9 : We are Coming Miss Martian

Scene fades to Jason’s room. There is a knock on the door.

[Jason] Come in.

*In walks Valkyrie. She sees him in his pjs, sitting on his bed. He is polishing one of his guns.*

[Valkyrie] I came to talk Jason.

*He pats the bed next too him. She goes and sits down.*

[Jason] It’s the liability thing isn’t it.

[Valkyrie] Not just that…

*Jason puts down his guns.*

[Jason] You are not particularly good at fighting. You know that.

[Valkyrie] I am also not super smart, gifted with magical powers or an alien. Are we stating the obvious Jason?

[Jason] Well. You do have something now.

*He pointed to her ring. The only thing that stood out from her pjs . (Dc comic book pants and a long sleeve shirt)*

[Valkyrie] I suppose I do.

[Jason] What’s bothering you, Leaila?

[Valkyrie] When is something not bothering me?

[Jason] I’m serious. I have other things to do tonight then worry about your feelings.

[Valkyrie] Of course you do.

[Jason] I am not in a good mood. Hurry up.

[Valkyrie] If one meeting with Bruce makes you this angry you cannot hope to be a good leader, Jason.

[Jason] G-dddamit Laeila. You came in here for something what was it.

[Valkyrie] I came in here to ask you a favor.

*His shoulders dropped and the anger left his body.*

[Jason] What favor?

[Valkyrie] Our past. I would like it kept from everyone.

*Jason frowned.*

[Jason] That’s it?

[Valkyrie] That’s it.

[Jason] And here I was hoping for something a little more exciting. No one knows Laeila.

*Valkyrie laughs.*

[Valkyrie] I think Arsenal and Starfire are getting to you.

*He snorts.*

[Jason] You wish.

[Valkyrie] Jason, this ring forces me to feel compassion even when I don’t want me to. I survive by constantly switching between two extremes. This ring wants me to commit to only one.

[Jason] And?

[Valkyrie] And I am not ready to feel compassionate about your part in the event.

*Jason stood up and walked to the window.*

[Jason] I was a kid. Bruce was on me, I saw Roy messed up on the streets, my mother being alive was just found out as a lie and you expected me to be there for you.

[Valkyrie] We were never friends in that way Jason. You went to school. You pretended like everything could go on like normal. When you walked in on a crime you turned your back from it.

[Jason] How was me not telling the principle the truth that much of a big deal. Caitlin came in and confessed that she knew.

*Valkyrie gets up and walks over to him. Also staring out the window.*

[Valkyrie] It’s not that you gave me hope from helping me once. It’s that the reason you didn’t was such a low desire.

*Jason turned to look at her.*

[Valkyrie] I admit. I am not the most attractive one, but for a piece of ass with a cheerleader, you turned your back from not only your own values but from someone who looked up to you as a Robin.

[Jason] I was 16 and frustrated. She offered me something for keeping my mouth shut and I needed to forget things.

[Valkyrie] I was 16 also. I had just as much to forget and I never sold my friends out.

[Jason] You even said we weren’t friends.

[Valkyrie] I’ve never done what you did, Jason.

[Jason] You need to move on from it, Laeila. It doesn’t matter what I did to you. Look at you now.

*Valkyrie takes the ring off. Her face turns back to the way it was before.*

[Valkyrie] My looks mean nothing. I am still the same person I was back then.

[Jason] Nah. You can throw a decent punch now.

[Valkyrie] Jason, you will never get over what the Joker did to you and who you’ve become until you realize that even now you continue to make bad choices. Not because you didn’t know, but because they were easier.

[Jason] You don’t know me Laeila, so stop analyzing me.

[Valkyrie] You’re right. I should go.

*She turns and leaves.*

[Jason] For what it’s worth. I am sorry.

[Valkyrie] I know you are Jason. You always are.

*The door closes.*

*Next morning. The team is having breakfast. Starfire and Arsenal are cooking in the kitchen. Talon, Raven and Valkyrie are at the table and Jason just walks in. Arsenal hands him his cup of coffee.*

[Arsenal] So, Miss Martian.

*Jason sighs and turns to Doc.*

[Jason] Have you found Queen Bee’s location yet?

*Doc’s screen turns on.*

[Doc] There has been a large amount of underground weapon sales in Cambodia. It is making it’s way to a cult group lead by a female. The woman seems to look like Queen Bee, but I cannot identify her for some reason.

[Talon] Pull up the picture.

*The screen flashes a photo of Queen Bee.*

[Arsenal] Yea that’s the crazy Bitch.

[Raven] Why would she be in Cambodia? I thought Queen Bee favored Bialya?

[Jason] Either way it isn’t good.

[Valkyrie] We should head to Cambodia and start digging around for answers.

[Starfire] Agreed.

[Doc] Should I send a message to Martian Manhunter that we have a possible location on his niece?

[Jason] No. We don’t need them involved with our work.

[Talon] Besides they could always send the Titans to assist us and that would just make everything messier.

[Raven] Then what are we going to do?

[Valkyrie] We need Simon. Only he can re-write what he did on Miss Martians brain. He will be right next to Queen Bee.

[Jason] Valkyrie do you still know a place to stay in Cambodia?

*Valkyrie smiles.*

[Valkyrie] I will always know a place to stay.

[Arsenal] Back to work we go. Bye Holliday.

[Doc] Good bye Sir.

*Moves to Airship. Starfire is flying it.*

[Talon] Hey Orange, does this ship have any guns?

[Starfire] Yes.

[Talon] Are they big guns?

[Starfire] Some of them?

[Talon] Would you say you are used to using the big guns?

[Starfire] I guess so?

*Talon snickers.*

[Talon] So why are you with Arsenal?

*Arsenal stands up in his chair.*

[Arsenal] Shut up Talon. I am warning you.

*He throws his hands up.*

[Talon] Hey, I am only going by what the Drug Health and Administration board has put out.

*Jason sighs.*

[Jason] Is everyone I know from Haly Circus so annoying.

[Talon] I like to think I am my own special brand of annoying.

[Valkyrie] You can’t really compare him to Nightwing.

[Arsenal] Jason’s right. At least Nightwing is open about being a Dick.

*Starfire cracks up laughing.*

[Raven] I am ashamed to know you.

[Talon] And I officially like half-demon women.

*Talon winks in her direction. She rolls her eyes.*

[Arsenal] Are we almost there yet?

[Starfire] Almost. Doc where in Cambodia is she?

*Doc pops up on a screen in the ship.*

[Doc] Banteay Chhmar. It is in the northwest area of Cambodia.

[Valkyrie] There are only villages in that area of Cambodia. We will have to find lodging with the locals.

[Talon] No five star suite?

[Arsenal] Nope, just rice paddies.

[Raven] It’s an archaeological site in a forest.

[Arsenal] There will still be rice paddies.

[Valkyrie] Oh you are in for a sore awakening my naive friend.

[Starfire]  Doc. Can you pull up an area close enough that I can land and find housing.

[Doc] Certainly Miss Starfire. I am sending you a location now.

[Talon] Anyone else wonder if the real Doc Holliday was this nice?

[Doc] He had a nasty reputation, Sir. I believe I am one of a kind.

*Talon laughs.*

[Talon] Doc you crack me up.

[Doc] You’re welcome Sir.

*The plane lands in a small forest clearing. Everyone gets off the plane. Jason looks at the screen.*

[Jason] We are about an hours walk from the nearest village.

[Arsenal] Or Valkyrie can just zap us there.

[Valkyrie] If I do I won’t be of much use for a couple hours afterwards.

[Talon] She could mess up and leave parts of you behind. You know that right?

[Raven] I do not like to walk.

[Talon] I could carry you instead.

[Raven] I’d rather be stuck at Arsenal’s Comedy Show.

*Arsenal tips his hat.*

[Goon #1] Or you can die!

*12 men come through the trees on flying scooter things. Lasers shooting out.*

[Arsenal] Since when does Cambodia have lasers.

*Jason pulls him behind a fallen tree.*

[Jason] Later, Roy.

*Arsenal sighs and draws his bow.*

[Arsenal] Ready when you are.

*Him and Jason stand up again. Roy shoots down three. Two get arrows to the arm, one gets an arrow to the head. Jason shoots two right in the head. Meanwhile Starfire is up in the air. Two fly straight into her outstretched arms, falling off their flying scooters. Raven is shielding Talon and Valkyrie. Talon has taken four down by throwing kunai. Valkyrie shot down the last one. One man starts crawling into the brush. Talon throws a kunai right by his head, stepping on his back.*

[Talon] Talk.

[Goon #10] I have nothing to say to a trespasser.

[Talon] Trespasser on what?

[Goon #10] Queen Bee’s land.

*Talon gasps and puts his hand to his mouth.*

[Talon] Oh my. We didn’t mean to do that. We will just leave and go on our way.

[Goon #10] You will never make it out alive.

[Talon] But we are just innocent travelers.

[Goon #10] Simon and the Martian are watching everything. They already know about this exchange.

*Talon smiled.*

[Talon] Well that’s just too bad for you.

*Valkyrie walks and stabs the bottom of her staff into the man killing him. Arsenal whistles.*

[Arsenal] I guess she finally has gone through the entrance ceremony for the psychotic killers club.

[Valkyrie] It was an act of compassion. His fate would of been worse when they came for him.

[Talon] Whatever you need to call it, lady.

[Jason] We need to go.

[Valkyrie] Making it to the village won’t be the safest option.

[Raven] And heading there isn’t smart either.

[Starfire] Red hood. It is up to you.

[Jason]  We head in the direction of the archaeological site.

*Everyone begins walking.*

[Valkyrie] Raven is there a way you can shield us from Simon and Miss Martian?

[Raven] I can try with four others, but…

[Valkyrie] That’s fine. I have the best chance of not being found. Benefits of the Indigo Light.

[Jason] For all we know that only works with other Lanterns.

[Valkyrie] Even if I’m found Miss Martian can’t one shot me. So let Raven cloak you.

*Jason goes to say something but she puts her hand up.*

[Valkyrie] Raven

*Raven nodds.*

[Raven] Azarath Metrion Zinthos…

*She spreads her arms and the shadows from below her cloak spread out and around everyone but Valkyrie. Valkyrie activated the purple light, now floating slightly above the ground.*

[Valkyrie] Lets go.

*They walked for thirty minutes when they started hearing noise. Raven moved everyone up into a large tree. Valkyrie floated upwards. They saw a large scale excavation process. A few meters back was a large white tent.*

[Jason] Wanna bet Queen Bee is in the nice expensive tent?

[Talon] I can top you. I see Miss Martian.

*He pointed to the right. Simon and her were having lunch. He was feeding her berries.*

[Valkyrie] Can I be the first one to throw up?

[Raven] Too late.

[Starfire] It’s actually kind of cute. He might of been just lonely.

[Arsenal] Alright desperate housewives. Can we get on with this. I have Doc on standby for takeout.

[Valkyrie] A distraction maybe?

[Talon] That could be fun. How about me and Daddy’s Little Girl go play.

*Raven glares at him.*

[Raven] How do you know that name.

*He winks.*

[Jason] Raven needs to be with Valkyrie. She is the only one who can help her.

[Arsenal] So Starfire, Talon and I can go play.

[Valkyrie] Having Jason will cause a bigger distraction.

[Talon] As much as I would love to out due him, someone needs to distract Simon. You guys can’t handle both.

*Jason looks at Valkyrie. He was egging her on to say something. After all the secret was something of her own design.*

[Valkyrie] Let’s just get this over with.

*She jumps down with Raven. Both covered in Shadows.*

[Arsenal] Whats up with her?

*Jason sighs.*

[Jason] You don’t even want to know.

*He jumps down to join Valkyrie and Raven.*

[Talon] I know whats up.

*Arsenal looks at him.*

[Arsenal] How in the hell do you know?

*Talon smiled.*

[Talon] The Court of Owls had a file on the students of Gotham High.

[Arsenal] I shouldn’t….

[Starfire] Arsenal. That’s a gross invasion of their privacy.

[Arsenal] But babe. Even you wanna know…

*Gun shots go off and they look. They forgot that with Raven gone everyone was aware of them.*

[Talon] Tell you what. If you kill more goons then me. I’ll tell you.

[Aresenal] You’re on.

*They jump forward. Starfire sighs, flying off.*

[Starfire] He will never win.

*Raven, Valkyrie and Jason made their way to the shadows by the tent. They waited for the distraction. It was taking a long time. Jason knew Arsenal and Talon had to be bickering about something stupid. Finally, they saw the gunshots go off in the trees. Arsenal and Talon jumping off, taking out the first few guys with them. Queen Bee came out of her tent only to see Starfire coming from the trees. She turned to Simon and Miss Martian who were heading in their direction.*

[Jason] Let’s go.

*He jumps out, shooting at Simon. Miss Martian stops the bullets and throws him back. He is caught by Ravens shadow. Valkyrie and her exposing themselves.*

[Simon] So you guys finally reveal yourselves. I knew the silence had to be you.

[Raven] Of course you did.

[Jason] Fix Miss Martian.

[Miss Martian] There’s nothing to fix.

[Valkyrie] You sure.

*Miss Martian glared at Valkyrie.*

[Miss Martian] You’re right, there is something to fix. Leaving your brain in tact.

*Simon smiles.*

[Simon] Come Redhood. Let’s see who has the stronger mind.

*Raven smiles. The battle shifts to inside Valkyries mind. They are in the clearing, but it is larger. Miss Martian is in Her White Martian form. Raven launches her giant black bird at Miss Martian. She blocks it with a wall of wood.*

[Miss Martian] Can you really let someone else fight me in your own mind, Valkyrie!

*Valkyrie smiled and raised her arms. The roots of trees started to come for Miss Martian.

Miss Martian tried to stop the roots, but couldn’t so she created mud walls to block them.*

[Miss Martian] You learned some new tricks.

*A purple beam of light broke through Miss Martians walls.*

[Valkyrie] You will have to deal with these roots the way nature intended, with fire.

*Miss Martian roared..Swiping the roots away with brute force. Raven lifted her hands and said*

[Raven] Azarath Metrion Zinthos

*Shadows leapt from the roots around Miss Martian. Locking her in a cage.*

[Valkyrie] You will never take my mind away from me.

*Miss Martian smiles and sends a wave of thought to Raven who falls on her knees. Her skin turning red.*

[Miss Martian] But what about your friend? She has so many uncontrollable feelings.

*Raven is lifted into the air, cocooned in a dark ball. Her form changes into a little red girl, crying. Miss Martian bursts from her cage of shadows, making wind that blows away the tree roots.*

[Valkyrie] Shit. I really thought that would hold you.

[Miss Martian] You can never hold me. You are just a sad little girl.

*She walks forward, rotting the ground she’s touched. Images of past painful events float around them.*

[Valkyrie] That can’t break me.

*Miss Martian smiles and pulls a memory from the air. It is the memory of a young Jason Todd in bed with Kierra Harris. She has just walked into them making love. Jason look surprised to see her. Kierra does not.*

[Miss Martian] It hurts doesn’t it. Seeing your hero betray your trust.

*She watches him get out of bed, pulling his pants on quickly. Telling her to wait a moment. Kierra is waving in the bed. He pushes her out of the room, grabbing his shirt on the way. He walks her down the hall as he’s putting his shirt on and out into the street. Jason takes her hand, and pulls her down the street to her house. He tells her to unlock the door and helps her into her house. Jason is surprised to see no one home, there is graffiti on the wall by the stairs.

It says get the fuck out. Jason repeats it before, pulling her up the stairs. He sits her on her bed and tells her everything is gonna be alright. He then goes to get her water. She turns and opens her night stand and open the drawer and pulls out a thing of tylenol. She opens the water bottle by her desk and downs all the pills. She lets herself fall down on the bed. By the time Jason walks back in with the water she is out. He drops the water. She can hear him curse and freak out. Finally, he runs out of the apartment. Valkyrie is tearing up.*

[Valkyrie] Does watching that make you happy?

*Miss Martian smiles.*

[Miss Martian] Kind of. I like knowing you can never take me.

*Valkyrie looks down and Miss Martian approaches her. When she reaches for Valkyrie all of sudden her head snaps up and she stabs the back of her staff straight through her.*

[Miss Martian] What.

*Valkyrie smiles, wiping away her tears. She walks forward pushing Miss Martian across the shrinking clearing straight into a tree. Not stoping till the spear pins her between the tree bark.*

[Valkyrie] That is not my hardest or most painful memory. You had a buffet of other ones to choose from but you chose that one.

*She lifts her hand and memories float by. One is her mom bashing her head into car, her uncle getting gang raped, watching others point at her uncle during a schizophrenic break, her own insomnia, getting beat up in school, her grandma threatening to kill herself, herself fat staring in the mirror. Miss Martian looks at her in panic.*

[Valkyrie] Can’t you see. You know you are being manipulated. I can feel it. Your mind screaming.

[Miss Martain] Shut up. Shut up. Shut Up.

*Valkyrie shines her Indigo Light on Miss Martian. Only being able to show her her own pain. Letting the light of compassion maybe influence her just a little bit. She starts screaming and all three are pushed out of the mental world. Miss Martian is on the floor. Raven is sitting, her head in her hands. Jason is sweating, on his knees in front of Simon. Valkyrie sighed. She hadn’t wanted to be compassionate about Jason, but as the chains tightened she knew she had to. She raised her staff and bathed Jason in the light. His sweating stopped and he turned his head to look at her. He could feel her forgiveness, the warmth of a close friend being there. Raven stood up and managed to wrap herself and Miss Martian in her shadows. Valkyrie floated over towards Simon.*

[Valkyrie] You will fix what you did to Miss Martian.

[Simon] And you will be the one to make me?

[Valkyrie] I can try.

*Simon lifted his hand and Valkyrie could feel the pressure. It was like thousands of needles coming at her. But the more she surrendered herself into the chains of compassion the less pressure she felt. Queen Bee may have ordered Simon to take Martian for their plans but he had done this because he was lonely. Who could understand him better then another telepath?

Crying tears of joy she tapped her staff on the ground letting the purple light roll out of her like a soft wave. When it hit Simon he froze and his face softened. He felt it. Compassion. He looked at Miss Martian and in that moment Valkyrie shot the purple light from her staff once more, straight into his chest. Knocking him on his back. Talon came from no where tying him up.

Arsenal being carried by Starfire over. Behind them was a chain of explosions.Talon pulled out a collar and snapped it on his neck.*

[Talon] It’s rigged to explode if  he uses anything but telepathy or he pisses me off.

[Arsenal] Like that’s so hard.

*Jason and Valkyrie laugh tiredly. Talon, Arsenal and Starfire coax Simon into fixing Martian who is still reeling from the purple light (shadow of chains in background). Right afterwards a bunch of goons run out and Jason shouts*

[Jason] leave him.

*Talon picks up the exhausted Raven. Starfire helps Miss Martian.  Arsenal puts Jason’s arm around his shoulder and Valkyrie taps her staff on the ground teleporting them back to the ship.

She faints on the spot into Jason’s arms. Who smiles and carries her to a seat. Letting her curl up on his lap. No one says anything.*

[Talon] She’s gonna kill you when she wakes up.

*Jason takes, the staff from her hands and puts it on floor. He shimmies his Jacket off to cover her.*

[Jason] Maybe you should learn so you can impress the very awake girl in your arms.

*Talon looks down to an angry Raven. He puts her down immediately. She walks off to meditate in a corner. Gun blasts go off and Starfire sits in the captain seat. Arsenal stands behind her and they take off. He whispers in her ear.*

[Arsenal] Thank G-d whatever we are is not that.

*Starfire smiles and nods. Talon repositions himself.*

[Talon] Time for some shut eye.

[Jason] You may be on to something circus clown.

*He leans his head to the left and falls asleep. Leaving Arsenal back cuddling Starfire.*

Scene fades into landing.


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