18 : The Call Of Our Ancestors

Maskim perked a brow at his issue with the term wallflower. Such a nice young man…it was a shame he wasn’t as aware like his sisters. “Not in the slightest. She retains beauty most like a delicate flower.” The back of his fingers ran across the line of her jaw as he spoke, his gaze flickering back to Gerard. Seraphina dropped her eyes at her brother’s touch to then shoot up when Gerard raised her hand. It fell limp in his grasp while she endured his polite gesture. Maksim nodded at Gerard’s comment. “Your brother seems to have lost his temper again.” He noted, raising his glass for a lazy sip. Glancing down at his younger twin he decided she’d had enough excitement for one day. “Ailsa. Can you accompany our lovely wallflower to the main estate? We don’t want her to get overly excited.” Ailsa tilted her head to appraise Seraphina for a moment before holding out her hand, a subdued version of her mother’s signature smile on her features. Seraphina briefly met her brother’s eyes before obediently taking her cousins hand. The two disappeared effortlessly leaving Maksim in the presence of Gerard. He raised his glass momentarily in his direction before walking off to see if a conclusion had been reached.

Antoinette was more than caught off guard by Hiroyuki’s behavior. Hadn’t she seen him in a corner enjoying a muggle girl not even an hour ago? She unconsciously smiled as Virag pulled her against him, her body naturally conforming to his shape. “Sure, I’d love to dance.” She agreed sweetly. Her head shot around at the sound of breaking glass to see a wall of people attempting the very same. The days she wished she was at least five feet eight inches. “Okay.” She agreed, pulling a bit of face at Hiroyuki’s comment. That had been a bit…harsh.

Rhiagan barely offered a glance in Ame’s direction as she spoke, his hand unwavering on her shoulder to keep her in place. Her overconfidence in the matter was less than charming but affirmed why he wasn’t a fan of children raised outside of the faction. They were much more…needlessly vocal. Although if tossing her in front of Aeron was a sure-fire way of keeping him distracted, then Rhiagan would have delivered her personally.

Freya made her way through the tunnels until she came across a set of bars most likely put in place to keep humans from getting lost. In a moment she’d cast the contraption aside and continued forth towards a source of light. Upon closer inspection it was the entrance to one of the underground pools, no doubt illuminated by humans who’d happened to find it and were intent on returning. Slipping out of her shoes she walked along the stone edge to admire the crystal-clear liquid, only partially listening out for her brother. It only took a mere shake of her body in order to free herself from the confines of her dress. The water was frigid, but only just enough for her to take notice as she lowered herself up to her neck and kicked off the stone. Cupping her hands next to her mouth she inhaled once before letting out a call.

Aleera watched the exchange between Taka and Aeron silently. Seeing the two of them square off to one another was an interesting spectacle given the young boy’s height, but no matter. His attempt to control a situation he had not been requested to take part in was just another typical example of Xiradis arrogance. Aeron would have most likely followed his sister into the tunnels regardless and if not then it wasn’t his place to try and involve himself. Her expression was far from impressed as he approached, grey eyes not even bothering to appraise him. Curling her fingers over the chain she watched him from the corner of her eye to see him approach Freya’s dance partner.

Markus glanced from Taka to Aleera when Taka pried the young man from his grasp. Aleera seemed to be mulling over the situation leaving him without an answer. When Lucian grabbed him, he gave him an unamused look- a look that remained unchanged even after Lucian spoke. Of course, he was of higher ranking. Lucian associated too closely with the Gaunts and Xiradis to ever be close to his personal rank. In fact, he was sure Valentina ranked higher than him. He sighed and followed silently.

Aleera glanced at the ‘collar’ she’d woven between her fingers before looking at Siavash and Clo. The golden couple always found themselves in the focal point of issues- lucky them. Just as she went to speak Siavash and Yuriko popped up at their brother’s side. “They have a point dear sister.” The familiar voice of Maksim sounded at her side earning a small acknowledgement. “Follow Markus and the others. I want to know what that boy plans to do with the so called ‘meat sac’.” Aleera didn’t bother looking at her youngest brother whilst she spoke, her gaze instead taking note of who was in the club. “Of course.” Maksim smiled briefly then disappeared. Turning her attention back on her golden couple she couldn’t help but smirk at Siavash’s blush and Clo’s sigh. Decisions. Decisions. “Clo if you decide to stay then you know where your guest room is, but nonetheless enjoy yourselves. I’ll keep tabs on the Freya and Aeron.”

Markus was no stranger to violence just as he was no stranger to pointless savagery. Seeing Taka in his element so to speak was a relatively new experience; however, it seemed Lucian and Mairi were doing a piss poor job of actually containing anything about the situation. Aleera hadn’t made any clear gesture on how she wanted the situation handled- at least towards him, so he elected to follow Lucian. “Might as well.” Worst case scenario Aleera or his mother would have a fit later in the evening- if they even cared to ask. He watched the situation closely, noticing the dynamic between the three of them. Seeing how readily Lucian stepped up came as a bit of a surprise. He sighed inwardly. There were several problems with this and none of them were things he wanted to deal with or be tied to. It wasn’t until Mairi touched him that he really focused on her. Her passive behavior reminded him of himself in some instances, but not quite. Especially when she went over to Lucian so obediently. He sighed, electing to stay in his spot even when Taka came to lean on him. “Yet you came anyway.” He finally spoke up, his eyes trained on the area where the man had been killed. He cracked his neck at mention of Lucian staying with him. He raised a brow when Lucian said that had been boring and was immediately reminded of key differences between the two of them. Lucian and Taka made sense whereas Mairi being involved didn’t- at least from an outside perspective. But if she was this close with him then there was something he wasn’t seeing.

“Oh yes. Well now we know why an extra pair of eyes was needed to monitor just how this situation was handled.” Maksim was leaning against the wall of the building, his hands in his pockets and a lazy smile on his face. Markus fell dull. Speaking of someone more on Lucian’s level… “Shouldn’t you be watching Seraphina.” Markus deadpanned. “Already sent her home and besides, someone needed to actually watch the situation with our family’s best interest.” He stepped off the wall to approach the two of them. “One Draghi stands by and lets a Xiradis take out his frustrations on an innocent man while the other joins in on the torture without any acceptable motive or permissions from the family.” He continued calmly. “Taka needed to let off steam- it was a necessary oversight.” Markus replied watching his brother closely. “You mean you couldn’t be bothered to put your foot down and take control of a situation. Indifference remains your biggest trait, brother.” Maksim corrected him with ease before looking at Lucian. There wasn’t anything to be said there. Lucian was holding on to any sort of claim at the Draghi name by a thread. Maksim simply hadn’t decided to cut it yet.

Seraphina was left to her own devices as soon as she appeared in her room with Ailsa barely staying long enough for Seraphina to take a breath. “Back home so soon? AND alone?” “What happened?” A string of voices began to sound earning an amused sigh. “Always so curious about drama…” She teased while shifting through her closet…

Seeing Adolphe slinking around, Rhiagan decided it was time to lose the child. Gripping her tiny frame, he lifted her off the chair and placed her down right in front of Adolphe. “Take her home.” This way he wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. It had become clear to him Niklaus had left the club some time ago which was exactly what he was aiming to do. He was sure Ame’s actual parents would like to see her again anyway.

Maksim reappeared in the club with the intention of finding his sister. Aleera was with Antoinette talking to the owners and putting on the charm, but most likely covering the damage. As soon as he met Aleera’s eye a smile formed on his features. Boy did he have interesting news for her. “Het leek erop dat Mark erbij stond om Taka en Lucian hun frustraties over de man te laten uiten.” He summarized quietly, curiously studying his sister’s expressions. “En hoe zit het met hem?” Aleera’s tone gained a bit of an edge- something Maksim thoroughly enjoyed. “Een hapje zijn voor wolven.” He replied easily. Aleera nodded slowly; Antoinette feeling the need to step in. “A lot was going on and-“ “Markus and Lucian.” Aleera cut her sister off plainly at the sight of them. Markus stopped dead in his tracks and regarded her quietly. “I’ll speak with you two in the morning.” Her tone was politely crafted as usual, but her eyes told them very clearly.



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