19 : The Call Works

When Aeron cleared the entrance to the nightclub he started to run. He was prudent enough to stay in his human form and at speed only slightly unexplainable as he tore through the night. Aeron had been tracking her sent when he heard his sisters familiar song. His ears fixating on the sound. I’m coming sister, he thought.
All to soon he reached the shores of what seemed to be frigid water. He tore his clothes from his body and walked quickly into the water. It was by experience he learned to just quickly get through it. Aeron did not share his sisters adaptability with temperatures. Wolves by nature were warmblooded, but not immune creatures. A growl escaped his lips as he approached. Some of his anger had cooled as he had ran, but you could still hear the irritation in his voice. He approached her and wrapped his arms around her waits pulling her close. He couldn’t help, but nobble at her neck and shoulders. Aeron resisting the urge to break the skin and taste the blood and flesh he loved so dearly. Another, more intimate growl escaped his lips.

Lucian didn’t intend to say much to Maksim. He was quite aware of his peculiarities… and his status…and his well achieve mask. So he left it a simple gesture. “Innocence does not particularly matter. Besides, Xiradis or not it was entertaining. My apologies for not clarifying first on what the family wanted done.” After that he became silent and watched the two brothers. He often wondered what Markus would do if he had a hint of what Maksim engaged in, not that anyone would ever know the extent of his crazy. Lucian himself would never get involved. He had his interests and power hungry ladder climbing was not one of them.

Adolphe had been watching the spectacle part amused and part wondering if Aeron would be atrocious the next day when they saw him. He was surprised to see Rhiagan appear before him. The vampire basically only spoke to him when necessary. Adolphe was more surprised to see his much younger sister with out her siblings and with him of all people. He nodded his head. “Aeron shouldn’t have taken her out to begin with.” Ame glared at her brother. “Who said you have any say in where I go mangy mutt.” He could only sigh. His sister was by far not intimidating with that bell like voice of hers. Nor the fact she had called him a mangy mutt as a childish nickname. He pulled his sister close to him “Come on. We aren’t supposed to get involved. We should go home.” Ame turned her head. “You are no fun.” Adolphe sighed. It’s not like he was trying to save his naive sister from potentially danger or anything. Their cousin Aleera was quite the ferocious beast herself.

Taka stood in one of the gardens on the Xiradis estate. He had changed into casual attire with his top button open. He loved the feeling of the wind at night. The sight of the garden. With vision like his it was like a whole other world. The comfort broken by the sound of his brother’s irritating voice. “Taka. I heard about your clean up of the meat sac.” Clotilde always seemed to know almost as much as him. He was fond of her and her talents. Her leglimancy was at an astounding level. “And, Aki?” He walked quietly, so he was besides his brother. Aki looking out at the garden instead of his brother. “Must you agitate Aleera.” An annoyed look appearing on his face. Why must his brother bring irritation into one of his favorite spots. “The girl is ridiculous even for the Draghi lot.” Aki could only sigh. “Perhaps so, but she is the one you must work with in the future.” Taka’s look of annoyance grew. “Work with her? How would that even be possible?” Aki could only sigh. His brother had a problem of looking down on the Draghis too much. It was a trait deeply inherited by this family of his- even if he had a point. Aleera should of recognized him. Not that he would say anything about it to her. They had a surprisingly enjoyable friendship. One could even say they understood each other. Akiko smoothly appeared on Taka’s other side, smiling at the garden. “You generally are a master at patience with fools. Why should this be any different?” Yukiko and Kohaku silently appearing as well. Kohaku sighing. “Because even our most capable brother has his moments.” Taka growled. “Be careful sister.” She rolled her eyes. “or what. You wouldn’t dare disappoint mommy.” Aki clapped his hands. “Enough you two.” Taka found himself sighing. “Why are you all here anyways.” Yukiko covered her mouth with her sleeve to hide her smile and in a soft voice whispered. “Hiro isn’t here.” Taka rolled his eyes. “That flea bag doesn’t count.” Aki bit his tongue. There was no point rehashing this argument. Instead, he put his hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Tomorrow you will send Aleera an apology gift.” Taka nodded his head. “Fine.” All the other siblings sighed. He wasn’t going to send anything appropriate. Taka didn’t apologize.
They heard the sound of their mother’s clogs. She had been attending her own after party event. “Children. What have you been up to this evening.” Crap. Mother heard, or perhaps saw. Kohaku sighed in a manner very similar to her father. “It was originally Aeron.” Autumn rolled her eyes. “Yes. But, Taka why have I been informed of an irritation on the Draghi side.” Taka clenched his fists. The damn bitch. He took a deep breath, not unnoticed by everyone, before turning around to face his mother. “Everyone was acting slightly uncontrollable. It increased my migraine. I vented out of the way an cleaned up. There was no need for an irritation.”
A deep sarcastic voice interrupted the family conversation. They all narrowed their eyes. The girls hiding their annoyance the best of all of them. It was one of those. A family member old enough to be of some importance. One who couldn’t be touched without probable cause, and so liked to say comments hear and their about their mother and them. Of the siblings, their brother Taka got it the worst. “Because, Khursid unlike your mother you are a Xiradis. You should know to act appropriately in Draghi territory.” If Aki was not used to his brother’s bloodlust he would of found himself taking a step back like the man. However, the man smiled knowing Taka was chained by his commitment to family principles. Even a mad dog listened to their owners at times. In his case, it was father and mother. Taka retorted in his dead sounding voice. “I wasn’t aware you suddenly cared about the opinion of Draghi women.” The man narrowed his eyes. “Do you assume I would give consideration of any other Draghi woman besides her mother and her.” Taka smiled at the man. “ No. I would assume that you had the self respect as a member of this family to be aware even the most capable of irritations are nothing more than irritations. Perhaps, this is why your son and you are only destined to go so far.” The man took a step forward. “How dare you speak to me this way. You invalid. If it was not for your father than you would be allowed to even exist.”
Autumn appeared in front of the man and briefly swung her fan. A large gust of wind blowing just past the man. Enough to make him look wary. “My apologies. There was an insect around your head. I thought best to clear it.” The man took a step back and narrowed his eyes. As much as he wanted to defile, torture and then end this woman he knew the wrath of Merikh was not something to take lightly. Even weakened. “An inbred low class slut such as yourself has no right to speak to me unless addressed first. Aki quickly stepped forward. He could feel all of his siblings blood thirst. “Why don’t we call it a night here, senior? It is a shame to disgrace these gardens with such addresses.” The man turned to look at Aki. He fixed his collar and nodded. “Prudent as always, Siavash. I am pleased with you as always.” He smiled at the man. It was his job to do this. Then his siblings would act behind the scenes if they felt like they must. “It is an honor.” The man walked off proudly. Akiko silently raising a charm hidden in her sleeve and whispered an incantation. Kohaku sighing. “Was their really need to cast temporary impotency.” Blood dripped from Taka’s palms as he muttered to the wind. “Theirs enough of his filthy offspring polluting our bloodlines.” Aki clapped his brother on his back. “It’s been a while since we sparred. Let’s have a family competition.” Taka swung his leg out without no hesitation at his brother. Aki catching it. The two smiling. Out of nowhere Autumn appeared pushing them across the grounds a few feet away. The two remained in battle ready stance. A smile appearing on her face. “My clever boys.” Kohaku appearing behind her. As she blocked it her smile grew. “My dangerous girls.”

Clotilde sat on the sofa in the room provided to her by Aleera. Normally, she’d enjoy the oversight of Aki slipping in to slip with her, but this was not one of those times. She silently enjoyed a cup of tea as she waited. Clotilde was not tired enough to wait up a bit just in case Aleera wished to visit and vent. If she did not she would simply go to bed.

Virag quietly entered Antoinette’s room. She was not back yet, but it didn’t matter. He set to work on their tradition. He quite enjoyed cooking and seeing her happy from one of his meals put a smile on his face. Besides, she would smile even more when she opened her gift. Hiro hadn’t even crossed his mind that night.


Family Portrait – Pink


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