12 : Do You Know The Rhythm?

Damian perked a brow at his wife’s forwardness. Who would have thought she was one a timid little thing who constantly accused him of taking her innocence- a charge he had yet to deny in full. Leaning down with the full intention of kissing his wife, he was instead halted by the irritating sound of voices. Voices of people not a part of his own house. Turning his attention to his guests he addressed them all at once. “The birthday banquet is now over. If you are not part of the Xiradis estate then I advise you to leave.” Turning back to his wife he pulled her into a kiss. Damian was not above attempting to take his wife right in that room. The others would scatter in time regardless.

The lingering heat and desperation of the muggles surrounding Ailsa began to seep into her very core; leaving her itching for some excitement. Pushing off the wall she had just been about to slip out of the club for something less…chaperoned when she caught wind of a familiar wolf’s scent. Sweeping her gaze over the crowd it took a mere moment to spot him. Hmm. Evangeline had made it clear she couldn’t toy with him during the party, but this was separate venue…The red head strode right up to the young man, claws curling into his shirt as she tugged him down for a heated kiss. A low orange glow lit her eyes when she pulled away from the kiss to then latch onto his neck. Her nibbles drew blood in seconds allowing her to flick her tongue for a taste.

Freya raised a delicate brow at seeing Ailsa latched on Adolphe’s neck, but made no movement towards the scene. There was no trouble yet. Pivoting to the side her gaze fell upon Aeron dancing with Ame. A moment passed before she returned her attention to Aleera who was fielding attention from three quite attractive young men. “And who might this pretty thing be?” One of the men leaned towards her, a smile forming when she didn’t lean back. “This would be my lovely cousin, Freya.” Aleera gestured to her vampire, giving her an almost imperceptible look to gauge her reaction. “Would you want to dance with me?” The guy asked, his fingers brushing against her cheek. Freya glanced her cousin before nodding. A smug smirk teased Aleera’s features at the sight of Freya actually walking off with a young man. It was about time! She might have to take a picture or else no one would believe it.

Markus had to control the urge to break the glass in his grasp. Instead, he opted to exhale deeply through his nose. “Yep.” Peaking up at the stage he watched his sister enjoying herself before turning see Rhiagan’s reaction. It was a simple nod. Markus smiled a bit. It didn’t matter what you told Rhiagan- the guy never strayed from his flatline nature. Taka’s mention of the marks caused that smile to disappear immediately. “Nope.” He closed his eyes for a moment at the idea of three days. Three whole days of this hell? Great. “I danced with her as par of friendly conversation with my sister.” His tone had a forced edge of boredom to it. Following Taka’s gaze he immediately regretted it. He unconsciously clenched his jaw. Red was his favorite color- not that he expected her to know that, but still. The way she moved…the way the dress hugged her body…He couldn’t help but watch her appreciatively. The only problem was the repercussions he faced instantaneously. Glancing at the boy next to her he couldn’t help the confusion. Lucian? Okay then. With a crack of his neck he turned back around to face the bartender. “Another round.” From the corner of his eye he saw Rhiagan nod in his direction. It appeared he had his drinking partner for the night. “Shouldn’t you be in the V.I.P. section staring everyone down? Or did you just miss me that much?” He chuckled at Taka with a swig of his drink. Did he think Taka actually came for conversation or to ‘nicely’ let him know what was happening to him? Not a fucking chance. Taka bringing it up only made him wary. “I’m sure there’s a girl that would like to dance with you…somewhere.” He cracked a grin with another swig. “Get him another as well.” He gestured to Taka so he could be caught up.

Aleera spotted her brother leaning against the bar with a less than optimal expression marring his features. Why was it his twin could just jump into having a good time meanwhile he always seemed ‘over’ everything? He was either perpetually calm or somewhat irritated. He might as well of been Rhiagan’s twin. Slipping from the men attempting to keep her company she weaved through the crowd until she was standing right behind her first brother. “Try to have some fun. This isn’t a funeral.” She whispered, giving Markus’ chin a little squeeze. “Jesus, Aleera. Maybe this is fun for me, hm?” He laughed and shook his head. This night was just getting worse and worse. Aleera leaned over and gave Rhiagan a quick kiss on the cheek before regarding her brother again. “Oh please.” She waved her hand dismissively at him. “Finish your drink and go dance. I saw you eyeing the pretty picture in red.” Aleera murmured with a smirk, a challenging gaze watching him finish his drink before sending him on his way.

Markus cracked his neck slightly as he made his way on to the center of the dance floor where Mairi was a vision. Given the knowledge that Mairi was purposefully fucking with him; he didn’t expect her to cast more than a glance in his direction, but between this and the bar where Aleera was standing near Taka…rejection might be the preferred route. Appearing behind her he placed a hand on her side while leaning down to catch her attention. “Mairi, can I have a moment.” His fingers gripped her waist to convey his…urgency.

Aleera looked on quite pleased at seeing Markus back in the field. Peeking up at the figure on her other side she was genuinely surprised to see him of all people. “I’m surprised you made it.” Smirking she spotted the drink in his hand and plucked it before finishing it off in one smooth taste. He seemed a little young to be drinking by her standards, after all. With a wink she set the glass down only to hear her name seconds later. It seemed Ophelia had arrived. “Enjoy your night, boys.”

Seraphina had tuned out from the world around her to only focus on the underlying base and beats of the songs playing. Antoinette’s songs were always quite familiar. A sudden voice earned her attention; her eyes darting around to find he was speaking to her. “Um- yes.” She agreed with a quick nod before turning her gaze to the dance floor. “Oh, I’m not hungry. Thank you though.” Her voice was meek, almost cracking under the weight of music in the building. “Antoinette is on the dance floor with Hiro.” She observed with a bit more confidence. Anytime she saw him around the estate he was usually with Antoinette, so she figured that’s who he was referring to.

A large smile graced Antoinette’s features as she finished the song. As the next beat started she could manage a brief giggle before bobbing along (first set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW_B4NRYd1A). When her chorus hit, the blonde plucked the mic from a dancer’s hand and descended into the crowd to dance with the fellow clubgoers with her girls in tow. Popping up in the center of a dance circle she went to work coaxing others to join her before dipping out just as the second chorus began. Her body was easily pushed amongst the sea of bodies, steering her off course though she managed happily enough. Turning on her heels just as a group bumped her sent her smacking her back directly against what felt like another back. Clenching the mic, all she could do was mouth ‘OWWWW’. Giving the man who’d bumped her a soft nudge back she only saw murder in his eyes when he turned to face her. Blue eyes widened as she quickly tapped the butt of whoever was behind her; aiming to pinch the person’s butt and instead feeling a handful of crotch as the person finally turned around. Ah. So, it was a guy. Good to know. Her part of the song came up again and so she raised the mic, not missing a beat while quickly dragging the poor male behind her before he got punched in the face for her mistake. Her two dancers seemed confused to see her just now returning, but she gave them a wink while using the guy to dance on. One girl gave her a look asking who the guy was. Antoinette just shrugged only to finally turn around during the bridge. “Oh! I know you!” She smiled, lacing an arm around his neck to continue her body movement against his. “Sorry about this and- THAT.” Pulling a bit of a face she hiked a leg up on his waist and leaned back until her hair swept the floor before bringing herself back up to grind against him. “You look good!” Unhooking her leg she slid down his torso before turning so her back was to him and sliding back upwards. “Go! Go!” She encouraged one of her girls, using one hand to wrap Hiro’s arm around her while the other raised the mic back to her lips. Antoinette tossed the mic back to the D.J. signaling she was done on songs for now. “Mi Gente!” Antoinette recognized the next immediately. “Do you know how to dance to this?” She whispered in his ear before falling into the rhythm?”


Mi Gente

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