11 : Everyone Was Thirsty

Autumn was watching her children walk away with a sense of worry when she felt her husband slide his hand up her leg. She was wearing a kimono. How did he figure out how to do that. He didn’t know anything about them. When she felt her head being tilted a smile appeared on her face. One of her hands that should of been stuck between them rand down his chest till they found their perch. A grin on Autumn’s face as she replied to her husband. What call was he going to make.

Taka, Lucian and Mairi were the first of the Xiradis group to enter the tunnel. Merely, because they had been the closest. Lucian peeking up an eyebrow at him once they entered. “Why on Earth would you actually decide to come for once.” Taka smiled. “Mairi has promised quite an interesting show.” Lucian turned to look at Mairi. “And you say I’m the bad one. He’s not even supposed to enjoy games.” Mairi rolled her eyes at the boys. “Please, both of you try to not be so…so so. This is a night to enjoy ourselves.” As she spoke her formal attire seemed to melt away. Blood red cloth seemingly wrapping around her figure. She was now in a tight body hugging crushed velvet short dress. Sky high heels replacing her more modest ones. Lucian looked her up and down. “Well, you certainly inherited your mother’s flare.” Taka groaned. He was not a fan of his Aunt. “You mean her imperfections.” Taka snapping his fingers. His attire instantly changing to a new all black outfit. Except instead of formal wear he was in well fitting black pants and a casual black button up for going out. A long silver necklace appearing on him that held the symbol of the Gaunt family on it. It was something that made controling Aeron easier. A reminder he couldn’t always be the Alpha. And since Aeron was going you never knew if you needed that reminder. Other than that a platinum ring appeared on his right hand. A sanscript exspression you probably couldn’t read. Lucian shook his head at the two. “You two are always in a rush.” As each step Lucian took another part of his attire changed. Lucian now wearing a crushed green velvet jacket with a black undershirt and black pants.

Aki cracking up laughing. “Wearing a dark green jacket doesn’t give you that much more color, bird brain.” Lucian waved his hand at Aki. “Having your clothes picked out for you by CLotilde doesn’t count either.” Besides the fact that he was in a golden crushed velvet jacket the rest of his attire was black anyways. Although, he was matching the shinning gold miny dress Clotilde was now wearing.Clotilde smiled at Lucian. “You should find someone to update your own wardrobe.” Mairi cracked up laughing. “Please, like he can ever meet someone who could get him to do something. THat would be like Taka finding someone that he wants to have sex with.” Taka gave her an annoyed look. Aki, Lucian and Hiro cracking up laughing. Taka turned to glare at his brother. He was in the most obnoxious of attire. Black and grey muggle musician may be the best description with that vest of his, large amount of jewerly accessories and his hair in a loose ponytail. He should cut it off already.

Akiko clapped her hands. “Now, now boys. You can’t get heated. Not on our watch.” Hiro groaned. “When are you not going to hold that over our heads.” Kohaku lazily commented. “When you stop being such a hassle that we can actually have our own lives.” Clotilde tried her best to hide her smirk. Taka on the other hand appraised his sisters. They had a tendency to enjoy clubbing in some mini version of a Qipao that frankly reminded him of a Halloween costume store. Apparently, however, there was a difference in the ones they wore. Akiko was in red. Yukiko was in blue. Kohaku was in yellow. That’s the only difference he saw. He shook his head in disappointment. “If our mother saw you now she would be mordified.” Akiko laughed as she past the others to enter the club first. “But mother isn’t here is she, Ta-ka.” Yukiko and Kohaku following after her chuckling. The other slowly entering the club after them.

Virag casually pulled his arm back front Antoinette when she left to hop up on stage. He went to join his brother Izask on the dance floor. The two not even noting their other siblings. They couldn’t be bothered when there existed a party in mid swing they could enjoy.

Clotilde immediately pulled Aki onto the dance floor. A sweet murmur on her lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed herself against him. “Endelea, Kubeba Kidogo.” Aki wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned down so he could neck on her. “We both know there isn’t anything little about me.” Clotilde smiling for a moment as the two got into the rhythm of the music, blocking off the world around them.

Aeron found his arm clutched out when he was adjusting to the new scents of the room. It was Ame. Her face was puffed up in annoyance. “Jeez, Aeron. You said you would dance with me. I waited all night you know.” He pinched her cheeks so they would have to deflate. Although, now she looked like a dying chipmunk. Or a fish. Depending on who you asked. “I’m here, ain’t I.” Ame pulled her face back and smiled. “Oui.” Ame tugging Aeron towards the dance floor. Aeron begrudgingly following her out there. The warm sight of a parent and a child dancing as you could see him trying to formal dance in the corner of the dance floor with her.

When Taka saw that he went to take a seat on one of the couches when Mairi tugged his arm. He looked up at her confused. She pointed to the bar. Sighing, he left the V.I.P. area to make his way towards the bar. Lucian avoiding all of this by heading out onto the dance floor with Mairi. Why did he get to be the dance partner. He wasn’t that scary to other individuals. Markus didn’t care about him. Still, he wanted a show at the very least, so he made his way over to the bar and sat down on Markus’ other side. Ignoring him and Rhiagan, he tapped the counter. “ one cup of ½ soju ½ plum wine. A shot of tequilla and a shot of whiskey.” He then turned to look at Markus. “I take it she put those lines on you.” His attention shifting to Rhiagan. A simple nod in his direction. “Aeron looks well fed tonight.” Taka turning back around to drink his shot of whiskey and tequilla right away. A small frown on his face. “Kore wa iyana usodesu.” Taka turning his attention back to Markus. “You know how long those last right? No?” He sighed as he shot down his soju mixture. “Three days. Three whole days of every time you think of Mairi you will have a reaction.” He tapped the bar counter without even turning back. “What did you do to annoy her.” He glanced up to look at her direction. She seemed to be having fun dancing with Lucian. Of course, she was perfectly in their eyesight and they had quite a view. Taka scoffed and downed another glass of alochol.

Akiko, grabbed her sisters and they made their way down to the dance floor. Each one of them picking an enjoyable looking muggle to dance with. They really would make their mother uncomfortable.

The rest of the litter who had managed to snag invited to the event as musical performers seemed to scatter into the crowd to dance. Except, Allard who seemed to be talking to someone back stage to take over the Dj position. However, poor Adolphe was on his way towards a particular red head that was a known problem child.

The equally less surprising Maxence quietly sipping a drink in the corner while his brother Raoul flirted with the women approaching them as they wanted to know who was in the V.I.P area. Zoe on the other hand seemed to be moving around the club looking for Allard. She seemed to inherit one trait from her mother, overly optimistic borderline denial obsession.

Gerard walked into the club. He had gotten a note from both his sister and Hiro about tonight’s after party. And since only his sister usually got invited to the before parts as Aki’s date he tended to show up at these times. He casually made his way over to the V.I.P. area to see who was here. To his surprise, all he saw was Seraphina. He sat down next to her and sighed. “It’s not nice to tell me to come to this and then for no one to be here.” Gerard smiled at her playfully. “Don’t you think Seraphina?” He turned around to order some hard liquor and snacks from the waiter. He turned back to Seraphina. “What was it you like to snack on again?”

Where was the invitee in question? Why he was currently walking away from the stage in annoyance. “Virag can have her.” He took the hand of one of the girls who was eyeing him. She had a wonderful figure and was quite beautiful for a muggle. Hiro pulled her towards the side of the club and pushed her against the wall. The girl seemed excited. His hand brushing her cheek. “Why are you so excited?” The girl looked up at him obviously on some ecstasy and looking for a lay. “Because I didn’t think I’d find anyone so good looking.” Hiro smirked down at her and placed his hand on her thigh. “Likely. It’s hard to live up to these standards.” His hand moving up her leg. When he saw the permission…the eagerness in her eyes he dug in to indulge himself.

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