17 : Things Always Have Be Moved Outside

Gerard had been enjoying his dance with Seraphina when the sight of her brother appeared in front of him. He was annoying man. “Wallflower? Isn’t that a little harsh. It’s alright to be shy.” He smiled gently at Seraphina. She seemed anxious at the arrival of her brother. Perhaps nerves of being caught with a man. “It was a pleasure to dance with you.” He leaned down to kiss her hand. Just as his lips parted her hand a crash echoed. He turned to see what was going on. Trying his best to avoid the flash red hair that appeared in his peripheral. He was all about avoiding that crazy. He could only sigh really. “There always is a mess when we get together.” Gerard catching the sight of his slinking cousin Adolphe from the corner of his eyes. He needed to pick better partners, or at least clean himself up better.
Hiroyuki arrived in front of Antoinette and Virag. Irritation on his face. To see Antoinette carried in his arms, so easily…it was an annoyance. “Virag.” Virag looked at Hiroyuki in confusion. Since when did he ever approach him first. Hiroyuki thought he was above him. “Hiroyuki?” Hiroyuki smiled at him and he grew even more confused. There was a whole bar full of people why was he approaching him? “You stole my dance partner.” Virag suddenly started to laugh. I mean this just sounded silly. “Ah, sorry about that. I saw Antoinette when I got off the stage. I have a present for her.” Virag looking at his increasing irritation with confusion….and some annoyance. Hiroyuki was annoying. Hiro frowned at him. “Shouldn’t you give it to her after the event.” Virag smiled at him. “Now why would I have to wait to give my cousin a gift?” He squeezed Antoinette tighter into him. “You all are much more reserved I know, but ease up a little bit. You are at a party. Have fun.” Virag looked down at Antoinette. “Do you want to dance? I can take you afterwards?” Hiro’s words cut off by the sound of glass breaking across the club. Virag and his attention immediately turning to see what was going on. Hiroyuki sighing. “There is no party now.” Virag put Antoinette down next to him. He may need to go help restrain Aeron and she may need to help Aleera. Virag giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll go check it out.” Hiroyuki scoffed. “Like you could do anything to help the matter, puppy.” He quickly walked away from the two towards the debacle.
Ame had been glaring at Rhiagan with frustration when she heard the crash. Her attention immediately focusing on Aeron. “That idiot. That hot head.” She stood up out of her stool. “He needs to learn self control, Freya or not.” She pushed up her sleeves as if to get to work when she found herself stopped by Rhiagan. She looked up at him. “Your brother is about to go out of control.” She started to walk forward, but stopped in her tracks when she saw Taka approach Aeron and Markus. Her attempt would not be needed. “Good. Taka can take care of it.” Her body relaxing as she waited to see how it would all go down.
As soon as the boy was pushed Taka was out of his stool and weaving through the crowd. In case Freya did not want to handle her brother it was going to end up as his job and he would like to avoid making a huge mess and doing more than needed paperwork. His head was already killing him. Taka arriving to watch the spectacle play out. Markus wouldn’t have trouble restraining the meat sac. His attention turning to Aeron. Taka walking past Markus and the boy. “No one cares.” Lucian and Mairi smiling at the boy held by Markus before they turned to see what Taka would do. He walked over to Aeron. The strange sight of them being around the same height made the scene comical in a sense. It was evident Taka would need to step in the second Freya turned her back on him. A part of him sighing at the sight of blood dripping from her palm. Life would be easier if he didn’t see so well.

Taka turned Aeron. “We’re going.” Aeron turned to growl at him. Taka simply raised his hand, so a silver chain would drop. It swung for a moment. “Option 1, I escort you out of here and get you to your time out session.” Aeron took a step towards him. Taka smiled. “Option 2, Iet you follow Freya out of this club, you go somewhere private to argue and I deal with the meat sac.” Aeron looked from the boy in Markus arms back to the hallway she walked down. He started to walk towards the hallway when Taka grabbed his arm. Slight sounds of pressure on bone could be heard from the surrounding Animagus. “I will be watching, Aeron.” He clenched his fists together, but nodded his head. Taka smiling. “Go on and make up with your sister.” Aeron scoffed, but turned away form everyone to quickly walk out of the club. Taka walking up to Aleera. He took her hand and opened her palm to face upwards. Taka dropping the necklace in her hand. It was set on a time limit for available use. “Here’s his collar.” Taka immediately turning around to walk back towards the boy. Mairi taking a step forward. “Taka… the matter is fine…why don’t you.” Lucian pulled her back slightly and shook his head no. “Let’s just let him clean up.” Taka reaching the boy and Markus. He smiled at Markus. “You have to go watch your dog don’t you. I have frustrations to vent.” He pulled the man from Markus’ grasp. He smiled down at the boy. “Come. Let us get you in more appropriate attire. The one you are wearing is in shambles.” He pulled the man quite forcibly towards the back exit. Mairi looking at everyone before sighing. “I just wanted a relaxing night.” She grabbed Lucian’s arm. “Come on. Someone may need to restrain him.” Lucian coughed for a moment before he grabbed Markus. “You outrank me, so….Let’s go.” Lucian had zeron intention of being the only Draghi on scene. He eagerly pulled Markus along Mairi’s train. Aki sighing loudly as he stepped towards Aleera. “What do you want to do? You have Aeron’s collar.” Clotilde appeared on Aki’s other side. “It would cause less of a mess if Aeron and Freya were the ones monitored.” She smiled. “Besides, Markus has the best handle on him.” Aki turned to Aleera. “This is your place.” Akiko and his sister suddenly appeared from the crowd. WHERE HAD THEY BEEN WHILE ALL OF THIS WAS GOING ON. “Aki. Let us go home.” Akiko said. Yuriko nodded her head. “Yes, onii-chan. Let’s go home.” Aki blushed slightly at being called onii-chan. These sisters of his. Clo looked at him and sighed. This fiancé of hers. She turned to look for her family. There were too many of them, so she gave up on saying anything. Clo just pulling Aki away. “Come.”

Taka pulled the man out of the club and away from town. His arm was wrapped around the mans body so tight he couldn’t breathe let alone talk. However, anyone who say them would just assume Taka was carrying his drunk friend home. He pulled the man to an abandoned lot behind a building and smiled, letting go of the man. He immediately cracked his neck. “Ah, everything feels so stiff.” He ignored all the mans comments and smiled at him. “yes. Yes. You are very important….Just not important enough. You should blame fate for that.” He walked forward and grabbed the man by the neck, slamming him into the ground. A dent in the cement forming around him. “That will be quite a mystery you know.” Said Lucian as the they had caught up with him. Taka ignored Lucian and squeezed. He could see the panic in the guys eyes. Mairi stepping forward to put her hand on Taka’s arm. “Taka. You could be a little more gentle about this.” He stopped squeezing him and looked up. “This is being gentle.” Lucian nodded his head. “He is right. This is gentle Taka.” Mairi frowned and reached forward to feel his forward. “You are still burning up.” Lucian sighed. “So let him vent so he can cool down.” Lucian turning to Markus. “It’s not like any of us really want to get involved. Let Taka do his thing?” Taka turned away from them and picked up the man, dragging him towards a wall. He picked up and slammed it against it. To the mans dismay the bricks shifted and changed so they were now wrapping themselves around his wrist and ankles. He was strapped to the brick wall. Mairi trying one last time. “Taka, honestly you could-“ Taka smiling as he cut her off. “Mairi, I need to get rid of my migraine.” She sighed. “Alright. But you can’t take too long or be that messy. Do you hear me. I am not cleaning up after you.” Taka ignored her and dove his fist into his stomach right below the ribs. If he was bleeding badly before the amount of blood and dluid that came from him puking was like its own river. Taka ignoring the man almost completely. “Ah. I had to work tonight. It’s so annoying. I wish I had more time to vent.” He punched the man one more time. An annoyed look appearing on his face. “Such a soft meat sac.” He turned towards Lucian. “Lucian.” Lucian walked forward and looked at the man. “What? I do not enjoy this violence.” Taka smiled at him. “Would you like to break him?” Lucian raised an eyebrow at him. “You are giving him to me? Since when do you share your toys?” Taka shook his head no. “I’m lending. It is a very unsatisfactory toy.” Mairi sighed and walked over to Markus. She gripped his wrist and shook her head. “No matter what you are thinking. Just don’t. Stay here.” She turned to look at the two of them and sighed. “To think he was this frustrated with the evening.” Lucian turned to look at the man. “It is tempting you know. And you should prefer me. I am not nearly as painful as him. I don’t like to cut off limbs or take my time.” A large smile on his face. “In fact, you entertain me enough I am more than okay letting you go.” Mairi squeezed Markus’ wrist tighter. They needed to play with their toys and move on, so the situation wouldn’t escalate. Lucian put his hand to the man’s cheek. “Would you like to get out of this? To go home?” He tapped the wall so the man fell to the floor. Lucian bent down in front of him. “Tell me. What are you willing to do to get out of this. How much would you give for your life.” Taka groaned and put his hands in his pocket. “Don’t tell me you are going to ask for a mother, sister or some groveling again.” Lucian turned to look back at the man. “What would you offer?” Lucian nodded his head at the guys answer. He leaned forward and broke one of his fingers. “That’s it? I can get that anywhere you know.” Lucian beaking another finger at his next answer. He kept going until all of the fingers of one hand was broken. “aren’t important people supposed to be motivated to stay important? Where’s the motivation.” Lucian turned around to look at Mairi. “Mairi, dear.” Mairi let go of Markus’ wrist and walked over to them. He smiled at her. “Would you mind if I threw you out as an option.” She looked at him annoyed. “Aren’t you going to do it anyways.” Lucian turned back to the man. “Now you can survive and be with a beautiful woman. Shouldn’t that motivate you more.” Lucian nodding his head at his response. He turned leaned away from the man and put his hands on Mairi’s waist. She rolled her eyes at him annoyed. “Don’t you ever get tired of these games.” Lucian tilted her hips, so the man could see them better. “Wouldn’t you want to live for this.” When Lucian finally gotten his enjoyment from the matter Taka broke the mans neck. He whistled. A flock of black birds appeared from around the corner and all flew together to form a black carriage. Taka picked up the body and thew it in there. “Dump it with the wolves. They will enjoy it for a snack.” The carriage siletenly moving up to the sky. Taka turning back to walk to Markus. He sighed and put his head down on his friends shoulder. His forhead was still hot and his migraine had not gone away. “Your family events suck.” Mairi appearing behind him and patting his back. “Let’s go.” She turned to Lucian. “Stay with Markus, alright. Don’t cause more trouble.” She pulled Taka away from the two and towards a tori gate that had appeared. The sounds of a ravens caw could be heard in the alley as she pulled him through. Lucian kicked the ground. “Well, that was boring.” He started walking back towards the club. “Let’s just tell Aleera its handled.”

Mairi dumped Taka on the floor of the shared space. He was burning up with a fever. It was a horrible habit of his to only be satisfied through violence. Whatever happened to him when she wasn’t around as a kid must have been pretty bad. He enjoyed it more than his mother, father and grandfather. She pulled off his shirt and sighed at the sight of scars and bruises on his body. Mairi propping him up against a wall as she went to get a wet cloth. She began to wipe his chest and back. “Why do you even play with something that you know won’t help.” He groaned against the wall. “What else was I going to do. I can’t be like Aeron and slaughter an entire club.” Mairi only sighed and pinched his side. “You are such a spoiled child you know that.” Taka turned his head on her. “Just get me the drink on the shelf.” Mairi sighed and stood up and headed to a shelf. Autumn had lined the shelves with varying boxes of meat and other things from prey to be saved in case one of her sons lost their cool. Sadly, Taka and Hiro tended be the two who relied on it. Although for different reasons. One suffered backlash from overwork and the other just had no control over himself. Mairi sighed and pulled down one of the black boxes. She appeared in front of Taka and opened the box. It was dragon meat, from a youngling by the looks of it. Aeron and him did have similar tastes. Taka took it from the box and ate it slowly. The blood dripping down from his mouth. Mairi sighing. “Such a child.” Taka shook his head. “Shut up.” Mairi flicked his forehead. “I’ll shut up when you do your immersion therapy like you are supposed to.” Taka scoffed. “I have no reason to spend so much time in places such as this.” Mairi rolled her eyes at him. “A capable wizard should be capable at all things.” He glared at her. “Stop sounding like my mother.” She smiled at him. “Ah, but you are listening now aren’t you.” Taka rolled his eyes. “Just go and seduce Markus.”


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