10 : They Always Bring The Show

Damian’s attention peaked at the mention of today’s loss. “Yes.” He nodded at Siavash’s question. He had stood witness to the challenge- fulfilling the necessity as morning broke. Just as his children noted; the object of contention had been a female. It was something he had never experienced himself. To have gone from an arranged marriage to choosing women outside of the compound, the trials set before him had been of a different breed. Just as well; his wife was troublesome enough he didn’t need to worry about someone attempting to challenge him for her. They’d be murdered at her hands even if they won. An all too familiar sigh of Xsaysara earned a glance from him. Hm… He returned his attention to the party goers until Parvana called him. “It will disperse in the next hour. ‘They’ will be keen to move on to the next phase of the night.” Of course, he was referring to the Draghi element of the party. It was rare for them to stay at one event- especially if they themselves weren’t hosting. When his wife returned he draped his arms around her waist, hints of smile forming when she leaned into him. “Good. Maybe she’s finally domesticating.” The words were dry- void of actual hope. That…thing had been a plague on the world for who knew how long. Inviting her had been an oversight with Eunan’s presence barely enough to offset. As soon as Evangeline’s children began to gather others for the next destination he gave his children an ‘dad is always right’ look. It was even within an hour. He watched his children, honestly having not expected all of them to go. Siavash normally wouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was always entertaining to see his behavioral shifts in Clo’s presence. Xsaysara…there wasn’t much thought required. The sight of Khurshid descending down the stairs; however, earned a raised brow. “Keep watch over them.” He advised his daughters, each earning a slight nod as he finished his glass of whiskey. His gaze flickered to the remaining adults from foreign bloodlines once the stairwell sealed. “Our children will behave.” He assured his wife as his hand glided up her thigh. The company of only the adults didn’t irritate him as much as having all of their damned offspring- Ana being the blatant exception, but then again, she barely counted as an adult. Tilting his wife’s chin to face him he gave her a look asking if she wanted to stay and entertain or if she wanted him to make everyone scatter. His preference was obvious.

The tunnel stood forged from solid stone with large torches illuminating their way. Aleera stood at the front of the pack with Antoinette by her side. Without missing a step, Aleera pulled her hair from its’ confines so dark locks cascaded down her shoulders meanwhile Antoinette casually discarded her outerwear to reveal a white oversized sweater that reached halfway down her thigh to be met by a pair of silvery thigh-high boots. With a snap her fingers Aleera’s ensemble morphed into a gold mini-dress hugging her curves as if painted on. “Who’s turn is it?” Antoinette asked as they reached a solid pair of wooden doors. “I believe yours, but since we have so many it may be both.” Aleera replied before pushing the doors open to reveal a two-story club buzzing with activity. The doors opened onto a stairwell descending into the dancefloor across from which was a stage. The D.J. cast a wave in their direction. “Alright. I’m up.” Antoinette gave Aleera a kiss on the cheek before descending the stairs to disappear in the crowd. “There’s two empty booths in the V.I.P. section. Feel free to use them at your leisure.” Aleera explained briefly before stepping aside for their guests to enjoy themselves.

Markus had found himself feeling constricted in the tunnels. Mairi’s scent was quite hard to ignore and with that came…reactions. When Aleera cleared the way, he was one of the first to move past, loosening his collar with a sense of muted urgency. He needed a drink. Making his way down to the bar he put in an immediate order for his usual. Actually…for two when he noticed Rhiagan’s presence. The vampire looked about as thrilled as Markus felt. “Here.” Markus handed him a glass and took a swig of his own. The burning liquid provided little comfort with him spotted Mairi almost immediately. His jaw clenched. One swig turned into a gulp and suddenly the glass was empty.

Rhiagan appraised Markus silently, but offered no comment. He did not intend to overstay his welcome nor keep himself busy with such trivial activities. After an evening spent standing in a room while others enjoyed himself he found it redundant to simply change location for the same activity. With Freya and Aeron present; Ailsa would stay well enough in line. Niklaus would surely make his leave soon as well. Glancing down at the drink in his hand he shot it back then discarded the glass.

Seraphina’s attire became nothing more than a little black dress. As she moved past Aleera she earned a soft smile before making her way to the V.I.P. section with Emilie in tow. Emilie wore a light blue ensemble and flashed Aleera an excited smile. It had been ages since she’d properly been out. The two made themselves comfortable on the couch, drinks soon appearing around them. Emilie took one at random whilst Seraphina left them untouched. The two spent time chatting about various topics from Emilie’s time in Japan, Seraphina’s most recent instruments, the books they’d read, and of course the ‘interesting’ things their siblings had been doing as of late. After finishing her third drink, Emilie caught eyes with a fairly attractive young man down below. Biting her bottom lip, the brunette turned back to Seraphina who had taken notice. “I…I can’t.” Emilie shook her head, a small titter escaping her as she reached for another beverage. “You couuuuuld.” Seraphina gave her a soft nudge whilst plucking the drink from her cousin’s grasp. “Nope. I can’t……But he’s SO cute.” Emilie sighed, tapping her finger against her cheek. Seraphina tried not to laugh and merely nodded. “Okay-okay. I got this. Right? Right.” Emilie stood up abruptly, her hand shooting out to steady herself on the railing before taking a final drink. “I’ll be back.” She winked at Seraphina then slipped onto the dancefloor. Seraphina leaned forward to watch Emilie introduce herself to the young man. It didn’t seem to take long before he had her dancing and laughing. A small smile crept on Seraphina’s features. At least here things were somewhat monitored.

Maksim appeared behind Seraphina to lean over her small frame. “Having a drink?” A smile could be heard in his voice. Seraphina stiffened a bit. “I was just holding it for Emilie.” Her voice grew meek as she held up the glass for him to take. “Even though she’s downstairs enjoying a man’s attentions?” Maksim inquired before raising the cup to his lips. Seraphina resigned herself to remain silent and watch the festivities. After finishing the drink, he lowered himself again. “Stay here. I’ll bring you down when it dies down a bit.” He murmured against her ear, moving a few strands of hair over her shoulder before leaving her in solitude to enjoy himself.

Much like Ana had come to allow Evangeline the sole privilege of dressing her for events; Aleera had taken on the same hobby when it came to Freya. The way Freya never seemed to care what covered her body gave Aleera unlimited reign and she manipulated it to the full extent. Freya stood clad in a silver mini dress exposing her entire back, dipped well below her cleavage, and even had cut outs on the sides. The vampire joined Aleera on the dance floor where male attention soon ensued. Aleera fed into with the grace of someone performing a choreography. Freya on the other hand kept by her cousin’s side though she was distracted by a flash of red- Ailsa.

Anytime Ailsa was dressed by Evangeline; it was the color red. As Ailsa moved among the bodies in the club she found herself looking for a worthy target. Unfortunately, no one smelled good enough to taste. Knitting her brows in frustration she resigned herself to lean against a wall in her eldest brother’s shadow. Watching him scowl was always an entertaining choice.

In the meantime, Antoinette took to the stage. After giving the D.J. a nod the music began to play.


Ain’t My Fault Zara Larsson

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