8 : Everything is Better Tomorrow

Scene starts in the  entrance area of the Outlaws hideout.

*Valkyrie falls to her knees, Starfire catches her arm.*

[Jason] Are you ok?

*Valkyrie nods.*

[Valkyrie] Just drained. It took more then I thought.

*Starfire helps Valkyrie up, helping her lean on her staff.*

[Arsenal] G-d I’m glad to be back. One more second in the watch tower and Ollie would of decided to lecture me.

[Doc] Locating Green Arrow. I believe him to be in Star City. Oliver Queen is currently at a press release at Queen Consolidate.

*Doc’s screen lights up to show a press conference. Oliver queen is talking behind a podium. On the stage sitting down is Lucius Fox, Dinah Lance, Ray Palmer and the Mayor of Star City.*

[Talon] There you go Arsenal. Your mentor is completely unaware of your drunken benders.

*Arsenal frowns.*

[Arsenal] At least I didn’t kill all of my mentors.

*Talon shrugs.*

[Talon] It solved my issues.

*Arsenal turns to everyone.*

[Arsenal] Am I gonna have to be the one to enlighten Talon that he’s psychotic murdering asshole?

*Raven smiles.*

[Raven] Aren’t most of us here psychotic murdering assholes.

[Valkyrie] I’ve never murdered anyone.

*Jason waves his finger no.*

[Jason] But you’ve attempted murder once. That counts.

*Starfire shakes her head no.*

[Starfire] Attempting to murder someone for righteous Justice doesn’t count.

*Talon cracks up laughing.*

[Talon] Righteous Justice. You crack me up Orange.

[Raven] Who did you attempt to murder?

*Valkyrie sighs.*

[Valkyrie] The Joker.

*Talon pats her on back.*

[Talon] Maybe Orange is right. If there is righteous Justice. Killing him is gotta be it.

*Starfire and Arsenal nod.*

[Raven] Yea, but it’s also a damn stupid form of Justice.

[Jason] You sound like Batman.

[Raven] Not that I want to agree with him but if you get rid of the Joker he’ll probably just be replaced by someone even madder.

*Jason snarls.*

[Jason] So we take him out too.

*The door to the cave opens. Martian Manhunter, Batman and Damian Wayne walk through.*

[Damian Wayne] So what. You guys just keep killing every new Joker. When does that end?

*The Outlaws turn to them. All of their moods clearly down. Valkyrie immediately stands up straight again.*

[Jason] Don’t pretend you’re like Bruce. You’re Ra’as Ah Ghul’s grandson.

*Talon nodded.*

[Talon] I’ve seen you kill a man or two.

*Batman coughs.*

[Batman] Whether or not Robin has killed someone is not the concern on hand. Valkyrie has gone and acquired a lantern ring. She is not prepared to handle these powers.

[Mr. Martian] She needs to receive training before she can go on further missions with you guys.

[Valkyrie] I can handle this power enough to go after Ms. Martian.

[Batman] Growing up admiring superheroes doesn’t mean you can handle their power. You need to come back to the watch tower. Kyle Rayner has volunteered to look after you.

*Jason steps forward.*

[Jason] She goes nowhere Bruce.

*The rest of the Outlaws stepped froward.*

[Damian] You’ve already hurt her once Todd. Don’t make yourself her killer too.

[Talon] Awww. I think the boy developed his first crush.

[Starfire] I thought he liked Raven. Never, trusting Dick again.

*Arsenal turns to Starfire. *

[Arsenal] You are still talking to Dick! I can’t believe you Kori.

*Starfire goes to respond but Batman interrupts.*

[Batman] That is enough. You guys are acting like children. Valkyrie will return with us.

[Valkyrie] I’m sorry Batman, but I will not. This is something I need to figure out on my own.

[Martian Manhunter] I know you want to prove that you can be useful..

*Valkyrie cuts him off.*

[Valkyrie] Respectively, Martian Manhunter you are wrong. None of you were with me when I met the Indigo Tribe. It was different. I saw things that no other Indigo Lantern saw. It even made me blind. This is something I need to figure it out.

[Damian] This is exactly why you need to come with us. You are BLIND. You cannot fight.

*Valkyrie began to float slightly, a purple glow surrounding her. She taps her staff on the ground and a pulse of Indigo light spreads out. Martian Manhunter and Batman put there hands up, but the blast moves Damian back slightly. *

[Valkyrie] It is not the type of blindness you think it is.

[Batman] You will become a liability on their mission.

[Jason] Bruce. It is our decision wether or not to bring a liability along.

[Aresenal] Way to go. Calling your own team mate a liability.

[Starfire] You know that’s not what he meant.

[Talon] I’m sure it was what he was thinking…

[Raven] She is the only one who can deal with Miss Martian at the moment. Not even Martian Manhunter can handle his niece’s mental attacks.

[Damian] For all we know it was a fluke. An accident.

[Batman] It wasn’t a fluke.

[Raven] Again I hate to agree with you.

[Martian Manhunter] There must be another way of dealing with my niece.

[Jason] With Simon and whatever else Queen Bee cooked up, theres no way to deal with Miss Martian without her.

[Batman] You get one chance. If she loses control she immediately returns to the watchtower.

*Jason nods.*

[Batman] I mean it. If you don’t return her the League will be forced into action.

[Talon] I’m shaking in my new boots.

*Him and Arsenal high five. Starfire and Raven sigh.*

[Valkyrie] It’s a promise.

*Bruce nods and turns and walks away. *

[Martian Manhunter] Please save my niece.

*He too turns and walks away. Damian stays where he is.*

[Damian] I am warning you Todd, If anything happens, I will end you.

*Talon laughs.*

[Talon] Still the same little boy. Too afraid to let go of his emotional attachments.

[Bruce] Robin, it’s time to go.

*Damian turns and walks away.*

[Arsenal] Anyone up for burgers tonight?

[Jason] I could go for burgers.

[Talon] whose cooking?

*Arsenal walks over to the kitchen and picks up a delivery menu.*

[Arsenal] There’s this great place that delivers.

*Raven face palms. *

[Raven] Where are you delivering it too?

Arsenal smiled.

[Arsenal] Here of course. Doc remember that favor I asked of you.

*Doc’s screen turns back on.*

[Doc] Would you like me to initiate take out mode?

[Arsenal] Yes, please Doc.

[Doc] As you wish. Calling For Burgers now.

[Starfire] Roy, what did you do.

*Jason sighed.*

[Jason] He started a teenage party outside.

*Arsenal smiled.*

[Arsenal] It’s the perfect cover. Who else would have an outdoor party by an abandoned mine.

*Talon sighed.*

[Talon] No one. No one would have a party outside an abandoned mine.

[Starfire] Don’t listen to him Roy. I think it’s genius.

[Valkyerie] So whose actually going to pick up the burgers from the delivery guy.

[Doc] I am programmed to pick it up myself.

*Everyone laughed.*

[Raven] Now that’s laziness.


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