15 : Yep, Slighted.

Adolphe felt himself being pushed down onto his back; while he hated being a bottom, he did enjoy a woman taking initiative. He had no problem being ridden. His body tensing up as she clawed and licked her way down his chest. Enjoyment spreading throughout his entire body. Adolphe growling as she bit into him and created a rhythm. It wouldn’t hurt to contribute to the intensity of it. His claws digging into her back. He had reached the point hwere he had enough laying down. Adolphe sitting up so she smoothly remained at her pace non stop as he rest his back against the cushion. His growling growing more intense as one hand slipped through her hair and the other had itself burried in her back. Adolphe scarping his way down from his collarbone and increasing his own rhythm.
Ame found her cheeks puffing up with frustration. “Just because you’re the Alpha’s brother doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do.” She turned away from him slightly. The bartender had his back turned so she reached over the counter and grabbed a glass and a liqour bottle. She poured the alchol in and quickly drank it down. A soft haaaah sound escaping her lips afterwards. And she leaned back away from the bar a soft purr following it. She swiveled back around in her chair and looked around. “Nope. No Aeron.” She went to stand up off the stool when she found herself falling forward.
Taka had made his way back to the bar. Ignoring whatever Rhiagan was doing with Ame he sat back down and grabbed one of the bottles behind the counter. When the bartender gave him an angry look he just pulled out a wad of cash from his coat jacket. Taka handing it to the guy behind the counter. “Just shut up.” He drank down a large portion of the bottle and sighed. “All these fucking smells of desperation and lust.” Taka swiveled around his chair and looked out at the club goers. “Pathetic, meat sacs.” He took another swig of the bottle. “They need to all be kept in a corner.” Taka going to take another sip of his spirits when he felt someone touch his arm. He looked at her annoyed. She was obviously a female. A draghi one no doubt. She was….The other sister. The one Lucian said never left his mom’s side for anything decent. He cocked an eye at her. “I don’t dance.” He put the bottle back down on the table and started to pull her away into one of the booths that was not located near anyone. He closed the curtain as he pushed her into the corner, where the edge of the couch met a wall. The desperation from those around him was starting to give him a migraine. And it was making him hungry. Taka couldn’t afford to be angry. He let go of her wrist and gently wrapped his hand around her neck. A cocky smile appearing on his face. He did love to choke the life out of these conceited whores. His grip tightened slightly. “I won’t dance with you.” Taka leaning forward so he was only a few centimeters from her ear. His hand running up her leg. “I will only do something else.” Taka leaning down to nibble on her neck for only a brief moment before he bit in hard. The taste of blood flowing into his mouth. Ugh. It was bitter with a sweet aftertaste. He leaned back away from her and licked the blood remaining on his lips. Taka looking down at the shivering lamb. He reached down and pulled up one of her legs so he wouldn’t be so uncomfortable in this corner and he leand down to clean up his mess. When he was done he leaned up and was nice enough to give her a kiss. As she responded he felt himself biting into her lip, so more blood would come out. Ugh. It’s still bittery sweet. Taka leaned away and evaluated her for a moment. Ah. Her name was Ophelia. He took a step back from the girl. “Ophelia.” And then he turned around and walked out of the booth and back towards the bar. He reached over for his bottle and took a drink. Ugh. His migraine was worse.
Mairi leaned forward slightly so a deeper view of her chest could be exposed. “Do I? I wasn’t aware that I had such gifts.” She smiled at him coyly at the sight of him moving closer towards her. Sometimes, men were just too easy. Mairi let her arms drop to the table as she twisted her body slightly so his view would change. “Now, I don’t know who told you, but I certainly don’t play games with strangers.” Her expression not changing as she smoothly transitioned to sitting on his laps. Her legs squeezing his slightly. Her hand moving to push her long red hair behind her ear. Mairi’s neck and collarbone even more highlighted. She rested one of her hands on his inner thigh and another on his chest. “Well, I did say that…” Mairi didn’t fight Markus’ actions. Instead, she fed into them. SHe was more than happy to start to grind against him as he made his way both down and up. Her hand that was on his thigh making its way up under his shirt to find the perfect place to claw into. Mairi’s other hand moving to pull him in closer. Her own teeth nibbling on him for a bit before she moved over to nibble on his lip. When she got bored with that she decided to properly kiss him. He was good enough at it. However, when she heard the Mairi escape his lips. When she smelt that level a desire she leaned back from him. One fo her hand’s resting on the area he probably wanted to use the most. She suddenly smiled at him and shook her finger no. The curtains moving forward to tie his arms to the booth they were in. SHe smoothly got off his lap and walked towards the peak of the curtains. Mairi turning around to smirk at him. “I don’t sleep with men on the first date. Maybe next time, wolf boy.” She turned back around and walked away from him. Mairi clenching her fist to her chest tightly and taking deep breaths. She almost lost control there for a moment.
Gerard watched Seraphina with a faint smile of amusement. She was such a surprisingly delicate flower for her household. He stood up and took her hand. “I know. Dancing can be a pressure, but hey. I am bad at it too, so you will look fine compared to me.” He pulled her up and started walking them towards a corner of the dance floor. “Come on. This is our cousins’ song.” He put his hand around her waist and gently swayed her. Gerard taking not to maitain distance between the two. However, he found himself smiling. She was an unexpectedly cute thing.
Hiro looked down at the empty space where Antoinette used to be. He turned his head to look towards where she was going that required a promise note. It was the stage. VIrag was playing. Pedejo. He was just going ot keep getting in his way tonight. The cocky little shit face. He walked out from the corner and towards the bar when he felt his arm grabbed by…Aki. He turned to look up at his brother. “What.” Aki shook his head no. “Alcohol wouldn’t be a good idea right now.” Hiro glared at him. “You aren’t Ab. I have some free will.” Clotilde pinched him in the side. HIro backing away for a moment red in the face. He turned to hsi brother. “Control your female.” Aki shook his head no with a smile. “That I won’t do.” He reached for Hiro and pulled him under his arm playfully. “Just like you won’t touch the booze until you vent off some of that frustration.” Aki turned to scan the room. His eyes setting on the sight of Taka leaving a booth. Lashy. He was fixing the wrong brother. Aki let go of Hiro. “Just go find yourself a female or two first.” He started to walk away. Hiro looking at Clotilde confused. SHe pointed to the sight of a Taka with slightly disheveled hair. Hiro cracked up laughing. “Hah. The bird brain finally did it. Good for him he’s finally a man.” CLotilde pinched him in the side again. Hiro quickly walking away towards the tables with the girls. “Just tell Aki I am taking care of it.”
Virag had just finished his set with Izask when he saw Antoinette’s blonde hair flash by the side of the stage. He smiled at his brother and walked over and leaned down. He was not so surprised to feel her arms wrapping around his neck. He was even less surprised to feel her kiss. He quickly hopped off from the stage and pulled her in deeper. Virag was trying to fully enjoy her, but alas, she pulled back. He turned, while keeping an arm around her, to watch the converasation. Virag shaking his head no while laughing. “Nessun problema. Antoinette è stato solo un furfante. Ma lei è la mia canaglia.” He leaned back down to completely scoop her up into his arms. A smile appearing on his face. “è stato meraviglioso conoscerti, ma abbiamo un posto dove stare.” Virag turning around to nod towards his equally attractive twin brother. “Mio fratello Izasck è libero di riempire il vuoto se stai cercando una compagnia.” Virag started to walk into the crowd with Antoinette. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “piccolo punto, ho portato una sorpresa per te.” Virag giving her a kiss on the cheek. Izasck stepped forward and kissed the girl’s hand. “Ammaliato. E tu sei?” He pulled her in close and leaned down to whisper into her ear. “dobbiamo scappare e trovare un po ‘di divertimento?”
Taka had taken another sip of his alcohol when he saw Mairi approach him. SHe seemed to be smiling. He handed her the bottle. “I take it Markus is not losing those lines.” She took a drink and seemed even more refreshed. “They fade on their own in three days. There’s no need for me to go out of my way.” Lucian appeared by her side. His arm casually leaning against her shoulder. “Says the one who didn’t lose their wing man tonight.” Taka perked a brow at him as Mairi handed him the bottle. “You still use Mairi?” Lucian shrugged. “It’s less work.” Taka grabbed the bottle back from him and took a big sip. “Pathetic.” The bottle suddenly left his hands and he looked up to see Aki blocking his view. “You shouldn’t drink anymore Taka. Not until you release some frustration.” Taka rolled his eyes. “Relax, big brother. You should be worrying about Hiro.” Aki waved it off. “Hiro is fine.” Taka pointed behind him and smirked. “Then why is he walking towards Virag and Antoinette.” Aki turned his head around. “Fokken, kak.” He turned back around. “I mean it, Taka. I’m not cleaning up any bodies.” He waved him off. Aki turning around to go stop Hiro. Taka looked at CLotilde. SHe shrugged and turned away to go help Aki. Lucian smiled at Taka. “Shouldn’t you take big brother’s advice.” Mairi rolled her eyes. “Please, as if we would be so lucky.” Taka put the alcohol bottle back on the table. “He is right about one thing. This club is starting to split my head open.” Mairi sighed. “I’ve told you plenty of times you immersion therapy to grow immune to it.” Lucian laughed. “Yes, but you said it. Not his mom.” Taka glared at Lucian. Mairi leaning down towards him to check his temperature. HE was running hotter than normal. She looked up at Lucian concerned. “He is a wee bit hot.” Lucian leaned down and felt his head. Surprise in his eyes. “A wee bit? He’s like his own little sun.” Mairi looked down at him. “WHat did you do?” Taka shrugged. “Drank. Threatened. Drank. Bit Someone. Drank. You.” Lucian looked at him confused. “Who did you bite?” Taka looked at him emotionless. “Your sister.” Mairi sighing. “Which one?” Taka shrugged. “The one who’s name I can’t remember.” Lucian covered his mouth for a moment to surpress his laughter. “You mean my crazy one.” Taka nodded his head. Mairi glared at Lucian. “Save the jokes for later. His body is going to start to freak out.” Lucian looked at her. “Well, we both know the two possibel options here.” All three turning around to the sound of a large amount of bottles breaking.
Aeron had been walking away from Ame when he spotted Freya. SHe was dancing with some piece of meat who was starting to get handsy. When he saw him lean in for more affection from his sister Aeron crossed the dance floor in no time at all. His hand wrapping around his neck as he pulled the guy back. Aeron looking down at Freya. He turned back to look at the guy. When he got close he quietly pushed him away again. It wasn’t his fault he fell backwards into a table that held a display of bottles. Aeron simply turned back around to finish his ‘conversation’ with Freya.


Homecoming – The Teenagers

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