16 : Do You Know Who I Am?

A tinge of irritation shot through Rhiagan’s system. What an insolent child. It was instances such as this which made him more than content with not being an alpha. She wasn’t even a werewolf. Just a pet her brother seemed to take on, following the habits of their relatives from the United Kingdome. Without a conscious thought his arm shot out, curving around the girl’s waist to swiftly lift her from the air and place her back on the chair in a single fluid movement. His eyes never shifting from the movement of bodies before them. Rhiaghan listened to Taka’s complaints yet made no attempt at a response. Taka was a relative, but not by his own standards and as such Rhiagan regarded him as Aeron’s associate. Plus, the child he’d been cursed to watch seemed the type to try and scatter if it appeared his attention was elsewhere. It was a hassle he’d prefer not to feed in to. The familiar scent of Ophelia failed to earn much of a reaction but seemed effective in luring Taka away for the time being.

Ophelia’s smile faltered a fraction of centimeter at how bluntly he denied her invitation to dance. Before she could think of a rebuttal she found herself being pushed down into a booth. Her eyes widened at the sensation of his fingers on her neck. She swallowed softly. It was the first time she could remember ever seeing him smile. Her breathing became shallow, her legs falling open at the simple brush of his fingers. His nibbling earned a soft moan followed by a yelp as he broke skin. As he leaned down she wrapped her arms around him to bring herself closer to his attentions. Running her fingers up to his neck she met his kiss eagerly, her eyes watering as he bit down. A soft cry escaped her with her silently thanking the gods he gave her a bit of a break. The sound of her name caused her perk up. “Yes?” Watching him walk away she idly wiped the blood from her lips, a small smile forming. He knew her name! She reemerged a few minutes later next to Aleera. “Must have been an interesting dance.” Aleera smirked causing Ophelia to blush. “Em….Yep.” She pipped up, hoping the extra time she’d used to put herself together was at least partly effective. “Mhm.” Aleera expertly wiped the left over blood from her cousin’s lips.

Markus’ attention peaked as her hand touched his lap yet remained wary. A wariness which was proven justly due when she waved her finger no. He made no attempt to move as the curtains wrapped around his form. Something between a growl and a laugh ruptured from his throat at her farewell. Leaning his head back against the cushion he closed his eyes for a long moment, slowing his breaths until he felt somewhat at ease. Sitting back up he merely tugged his arms one to rip the curtains from their hooks. With a crack of his neck and roll of his shoulders the fabric slid to the ground allowing him to step onto the dancefloor unrestricted.

Seraphina’s gaze flickered up to Gerard, mild confusion etching her features. He still wanted to dance? No. He was deciding they were going to dance. “No, I don’t think-” She fell silent as they were swallowed by the crowd pulsating on the ground level. Crowds… Blue eyes scanned for her brother only for it to be in vain. Turning back to Gerard she nodded with defeat. They were cousins, so she supposed it would be alright for a single dance. Running her fingers through her hair she swiftly fell in line with his movements though her hands only went as far as to rest on his upper arms. Given his height it was the only way to maintain a reasonable distance between the two. She offered him a soft smile in part to hide the worry coursing through her veins.

Antoinette wouldn’t have tried to wipe the grin from features even if she could when she saw the look on her friend’s face at realizing Virag could speak Italian. “questo è ciò che ottieni!” With a wink she turned her attention back to Virag; smiling into his kiss. “A present? What present?” Her eyes lit up just at the idea of a present. It was something Aleera had always called her childish for, but after years of watching their father always give their mother presents…it was natural! Aleera was just unimpressed with everyone because she preferred to get everything herself. Well, Antoinette wasn’t of the same mind. “Where is it? Is it here?” A small titter escaped her at her own giddiness. The sight of Hiro approaching caused her smile to fade from pure excitement to one laced with mild confusion.

As time passed Rhiagan was becoming more and more irritated with his present situation. It seemed he had found himself solely in the company of his brother’s lot and while being around them in a normal situation did little to faze him…this was not a normal situation. Finishing his glass he was just about to move from the bar when the sound of glass earned the attention of the club- save himself who had been watching Aeron from the corner of his eye all along.

Meanwhile Maksim had caught on to his sisters missing location halfway through the song. It hadn’t taken long to find her though he was surprised to see she was dancing with their sisters…friend. Allowing the song to finish he stepped forward, a polite smile on his face. “Gerard. How nice to see you. I see you managed to get our little wallflower on to the dancefloor.” Placing a hand on his sisters arm he gave her a soft squeeze. Seraphina had dropped her arms from Gerard as soon as her brother’s voice reached her ears. “Yes.” She agreed, very gently stepping back from Gerard to join her brother. “Well I won’t let her keep you strapped down for the night. Might as well have some fun if they dragged you out here.” Just as he was about to guide his sister away he heard the crash. Seraphina jumped, her eyes closing momentarily as she discreetly dug her nails into her arm.

“Well the night lasted longer than I assumed.” Ailsa appeared next to Maksim, a devilish smirk on her features as she took a gulp from his drink.

Aleera loved her cousins, but she had to admit Aeron’s temper was more of a vice than any source of entertainment. Especially in this type of setting. Nonetheless, Freya was clearly the source of the issue and her best bet as keeping him under control.

Freya had more or less fallen into a sort of daze; a daze which was broken at the thick scent of her brother. Blinking once she turned just as her male friend was pulled away in time to face her brother. “What the hell man?!” The man yelled, straightening his clothes before attempting to approach again. Freya spotted him from her peripheral yet kept her eyes on Aeron. While the sound of breaking glass went ignored; the familiar huff of Aleera did not. Freya eyes conveyed a clear message to her brother: he was making a scene and acting out of line.

Markus appeared on the edge of the fray and quickly stepped forward to help the guy up. “Come on. You okay?” Grabbing his forearm, he pulled him upright with ease and began dusting the loose glass off. “Let’s get you a drink and a change of clothes.” He offered a brief nod at Aleera. “What the hell!? I want that freak out of here! He thinks he can just throw me around?! Does he have any idea who I am?!” The man tried to lunge forward, but Markus held him back firmly- his casual demeanor at odds with how firmly he was holding the man in place. “Yeah. Let’s get him out of here.” Markus repeated.
Rhiagan placed a hand on Ame’s shoulder to keep her in place as he watched the situation from afar.

Freya took a step back from Aeron, slowly turning so her back was facing him and walking down a dark corridor leading away from the club. Curling her hand into a fist she allowed her claws to pierce her palm, so a steady stream of blood began to flow; a few spare drops trickling to the stone floor behind her.


See You In Hell – Grim Reaper

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