7 : Valkyrie’s Ascension

Scene shifts to the inside of a space ship. All of the Outlaws are sitting in chairs. The Current Earth Green Lantern Simon Baz is standing in the middle with John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Hal Jordan and B’dg.

*Laelia is sitting in her chair somber. Ever since she has woken up she has been blind. The Lanterns tell her The Indigo Tribe can fix it. She isn’t hopeful. Even worse is how everyone feels since losing to Miss Martian. No one is talking to each other. Laeila hears footsteps approaching her.*

[Hal] Don’t worry, Laelia. We will see the Indigo Tribe and get this sorted out.

*More footsteps approach her.*

[John] I know Hal sounds like an idiot, but he’s right. Everything will be fine.

[B’dg] Indigo-1 is super friendly! Well, most of the time…

*She hears a cough. Great. Being blind didn’t stop her from figuring people out.*

[Simon] Uh. That necklace it’s nice.

*She heard a few gasps and chuckles. This must of been the Lanterns best attempt at a positive line. Laelia’s hand went to her hand of G-d necklace. She had worn it for the last seven years of her life.*

[Laelia] Thank you. It was a gift from my mother.

[Simon] My mother wears one as well. In fact my whole family loves the Hand of Fatima.

*She heard Talon’s bitter laugh.*

[Talon] She’s Jewish moron.

*Laelia heard a clap on the back.*

[Hal] Now, Now. There isn’t any Earthly politics on this ship. We are in space.

[Laelia] It doesn’t matter. It’s the same thing. Talon is just making trouble.

*John laughed.*

[John] Relax guys. She is bathed in the indigo light. There’s no way we would have a religious war from one comment.

*She stood up, a hand reaching for her arm.*

[Simon] Are you ok?

*She nodded.*

[Laelia] Chronicles 1:28.

*Simon smiled. The other Lanterns seemed shocked.

[Simon] You don’t need to know. It’s just a joke between siblings.

*The ship made a noise.*

[Hal] We are at Nok.

*The ship landed. Laelia was kept steady by Simon Baz. They all walked out of the ship.*

Scene shift to the Planet Nok. The whole Indigo Tribe is floating in the trees waiting for them.

[Hal] Indigo-1, I assume you know why we are here.

[Indigo-1] We all felt it. The birth of an Indigo Lantern. Come Child.

*They all walked forward. Indigo-2 put his hand up.*

[Indigo-2] Just the girl.

[Simon] Indigo-1, she’s blind.

*She nodded.*

[Indigo-1] A gift from compassion.

*Talon snorted. Indigo-1 turns to him.*

[Indigo-1] What a greedy heart inside of you. The Indigo light would serve you well.

*John Stewart steps in front of him.*

[John] We shall all wait here for her.

*Indigo-1 nodded. Laelia walked slowly forward. This was torture. As she stumbled forward, Laelia felt familiar arms catching her.*

[Laelia] Jason.

[Jason] I got you.

*He helped her stand up.*

[Indigo-1] Jason Todd, you can come too. Do not help her walk here.

* He looked back at the Lanterns. They shrugged. He walked slowly behind the stumbling Laelia. When they got close to Indigo-1 they found themselves transported by the Indigo light. The two now stood in front of a large Indigo power battery. Jason looked around they were in an elaborate stone room. Everything overflowing with jungle life.*

[Indigo-1] Back up, Jason Todd.

*He did as instructed and backed away. Laelia on the other hand seemed possessed. She walked forward. When she reached the battery she place her right hand in front of it.*

[Laelia] Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur, Natromo faan tornek wot ur. Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur, Taan lek lek nok. Formorrow Sur!

*A blinding purple light filled the room. Jason covered his face. When the light died out he no longer recognized the girl standing in front of him. She was taller, paler then before, eyes black and lit up with the symbol of the Indigo Tribe. Even stranger was her hair, which was now long and a pale purple. That’s when Jason noticed what she was wearing. Laelia was wearing what looked like tribal wear and chains. A large purple tattoo glowing on her right side abdomen.*

[Indigo-1] Laelia. Welcome to the Indigo Tribe.

*The girl turned her head.*

[Laelia] Le Orak Te Valkyrie.

*The Indigo Tribe looked at each other confused. Indigo-1 just smiled and reached for a newly carved staff. She floated over to Valkyrie and handed it to her. Jason watched Laelia confidently grab the staff. Indigo-1 turned to Jason.*

[Indigo-1] Your friend will return to normal when the ring is removed.

*Laelia floated forward and placed her hand on Jason’s chest.*

[Laelia] The ring asks me to forgive you.

*Jason looked at her surprised.*

[Jason] Do you?

*She smiled at him.*

[Laelia] Now why would I tell you that?

[Indigo-1] Child of Earth. You must stay and learn our ways.

*Laelia turned back around and kneeled in front of Indigo-1.*

[Laelia] I promise to come back, but I must first go make something right.

*Indigo-1 nodded.*

[Indigo-1] Nok.

[Laelia] Nok.

*She turned back around and grabbed Jason’s hand. The next thing he knew they were both standing outside the space ship with everyone else. A large amount of confusion suddenly happening.*

[Arsenal] Jason, who is that with you?

*Jason made a weird face.*

[Jason] Laelia.

*Talon turned to the Green Lanterns.*

[Talon] Can they do something to his brain?

*Hal’s ring lit up and scanned Jason. John’s scanned Valkyrie.*

[Hal] He’s telling the truth.

*John Stewart turned to Hal.*

[John] I don’t remember the Indigo ring doing this.

*Valkyrie smiled.*

[Valkyrie] I believe there is a first for everything, but we must quickly return to Earth.

[Simon] Why?

[Valkyrie] Indigo-1 has given me a time period in which I can return to help bring in Miss Martian.

*The Lanterns all looked at each other. B-dg the first to speak up.*

[B’dg] You have retained not only your free will but have been allowed to return straight to Earth?

*She nodded.*

[Valkyrie] Why would I not be? I am charged with spreading the light of Compassion across the Universe.

*Arsenal made vomit noises. No one commented or stopped him. The Lanterns all looked at each other.*

[Hal] Well, there’s the personality change.

*She looked at him confused. When no one said anything and just turned back towards the ship she dropped it. Valkyrie floated back towards the ship.*

Scene fades into the Watch Tower. Batman, Superman, Damian Wayne, Aquaman, all the Lanterns, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Flash are standing there staring at the Outlaws. All of them seemed lost on what to do.

[Batman] Jason, I thought you said you guys weren’t going to bring the League trouble.

[Aquaman] Now, now Batman. We technically brought the trouble to them.

[Martian Manhunter] That is correct. I did ask them to get my niece out for me.

*The Outlaws all looked at each other. This was horrible.*

[Superman] That isn’t true. We set this up to be a test.

[Damian] That was your first mistake thinking Jason could pass a test.

*Jason stepped forward.*

[Jason] You want to go, brat?

[Damian] I’m always ready to teach idiots like you a lesson.

[Batman] Quiet! If you two are going to act like children then you both will be treated as such.

*Ollie turned to Black Canary.*

[Ollie] If we ever have kids remind me not to get parenting tips from him.

*She chuckles softly.*

[Batman] You guys had one simple job. Evacuate Miss Martian from the prison with making little to no damage. Not only did you fail at that you let the newest hero plan your job and brought the Justice League into it.

[Cyborg] I actually liked her plan. If they had foreknowledge of the prison it may have turned out better.

[Wonder Woman] That is not the point. They acted in complete disregard for what we stand for.

*Talon stepped forward.*

[Talon] Since when are we a part of you.

*Arsenal stepped forward as well.*

[Arsenal] I knew there was going to be strings attached.

*Jason shook his head no.*

[Jason] No, there aren’t. We will clean up OUR mess. Miss Martian will be rescued from Queen Bee and Simon and then we are done.

*Batman stepped forward.*

[Batman] You do not get to choose to be done with us. The Justice League operates to secure the safety of the Earth.

*Laelia floated forward.*

[Laelia] That is your prerogative. However, we are not a part of that idealism like the Titans nor do we currently threaten it. We are going home.

[Superman] Unfortunately, it is no longer that easy. You are officially not only part of the fighting on Earth, but in the galactic struggle.

[Green Lantern-Hal] Not only that, but you will be expected to greet the Guardians of Oa.

*Laelia shook her head.*

[Laelia] You do not tell us what to do. Will cannot command Compassion to stay still.

*Jason walked over to her and the rest did too.*

[Green Lantern- John Stewart] Stop her.

*Laelia hit her staff down onto the ground just as Flash mentally reentered the conversation. The group of Outlaws finding themselves in their living room.*


Justice League : The Animated Series OP

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