14 : Slighted?

Ailsa’s legs locked around Adolph’s waist as he maneuvered them through the crowd; her teeth never leaving the exposed skin of his neck. It wasn’t until they were safely settled in the booth that she pulled back, arching herself as his claws bit into her. Knotting her fingers in his hair as he nibbled against her chest she felt her hips beginning to move against his of their own accord. Ailsa curled her claws into back, humming at the delicious friction. A soft yelp escaped her when his canines broke skin. Her entire body tensed, hips pushing hard against his own before relaxing. As soon as he pulled back she flashed him a dangerous smile. One hand pushed him on his back while the other reached behind to pull the curtain closed to cut them off from the club around them. Dragging her nails down his chest she licked her lips at the red lines adorning his skin. Unbuckling his pants her eyes lit up as she reached her prize. Not one in the habit of fussing over her attire; she slid his hands up her thighs until her dress was bunched up enough to reveal her lack of undergarments. Leaning over him she sunk her teeth into the tender area where his neck met his shoulder as she mounted him. A low growl escaped her. Ailsa wasted no time in sitting upright to work herself into a rhythm.

Rhiagan raised a brow ever so slightly at Aeron dumping one of his pets at the bar- and a young one at that. His expression remained quite dull. If he knew she was too young to be here, then why allow her in the first place? At first, he made no move to intervene with her conversation until she mentioned his name. Turning to meet eyes with the bartender he gave a slight shake of his head. She would not be receiving any alcohol tonight’s event. He looked down at Ame. “You’re going to stay here until Aeron comes for you.” He told her rather dryly. The last thing he wanted to do was watch a child. He barely wanted to be here as it was. Raising his glass, he took a large swig of his drink. To him it didn’t taste like anything except a bit of spice, but nothing really did. Hence why he chose alcohols with a strong enough burn- to get a taste of at least something. He had half a mind to put the unfinished drink on the bar top, but the sight of Ame in his peripheral made him decide against it. With Markus and Taka both gone he observed the club with complete disinterest. Once Aeron returned for his pet he would be leaving.

Aleera had just begun to wave at her younger cousin when something gripped her wrist and took her far past her destination. Whipping her head around she found herself twirling into something hard. Manicured nails gripped the person to steady herself. Again, this boy was the farthest person from whom she expected. A brow perked at his whisper. Her attitude? Letting herself be turned, a smirk played on her lips at his choice of position. Who would have thought he’d even know how to dance like this? “I didn’t realize someone like me could manage to get under your skin.” Her body tensed a bit at how deliberately his hands wrapped around her frame. Her neck arched naturally as his nose brushed her skin, creating the little distance manageable. After he released her she merely watched him from behind an amused smile that reached all the way to her eyes. “Just as you should remember what tends to happen when one of your family’s males touches one of my mine’s females.” This one was both arrogant – no surprise; couldn’t handle a conversation with her- no surprise; and could get pushed to the point he threw a tiny tantrum- now there was a surprise. “What was that about?” Ophelia asked, looking from Aleera to the man walking away. “Nothing. Just another Xiradis unable to keep his temper. Perhaps you can help him release a load of tension.” Glancing down at Ophelia she raised her brows as if to ask ‘well?’.

Ophelia looked over the young man who had fled the scene with some interest. He was certainly attractive and had that ‘I hate everything’ vibe going for him, so why not? She gave her a cousin a nod and began to make her way over to the bar. Placing a hand on his arm she only let it rest there for a moment to gain his attention. “I’m sorry. Hi. Did you want to dance?” In her head she had meant for it to come out more confident- the way one of her cousins would have said it, but alas she tended to come off as if she were any muggle walking about. It was something she planned to work on with Aleera this summer.

Aleera had already turned her attention to find Freya. “Where’s my ice princess?” She murmured, moving between the crowd with ease like a snake. Lo and behold she was dancing with the same man from before. He must have been quite taken with her and she figured Freya did at least a little bit. The question was if it was for food reasons, sexual reasons, or actual personality.

Freya felt completely intertwined with the man she’d met earlier. His front was flush against her back while his hands attempted to explore as much of her body as the dress would allow. His hand wrapped around her neck, arching her head back while he leaned down to enjoy the exposed skin leading down to her cleavage. She caught eyes with Aleera who snickered. “I guess it’s going well.” Aleera whispered knowing she could very well hear. It wasn’t until dull teeth bit into her neck that she made a soft hissing noise, her fangs revealing themselves. “Haven’t heard that noise before. You must have liked that.” The male murmured against her ear before returning to his affections.

The feeling of Mairi’s ass pressed against his crotch earned low sigh, his grip tightening to the point of leaving a bruise. His attention was diverted; however, at Lucian’s little quip. At least it was momentarily before he found himself sitting in a booth with a quite…generous view of her. “You know what you can help me with.” He deadpanned. There was a distinct disparity between the flatness in his voice and the strain in his muscles he tried to shift his weight. “I don’t like playing games, Mairi and for some reason you have me in one.” Leaning forward so his arms rested on the table he found himself at an impasse. He had the inkling that if he touched her bare skin like he wanted then the lines on his body were going to get even worse. The problem was… he could see her cleavage and her legs from his height. Fucking Minx. Wrapping a hand around her waist he moved her into his lap; making her to keep his hand on the velvet fabric of her dress. Her scent hit him like a brick wall. “You said you only have fun with someone if their attention if on you and not for challenging someone else. Is my attention on anyone else?” His nose brushed her neck as he took in her perfume. Fingers curling into her hair while he began to kiss down her neck. The intention was to keep it light, but he could feel himself slipping. A few nips there, a firmer grip on her hair, the other hand sliding down her dress to her thigh…Markus’s heartbeat began to increase, his body beginning to feel constricted. A low growl built in his throat “Mairi…” He was ready to leave.

Seraphina found herself subtly shrinking away from his form as he encroached on her personal space. Flickering her gaze to his observe his smirk she quickly returned her gaze to the dance floor. It would be rude to say they were an annoying couple, but also rude to disagree with him. Hence, she elected to remain quiet. Seeing his hand, the young Draghi managed a small smile. “I’m afraid I don’t really know how to dance to something like this. You should go though. Antoinette says it’s really popular right now.” Letting her eyes wander over the assortment of cupcakes she decided on the most colorful. If she had to guess she’d say it was vanilla…After sliding the entire thing in her mouth her nose scrunched a bit. Nope. Not vanilla. Was that pineapple? Maybe watermelon?

If there was one thing Antoinette enjoyed, it was someone who proved apt in the art of dance. Blue eyes lit up when he moved forward; taking up her pace with ease. Antoinette found herself tempted to push further, but settled to simply maintain just enough so she was a bit breathless by the time they settled on the last bit. Sliding her hand up his back, her eyes narrowing before a small laugh escaped her. “Sure, it’s the least I can do.” Weaving through the crowd she quickly exchanged kisses on the cheek with a few friends she’d had yet to find. “Ciao!” She called to a brunette wearing her hair in a razor edges bob. “Hai già trovato un uomo!? Quell’uomo è sexy Approvo!” The brunette called, waving her off before turning to lean into a larger man whose hand was placed firmly on her hip. Antoinette bit her lip when her back her lip, looking up at him curiously. “A proposition…” A smile formed; her eyes closing reflexively at the sensation of his lips on her skin. “And what would this proposition be?” It was a sort of strange thing; this. Thanks to her clumsy nature she already knew exactly what he was working with before doing anything with him! He certainly was a handful…It took a lot of self-control to keep from giggling aloud at such a thought. Meanwhile; she listened to this offer of his curiously. Slipping her fingers from his grasp she let one hand glide up his chest while the curved around his neck. “I think I just might be able to do that…” Leaning in her lips had just grazed his when an all too familiar “I don’t believe it’s bad” rang through the dance hall earning the flicker of her gaze. Tilting so she could better see the stage a smile graced her features. She hadn’t thought they’d perform tonight and it was one of her favorite songs by them! Of course, Allard was spicing it up a bit to meet the crowd- thank goodness for that. A few moments passed before she thought to look back at the man who’d brought her into this corner. “Um…” Pulling him in, she gave him a generous kiss before abruptly releasing him. “la prossima volta.” She whispered with another kiss on his lips, “nessun rimpianto”, and then she had slipped back into the crowd. “quello che è successo?” The brunette called out to her, surprised to see her passing again. “mi piace questa canzone!” Antoinette called back; the brunette laughing and shaking her head as Antoinette began to dance to the music for effect. “Slit my throat it’s all I ever- it’s all I ever- it’s all ever!” Looking up at the state she pointed at Virag to give him an overly obvious wink before falling back into the groove. “Ti piace la canzone o l’uomo?” The brunette asked, smirking when Antoinette just shrugged. “Chissà!” The blonde laughed, accepting a drink from one of the bouncers and knocked back the four-ounce shot before handing back. When the song came to an end she waited for him to leave the stage. Her brows suddenly raising when her friend began to talk in her ear. “Ti sfido a parlare con lui.” “Non pensi che lo farò?” Antoinette was surprised to see her friend simply give her a challenging look. “Bene allora. Questo sarà facile.” Antoinette threw her hands in the air for effect before trotting up to the side of the stage where she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You didn’t say you were going to be performing tonight.” She tapped his cheek. From the distance she could hear her friend yelling, “Boo! Antoinette, puoi fare di meglio! Boo!” Antoinette’s surprise was plain on her face. Poking her tongue in her cheek, the blonde tried not to laugh as she retorted. “Sto parlando della musica. Devi avere pazienza!” The brunette simply waved her hand dismissively. “Come sei nervoso? Sei malato?” Antoinette’s eyes went wide, her hand bracing her chest. “Nervoso? Lo faccio sempre! Posso farlo quando voglio! Stai zitto con questo ‘nervoso’!” Turning back to Virag she brought him down for a much deeper make out session, smiling into the kiss a bit as her friend applauded. The problem with kissing Virag was she had the troublesome habit of getting too caught up in the moment just as she was now. It was only supposed to last long enough for her friend to be satisfied- the rest she could do with him somewhere else, but instead she kept it going. With most people she’d be done after relatively short time. “va bene. va bene. non uccidere il povero uomo. puoi avere i suoi figli stanotte!” The brunette called once more. It snapped Antoinette back out of it and she pulled away slightly before flipping her friend off and laughing. “Grazie. Stronzo. grazie. perché non ti preoccupare del tuo stesso uomo?” Apparently that was wrong thing to say because the brunette simply kept at it. “ No. Devo assicurarmi che non li abbiate spaventati.” With that the brunette turned her attention to Virag. “Did she harass you?!” Antoinette could not believe this. “Oh mio Dio! Mi hai spinto a farlo!” Not that it mattered. She would have kissed Virag regardless to be honest. “Lui non lo sa. Parla italiano? Io non la penso così.” The brunette clapped back without a breath.


Mon Meilleur Ami – Yelle

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