13 : Red Hot

Autumn had grown to the point where she was comfortable enough with kissing her husbaund in public. Still, she was very aware of the fact her husbaund could easily take more without flinching. She pulled away from him and smoothly stood up from his lap. A hint of mischief appearing in her eyes. She turned her back on him and started to walk out of the hall. As she reached the doors towards their wing of the estate she caught the smile of a particular individual. Autumn rolling her eyes as she excitedly walked out from the hall towards her own room. It would not be an exaggeration to say she fast walked there. As soon as the door closed behind her she found herself with her back turned to the door, slowly undoing the belt that kept her kimono together. The attire loosening on her body. A part of her chest being revealed to the mirror on the opposite side of the wall. Autumn reaching up to let her hair down. It wouldn’t be a moment longer before her husband arrived…

Adolph met Aisla’s kiss eagerly. A sudden sense of excitement and pleasure welling up in him as she bit down on his neck. He loved the feisty ones. A part of him leaning into her as he felt her lick the blood. Adolphe bent down slightly so he could nibble on her neck. It would look strange for him to go any farther in public… So he picked her up so her legs could wrap around him as she licked and carried her across the club and into one of the private booths. He sat down so she was sitting on his lap. In all of his experiences he had learned that girls like her didn’t take to putting them immediately at the bottom. Adolphe using one hand to claw into her back and the other to not so gently remove his own shirt. When he was done he bent his head down to meet the area of her chest he had just decided to expose with his now free hand. He nibbled gently before finding himself getting into a rhythm. The same hand scratching its way up her inner thigh to a much more enjoyable place. Adolpe leaning up from her chest to bite down hard on her neck. As he felt the taste of blood enter his mouth he rubbed his pelvis against her more…more directly. Adolphe leaning back with a hint of blood lingering on hips and around it to gauge Aisla’s reaction. He was prefering to continue to a much more fun event…
Aeron sighed as he looked around the room. He had only promised her a dance, but somehow he was on his second… or third. It was all tedious after one why even count, really. Still. It was hard to say no to one’s daughter. Ame hadn’t danced with anyone at the party waiting for him. He looked down at her. She really was an adorable little kitten. If he didn’t protect her someone would swoop in and kill his little girl. And that simply could not be allowed. He had worked too hard in the making of her. Aeron making eye contact with her step brother, Ambroise. He was so happy he didn’t have to raise that one. He was much too soft of a metal to ever do anythign with. His attention flickering for a moment to Allard. Her half brother. Although, not as adorable as his little girl he was not completely unmoldable. Aeron looked back down at Ame. Still, they were simply not as much as a possibility as his daughter. Ame seemed to be pouting at him. “Aeron. You have to at least stay in the moment if you are going to dance with someone.” He sighed. “ I am. I am.” She shook her head no. “You are having those weird fantasies again. Giving us all some weird title.” Aeron perked a brow up. He certainly hadn’t been the cause of this rebellious streak in her. It was clearly from her mother. Ame took a step back. A pout on her face. “I can go dance with someone else… It’s not like you wanted to leave your corner anyways.” Aeron sighed wearily. He had really spoiled her too much. He turned to look at the people around the room. Scoundrels and miscreants. All of them. Aeron picked her up right then and there. “As if I’d let you dance with perverts.” He started to walk towards the V.I.P area. Ame looking at him confused. “I was talking about my bro-” Her words cut off by Aeron’s growl. She could only sigh. Aeron on the other hand saw Seraphina and Gerard at the area and decided to quickly change course. Neither of them were quite helpful. One was a wall flower and the other was a sex fiend. He headed to the bar and put her down in a stool besides Rhiagan. “Watch her. She is too young to be here in the first place.” Ame looking up at him in annoyance. “Aeron. I am perfectly capable to-” Aeron turning to the bar tender. “Get her a shirely temple.. Or a lemonade. Whatever the kid likes.” And then he turned around and walked away. He wanted to check on Freya. The bartender looked down at her confused. “Kid. How old are you?” Ame looked at him confused. “Thirteen?” The bartender took a step back wearily. “How did you even get in here?” Ame looked at him even more confused. “I walked?” She leaned forward across the bar. “Just give me whatever Rhiagan is having. I’ve probably had it before anyways.” The bar tender looked at her taken aback. He was deciding wether or not to call child services or the FBI about a child trafficking network. Ame turned to look at Rhiagan. “Hey. If I can’t get a drink then can I go back to the dance floor?” Ame looking back up at the bar tender. “Well, am I getting a drink or not?”
Taka casually took the glass of alcohol offered to him on Markus’ request. He immediately drunk it down and ordered himself another. “I don’t stare. I observe there is a difference.” He reached forward to accept the drink and found himself rubbing the rim’s edge. “Not that a wolf would understand it seems.” He wearily turned his head to look at Rhiagan. As always, the unmoving brick. EVen his Uncle had more expression than him. Taka turning back to Markus. “Rhiagan would probably get it if he talked out loud more.” He looked around at the club lazily. “It’s not that difficult to get drugged or inebriated muggles to want to touch you. You should aim a little higher, Markus.” H elooked up at Mairi. “Perhaps, you would of not had those lines on you if you did.”
HIs attention flickered to the sight of Aleera approaching the bar counter. He looked at the man staring behind her. Pathetic. Like ants burning from the sun. Although, Aleera was equally pathetic in seeking the attention of ants. He leaned back into the bar as he watched play with her brother. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t that hard to play with him. Emotions always ran so hot on wolves. It out weighed all the pros of being what ever they are. That and the fur. He shuddered at the though of it. Puppies just didn’t understand that the sky was so much more then running on the ground. He turned back around when she grabbed his chin. Couldn’t embarass him that much. He drank his drink and reached for another one. A smirk on his face when Markus said this was fun. The poor man was just wallowing because of his cousin’s games. Taka turning his chair to watch Markus walk away. There was definitely no confidence in that stride. How eager he was to run away from his sister….and his heckling perhaps. Still, Mairi should be happy enough. She took another one of his pieces. He was about to turn back around and finish his drink when suddenly his drink was no longer in his hands. Taka blinked a few times while looking at his hand. His attention turning to her walking away. Kami. He felt so over this.
Taka stood up from his bar stool and walked towards her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her directly into the crowd of people. Ignoring the ants who seemed to startely try and catch up to them. He twirled her around once before pulling her in back close. Taka having to lean over to whisper because she was just so short compared to him. His lips only a few breaths away from her ear. “I am growing increasingly less patient with your attitude.” As the music’s beat changed he changed the way he held her. Even he was aware of the Draghi’s incessant desire to publicly fit in whatever picture they were staring in. His hands wrapping around her waist to rest on her pelvis. He had turned her so her back was now pressed against his chest. Taka having to leaned down over her to hear what ever quip she would use back. Ignoring it he pulled her closer into him. Not in any sort of kind or playful way. No. He pulled her in like a predator trapping his prey beneath him. His arms wrapping around her so they were no longer gently resting, but wrapping around her waist forcefully. His nose moved slightly against her neck before he spoke next. “Try to remember the only reason I haven’t killed you yet is because my father apparently enjoys your mother’s company.” Taka freeing one hand to grab a beer from random stranger’s hands. He took a step back and poured the drink out in front of her. An annoyed look on his face. “Remind yourself that your family’s females tend to murdered when they touch what isn’t theirs to touch.” Taka handing the bottle back to the confused stranger besides him and walking away from whatever she was going to say. He caught Aki’s eye on the way towards the bar, but turned his head. His brother can go vent his frustrations on some whore for all he cared. Mairi’s game was not worth this aggravation. He fucking hated the Draghis. Taka stopping for a moment to rub the ring on his finger. He might as well go home. There he could relax himself with his work.
Mairi felt Markus’ hands on her before she noted she saw him. While pressing the lower half of herself towards Markus she stood up on her tip toes to lean her upper half towards Lucian. A hand on his chest. “It seems I am being called away.” Lucian smiled at her. “Well go on. Isn’t this what you wanted from the start.” Mairi smirked and turned around to take one of Markus’ hands. SHe slowly pulled him towards one of the booths. She let go of his hand and slid in. One of her legs resting on top of the other. “What is it that I can help you with Markus.” Mairi leaning forward slightly so her chin rested on her hands. Her arms now resting against the table and her chest being shown in the slightly better angle and light. An innocent expression appearing on her face.
Gerard ignored her not hungry comment and ordered some of the fancy cup cakes to the table. He had seen her eating them once. Girls liked sweet things… When the waiter left he turned his attention to the two of them and shook his head wearily. “IF he was going to entertain Antoinette there was no reason for him to say to come here.” He turned to look at his sister. “And it’s not like she ever has a resaon for me.” He leaned towards Seraphina and smirked. “Those two are quite the annoying couple.” He stood up and held his hand out towards her. “Well, since neither of us seem to have exact plans for the moment, how about a dance?” He smiled at her. “I promise to not inflict anything torturous on you like Antoinette’s dance numbers.”
Hiro took a step back to appraise the girl beneath him. SHe sat crumpled on the floor against the wall. What was it with muggle women and one simple round leaves them tired on the floor. He hadn’t fufilled any of his frustrations. What a waste of public sex. He pulled off the coat of some random guy walking towards them and squatted down to wrap it around her shoulders. He pat her head. “Take care of yourself better in the future, alright.” The girl looked up at him and nodded her head. “Yea…umm..sure… I will definitely-” Hiro put his finger to her lips and shook her head. “We had an enjoyable round. No need to ruin it with awkward good byes, senjora.” He waved one of the waiters over. “Make sure this girl and her party get whatever it is they want for the night.” The girl looked up at him shocked. Hiro turning away to walk away.
He was making his way back though the dance floor when he felt himself bump into someone. Looking down at the blonde hair he already knew it was Anoinette. She didn’t seem to be in the state to recognize him. Or the fact she had grabbed his still very erect penis.Draghis…. What. Why was he being pulled up on stage by her. Why was she dancing on him? I mean. He was enjoying it, but still there should be no reason too. When she turned around and was surprised to know him he sighed. Females. They were so unsatisfying tonight. Although, she at least moved her hips better than the girl he was just with. Even if her apologize was ruining the moment. When the song was over he found her arms through his. He looked at her confused. “Of course I do.”
Hiro watching her began on the dance floor before he smoothly stepped forward into it. It wasn’t that difficult to enjoy the experience. She was a wonderful dancer. Who had a wonderful body pressed up against his. As the song started to end he noticed Virag heading through the crowd towards them. Not a chance. He pulled Antoinette in close and leaned down to whisper. “The music after this isn’t so good. Maybe you can do me a favor for grabbing me out of nowhere like that.” He leaned back up and laced his fingers through hers, pulling her in the opposite direction of Virag and towards one of the less crowded areas in the back. Hiro pulling them into a corner. He leaned backwards against the wall so she could have some slight space between their torsos. Even if he hadn’t let go of her hands yet. An evil twinkly in his eyes. “Perhaps, you would accept a proposition of mine.” Hiro leaning forward to kiss her on the cheek. The neck the collar bone and then finally leaning back up. A low and soft growl escaping his lips.
Allard found his way to the Dj booth and turned to his eldest brothers. Virag and Izask seemed to be going to perform. Virag seemed a little annoyed. What ever it wasn’t his problem. His problem was somehow making his two brothers’ rock music become a party remix. He was always the most sucessful when it came to music composition. Still, these two were hopeless… Especially when they enjoyed taking their shirts off so much.


Fire – Red Hot Chili Peppers

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