cage of lab rats she had besides her. Each one was fitted with a smaller version of the Wayne watches she had used to trick Bruce’s cameras. However, each rat also had a flower on top of it. She had kept the Joker’s gas as something to study. The rat’s flowers would spray corrosive mist. By their numbers they would make their way to the half way point that was Croc’s cave. Not that the rest of the team knew about this. It had sounded too crazy to share. Her earpiece beeped. Jason’s voice in her ear.*

[Jason] Everyone ready?

*She heard a chorus of yeses.*

[Laeila] Yea.

*Laeila pulled out a tiny laser she kept in her boots. She cut away hole in the first gate that she could squeeze through. She had to time it so she was just behind the mice. She picked up a stone and threw it in. Nothing happened. Laeila took a deep breath. She could do this. Quickly, she scooted into the drain until she was just past the first gate. Blocking the way back she let half of the starved rats out. At first they just swarmed in front of her. After she took out her gun and shot down the tunnel the rats scurried forward quickly. They followed the raw meat smell of the shot she fired. Laeila got on her stomach and began to crawl.*

[Laeila] So far so good.

*She said on the walkie. Talon’s voice popped up in her ear.*

[Talon] Arsenal and I are on the cliff edge. Waiting to hit the roof.

*She continued to crawl forward. She reached the second gate, pulling on a gas mask. The cameras and gate was a crumbling mess of melting metal. There was a reason why she wore different clothes tonight. Unlike her teammates and their hero costumes, she wasn’t limited to a cape and tights. Tonight was about practicality. She had on a large army jacket with thin metal plates on the inside. She wore army pants and boots and a tight protective cloth underneath that came up to the top of her neck. It would keep the mist from reaching her for a good twenty minutes. Her calling card of a spade stitched in yellow on the army jacket’s front pocket. The clothes were heavy and made moving through the tunnel slow, but when she crawled through the second gate and saw the dripping metal, they seemed worth it. Raven’s voice was the next to pop into her ear.*

[Raven] Walking into Belle Reve now. Turning off our ear pieces.

*This was the part of the plan that scared her. They couldn’t communicate. That made it dangerous for her teammates who didn’t know what she had planned. Laeila continued through the third, fourth and fifth gate. Croc was right after the sixth. When she got past the fifth gate she reached a wall. The rats were swarming in front of it wildly.*

[Laeila] Talon, we got a problem.

[Talon] You have thirty seconds, before we are on the roof.

[Laeila] There is wall between the fifth and sixth gate. Don’t know how thick.

[Arsenal] Back up to the fourth gate and fire the large amount of gas you have.

*The com went dead. They had landed on Belle Reve’s roof and turned it off. She backed up to the fourth gate. Laeila took out a tiny sealed bag of meat she had and put it in the now opened rat cage. They swarmed inside, the door being shut behind them. She turned around and pushed the cage down towards the fourth gate with her feet. She took out her other gun. It was a Glock with a purple pinstripe and a pearl spade on the bottom of the handle. It was a gift from her grandfather. She opened the cartridge and loaded the bullets filled with corrosive mist. They were set to explode on impact. The mist would then roll back to where she was. Before firing she took off her army jacket and covered the rats cage. Afterwards she pulled the cloth fabric up from her neck over her head. She felt like she was in a cloth condom, but she didn’t want the rats to die. Laeila lifted her arm and fired the gun six times backwards. In a matter of seconds the mist rolled back towards her. Her back blocked the majority of the mist from rolling forward. However, some still swept through the tunnels into the outside air. She would have to leave her jacket over the rats. She quickly grabbed everything she needed out of the pockets and put them into her leg pockets. She turned around quickly and crawled back through the drain. Laeila was relieved to see that it was indeed just a wall and it hadn’t been filled in. Quickly, crawling through to the sixth gate. It had a tinier melted hole then the others. She would have to squeeze. As soon as she started to squeeze through was when the warning bells in Belle Reve went off. Today was just her day. She heard water rumbling in the distance.*

[Laeila] Crap. Crap. Craaaaap.

*They were draining Crocs cell to flush out the drain. She didn’t have a mouth piece nor did she become a good swimmer. Laeila quickly pushed through the hole, cutting the fabric on her chest. The lingering mist began to burn into her skin.

[Laeila] Double crap and triple crap.

*She could hear the water quickly approaching her. The good news was she wouldn’t be burnt by the mist she brought if she was in water. The bad news was… Everything else about the water. Laeila quickly took out her knuckle busters/knives. It was her favorite weapon. She quickly stabbed them into the ground as the water approached. As the water consumed her, she gave a quick prayer that the rats make their way safely outside the drain, before moving slowly forward by knife falls. After a few feet she began to feel dizzy. That’s when she noticed their was something else in the water. Tiny stinging drones were circulating the water. They must have been used as sterilizers for Croc.*

[Laeila] Today is not my day.

*She quickly pushed forward. Laeila knew she had to get to Croc’s cell before the paralysis kicked in. She made it beneath Croc’s cell. Another large gate separating the drainage and the watery pool in his cell. She reached one of her hands through the gate. It was grabbed by Croc himself. He pulled on it slightly and she screamed under the water. Her arm dislocated. Laeila quickly grabbed the gate with her other hand as she quickly began losing both oxygen and strength. She saw Croc’s other hand come into view. He grabbed the gate this time, ripping one of the bars from its place. Her eyes began to flutter close and he repeated it a few times. After four bars he pulled her through like she was a feather. Laeila found herself being held above a pool of water, by her dislocated arm and an annoyed Croc.*

[Croc] What do we have here? She missed one. That’s new.

*Laeila could feel the numbness spreading over her. The tranquilizer was beginning to take affect.*

[Laelia] Not much time. Tranquilizer….

*She began to slur.*

[Croc] What does it matter? You will taste fine either way.

*She pointed to one of her leg pockets.*

[Laelia] Pock.

*The tranquilizer reached her mouth. Croc started to laugh.*

[Croc] What’s in your pocket.

*His large hands opened her pocket. Croc pulled out a pressed Black Eyed Lilly and a shot. He immediately carried her over to his pile of cloths he called a bed.*

[Croc] Laeila.

*She nodded slowly. What she hadn’t told the team was that she knew Killer Croc. Barely, but she did.*

[Croc] What are you doing here? You are a little girl.

*She tried to move, but the tranquilizer was making hard to move or speak.*

[Laeila] Go. Old…prom…you…shot…hel..flow…remin..

*Croc looked at her puzzled.*

[Laeila] Tak…Shot…leg……

*Croc looked down at the shot. He remembered the night when he was flushed from the waterways below Gotham. How he came out besides a crying little girl. She had handed him the lilies she was holding and said they were friends in the language of flowers. He had asked her if she was scared and said no. Injured and seemingly dying he had told her things. The little girl had promised to fix him. Who knew she would remember. He carefully grabbed the shot and injected it into his leg. It made him dizzy, so he sat down. After a few minutes of watching the guards come and check his block, him hiding her, and hating the blaring of the sirens he suddenly felt a lot better. The damage Hush had done to him felt different. He felt like he could think and reason again. Croc turned to Laeila.*

[Croc] Thank you.

*She didn’t move. He sat up worried. There was no way she got in here alone. Where was the rest of the people she was with.*

[Croc] Can you still blink?

*Laeila slowly blinked.*

[Croc] One for yes. Two for no.

*Laeila blinked once.*

[Croc] Others are with you?

*One blink.*

[Croc] Villians?

*Two blinks.*

[Croc] Heroes?

*Two Blinks.*

*Croc frowned.*

[Croc] This is not the time for jokes.

*Two blinks.*

[Croc] Do you need to meet up with them somewhere?

*One blink. Croc looked outside his cell. The inmates were rioting.*

[Croc] I will take you.

*One blink.*

[Croc] First, we need to get out of here.

*Two blinks. Before he could respond all of the cells doors slid open.*

[Croc] You did this.

*One blink. He laughed and stood up. Croc bend down to pick her up and picked his head down the hall. Criminals were walking out of their cells. Killer Frost spotted Croc from down the hall. She walked over smiling.*

[Frost] It’s not like you to not eat them whole. What’s wrong, Croc? Are you in the mood for a popsicle?

*She reached out to touch Laeila, but he moved away.*

[Croc] Don’t. She’s a friend.

*Killer Frost looked at him surprised.*

[Frost] Croc, you sound different.

*He nodded.*

[Frost] Then this about you?

*Laeila blinked twice.*

[Croc] No. She just helped me. Now I have to help her.

*Frost smiled.*

[Frost] Well, anyone who helps my Croc gets at least one favor from me. And it’s not like there is much else to do today.

[Croc] We need to find her group.

[Killer Frost] Shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s go follow the gunman.

*The two of them pushed their way through the criminals until they got to the end of the E block. Guards were firing into the crowd.*

[Frost] Well, there’s too many without powers. Amanda will just press the bomb button.

*She blinked twice.*

[Croc] Not too many?

*Laeila blinked twice again.*

[Frost] No powers?

*Laeila blinked once. As if on cue the collars fell off the prisoners necks. Killer Frost smiled.*

[Frost] What a great recess!

*She blinked once and Frost laughed.*

[Frost] I like you, so I’ll do you a favor. I got this room, you two just keep going forward.

*Croc nodded and stepped back. Killer Frost stepped forward and lifted her hands. She began humming an old pop song as she froze everyone in the room. Afterwards she sat down on the floor and started to laugh. Frost couldn’t do more without being blown to bits. Croc said thank you and began to leave E Block. The other side of E block was the containment rooms.*

[Frost] Good luck, big guy.

*Whispered Frost as they left the room.*

Scene shift to Containment Room Block.

*Croc walked into the containment hall. Raven stood alone in the hall surrounded by a bunch of knocked out guys. Raven turned and fired a shot off at Croc.*

[Croc] Wait! I am here to help.

*She looked at him confused. Killer Croc didn’t talk this well. Croc pointed down at Laeila.*

[Croc] I have to help Laeila.

*Raven laughed. This was what she was hiding from them. She would grill her later on about this.*

[Raven] What’s wrong with her?

[Croc] Tranquilizers are in the water of my cell.

*Croc walked up to Raven. She placed her hands on her.*

[Raven] Azarath metrion zinthos.

*Croc slowly set Laeila down.*

[Raven] I can keep most of you going for twenty minutes.

*She nodded slowly.*

[Laeila] Croc. Go back to Killer Frost.

*He looked at her concerned. The words came out so slow and slurred.*

[Laeila] Don’t die, ok.

*She hugged him and he squeezed her. She let out a little yelp. Croc quickly walked back towards E Block to sit with Killer Frost. Raven and Laeila walked into the containment room that had a sleeping Miss Martian.*

[Raven] I don’t know how to work that.

*Laeila sighed.*

[Laeila] Neither do I.

[Raven] Well, you’ve surprised me once today. Try for a second time.

*Before she could answer Talon and Jason slid into the room.*

[Jason] Move aside.

*The two girls moved aside for the boys.  Neither knew how they knew but they were sure glad the two technically skilled ones showed up.*

[Jason] Stand back just in case.

*He hit the button and everyone moved to the other side of the room. Miss Martian who was floating in a Containment pod, fell forward into Jason’s arm as the outside door rose up. everyone moved forward. They heard gunshots down the hall and Arsenal and Starfire slid into the room. They closed the door behind them.*

[Arsenal] We are running out of time. Superman and Aquaman are about done.

*Starfire turned him around to see Miss Martian.*

[Arsenal] Go on and wake her up!

*Raven turned to Laeila.*

[Raven] I can’t wake her up and sustain you.

*Laelia sat down on the ground in front of Jason. Everyone looked confused. Raven placed her hand on Miss Martian’s cheek.*

[Raven] Azarath metrion zinthos.

*Miss Martians eyes opened. She looked across the room. Laeila fainted back onto Jason’s legs.*

[Jason] What happened to her?

[Raven] Tranquilizer in Croc’s cell.

*Arsenal groaned.*

[Arsenal] Ugh. This keeps getting harder.

*Starfire walked over to Miss Martian.*

[Starfire] Can you walk on your own?

*Miss Martian nodded.*

[Miss Martian] I can but.

[Talon] But?

*Miss Martian smiled. A mental attack suddenly shooting out in all directions. Raven tried to put a shield up but was too slow. Everyone fainted except for an awake and paralyzed Laeila and a kneeled down Raven.*

[Miss Martian] But, you guys getting stuck in Belle Reve would make my life easier.

[Raven] Simon. He still has a hold on your mind.

*Miss Martian glared at her.*

[Miss Martian] No. I am afraid I just found better life for me, Raven.

*Scene shifts inside Raven’s mental landscape. The are in a dead black and white forest. Laeila is sitting exhausted against the tree. Raven is chained to the ground and Miss Martian is standing by her in her White Martian form.*

[Miss Martian] Poor Raven. Always alone. You don’t even have a spark of color in your life.

[Laelia] That’s- That’s not true.

*Miss Martian turned her head to Laelia. She smiled cruelly.*

[Miss Martian] I’ve seen your inner world, Wild Card. It is not much better for you to speak up. Shame though. Being able to witness me destroying what’s left of your friends world.

[Laeila] You can fight Simon’s control.

*Miss Martian shook her head.*

[Miss Martian] There’s nothing to fight.

[Laelia] That’s not tru-

*Miss Martian grabbed her head and roared.*

[Miss Martian] Shut up! Do us both a favor and stay silent while I destroy your minds. If you do so, maybe I will be nice enough to spare Crocs.

*Laelia struggled to stand.*

[Laelia] You can take my mind, just leave him out of this.*

*Miss Martian was smiling again.*

[Miss Martian] On second thought. You all can just go together now.

*Raven turned to look at her at smiled sadly. Miss Martian let out a roar as the mental attack came. As it neared Raven, Laelia summoned all of her energy to jump forward. A purple light exploded from her and they were all kicked back into the real world. Miss Martian immediately faded through the walls and out the prison. Laelia was surrounded by not only her fainted comrades, armed Belle Reve guards, but Superman and Aquaman. A purple light shone in front of her.*

[Light] Laelia Spitznogle of Earth. You have the ability to feel great compassion. Welcome to the Indigo Tribe. The light faded and with it she fainted.

*Aquaman sighed and looked at Superman.*

[Aquaman] Superman. What do we do now?

*Amanda Waller walked forward from the crowd of guards.*

[Amanda] You leave them with me.

*Superman shook his head.*

[Superman] We can’t. She has to be taken to the Indigo Tribe. It’s galactic law.

*Amanda Waller looked like she wanted to kill someone.*

[Amanda] Take her and have her face a galactic trial. The others are prisoners of Earth.

[Aquaman] Well-

*Amanda Waller glared at him. He shut up.*

[Superman] We can’t do that, Amanda. It would implicate the League. Besides they are just innocent kids who wanted to save a former friend. No one knew she was still under Simon’s mind control.

[Amanda] They are not innocent kids, Superman. Your decision here depends on your relations with the United States Government.

*He stepped forward to Amanda Waller.*

[Superman] Since when do you speak for The United States, Amanda.

*Aquaman coughed.*

[Aquaman] I believe it is best for everyone if we take the kids and punish them. We will send out a team immediately to recapture Miss Martian and come up with a way to have them repay you.

*Amanda’s eyes lit up.*

[Amanda] Alright. If it is a true repayment I’ll get.

*Aquaman shuddered, but picked up Raven, Laeila and Talon. Superman picked up Jason, Arsenal and Starfire. The two heroes carried them out of the room. Amanda turning around to her men.*

[Amanda] Now time to deal with Croc and Frost.


Angel By Your Side – Francesca Battistelli

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