Chapter 3 :: Urgal Rider

I sat on the ground watching the fighting. It has been a week since the news of the birth of the first dwarven Rider. Almost all of Alagaësia was celebrating the news of this mysterious female dwarf. They say her dragon was the most beautiful shade of silver. The dwarven merchants that came once every three months said that it was more pure than liquid metal and that at night if one was visiting Tarnag you could see the occasional opal light reflected off his scales.


I hit the bottom of my axe on the ground. Since the news had spread he clans the fighting had begun again. Each clan had fought within each other for their best warrior and that warrior would fight the other clans representative in front of our egg. Everyone would be watching for reactions.


I swiped the ground in front of me hard with the metal handle. Things were not fair. I could not have a chance. My birth was the result of experiments done during the War. Nothing but a half-breed. While, I was smarter my horns were smaller and thinner. It made me like a female on top of it all. In contests of strength I did not win. Clever tricks could only take me so far against my brethren.


That’s all I‌ ever did was watch. Watch the great warriors of the clans earn accomplishments and glory. I began to swing my ax around in frustration. I‌ had wanted to try so hard that when I‌ did I‌ made things even worse for myself. My body covered in fresh scars. The newest one from my attempt blinded my left eye.

“Skgarbazh is going for it.”

I looked up at the famous Urgal. Since the fighting began he had gotten the most wins added to his already impressive records. With his latest win he was given the chance to approach the egg. Skgarbazh would have time with it to see if it would hatch for him. All of us watching. All of us waiting. Me more then most.

“Don’t hatch…”

Don’t hatch for someone as stupid as him. Skgarbazh is strong but he is dumber than most of the Urgals here right now. Please, dragon, do not let me know that that is what a Rider has to be. I don’t know if I‌ can handle it.“

“Nothin’s happening.”

“It’s not ‘im either.”

“Skgarbazh is te best. Who else?”

I watched them all look around in confusion. One of the Clan heads coming out to dismiss us. During meal times there was always someone who would try to sneak towards the egg to see if they were it. As long as they didn’t go too far they were generally allowed.

“Bear again.”

I‌ sat alone as expected. Scarfing down the bear I caught. Even now I watched those who snuck towards it. Watching to see if anything would happen.

“Watcha eatin’?”

I turned to see Skgarbazh and a few others. He must not of had time to hunt today.


A cocky smile on his face as walked closer.

“Bear sounds good. Give to me.”

I‌ looked down at the bear meat I‌ was holding. It’s not like I‌ was that hungry. If I‌ gave him the meat nothing would be lost but I‌ was still an Urgal. Submission was not in my blood. Even if I‌ was weak.

“No. Get your own.”

I continued eating. Skgarbazh started to laugh.

“Look ‘ere at this little thing. lookin’ like a girl and thinkin’ he can talk back to us like that.”

I rolled to the side as he reached for my meat. Skgarbazh and the others with him smiled eagerly. They saw me as their prey. The weak were not defiant to the strong but I‌ don’t want to remain weak. When they got close to me I stoo dup and threw the meat to the ground. Smiling as I‌ stomped it into the dirt and mud. Skgarbazh and the others grew enraged.


Urgals started to come out to see what was going on. Skgarbazh getting closer to me as I‌ backed away towards the egg in the center of the village.

“A weakin’ thing like you thinkin’ you can keep living like this.”

He pulled out his axe. Why was even his axe much larger than mine? Urgals were shouting for a challenge. I picked up my own axe.

“I am not weak.”

Skgarbazh started to laugh as he walked around me.

“You ‘ere are the weakest thin’ around ‘ere. Children ar’ stronger than you.”

Everyone cracked up laughing. I got it. I‌ wasn’t strong or big like Skgarbazh. I was my own sort of Urgal. There still strength and horns. I‌ had my honor too.


I foolishly jumped at him first. Skgarbazh knocking me to the ground easier then I‌ want to admit. My ax scattering away from me. He kicked me in the sides so I went rolling towards the platform that held the egg. Skgarbazh started to laugh as he got ready to swing his ax down. However, in that moment he looked down on me. That moment arrogant idiots like Skgarbazh have, I kicked up to topple him over. His own ax scattering away. Before anything could be done I snapped his neck with all my strength. Somehow, getting cut by his large horns in the process.



There was nothing but sounds of shock and disbelief. I‌ guess we were all wondering if I‌ was a coward or if Skgarbazh died because of a stupid mistake. My body leaning backward as my hands fell onto the platform. It was cruder built than I thought. In the silence my breathing grew heavier. It felt like the crowd and I‌ were all waiting for something to happen or move. I could feel the blood on my hand, somehow, spill onto the smooth cold stone.


I turned to see that it had splashed onto the black egg. Never having had the chance before to see it up close, I‌ was quite surprised by it. The color wasn’t a pure black but a deep one that almost seemed to be a bit purple. It was something that looked too beautiful to be on a simple wood and metal platform.


The egg started to shake.


Did I‌ break it! Did killing Skgarbazh mean I‌ killed the first Urgal Rider! The egg shook more and started to crack. Soon a blackish young baby dragon crawled out from the egg. Its eyes a startling deep purple. I couldn’t help but lean in closer. The young dragon licking my cut hand. A hot searing pain occurring.


When it was over I‌ looked at the young dragon. It was smiling and waiting for me. The crowd of watchers erupted into shouts. It didn’t sound like may of them were happy for me but more for the birth of the young dragon.

“Are you mine?”

The young dragon nodded its head. She, the young dragon was a she. I knelt down on my knees so I‌ could whisper to her.

“Gulia. Your name is Guila.”

She smiled. It seems I‌ had chosen well. I picked her up and placed her on my shoulders. A large smile on my face.

“Urgralgra! Urgralgra! Urgralgra!”

I was the one to start the chant. I was the one to be the first of us! I swallowed down the tears and looked at my dragon. My Gulia. She rubbed her head into my neck.

“You were my fate all along.”



Eragon Fear and Courage

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